Chapter 46

Among all these words, none are more unforgettable than those of today. God’s words previously revealed the states of man or the mysteries of heaven, yet this present utterance is unlike those of the past. It does not mock or poke fun, but is something completely unexpected: It is God sitting down and calmly talking with people. What is His intention? What do you see when God says, “Today, I have begun new work above the universes. I have given the people on earth a new beginning, and I have asked them all to move out from My house. And because people always like to indulge themselves, I advise them to be self-aware, and to not always disturb My work”? And what is this “new beginning” that God speaks of? God has advised people to leave before, but God’s intention then was to test their faith. So today, when He speaks with a different tone, is He being genuine or false? Before, people did not know the trials of which God spoke. It was only through the step of work of the service-doers that their eyes saw, and they personally experienced, God’s trials. Thus, from that time onward, thanks to the example of Peter’s hundreds of trials, people often made the mistake of believing that “it was the trial of God.” Furthermore, in God’s words the facts came but rarely. As such, people sunk ever deeper into blind beliefs about God’s trials, and so in all the words spoken by God, they never believed this to be the work of the facts carried out by God; instead, they believed that God, with nothing else to do, was specifically using words to test people. It was amidst such trials, which were hopeless and yet seemed to offer hope, that people followed, and so after God said “all who remain will likely suffer misfortune and little luck,” people still devoted their attention to following, and thus had no intention of leaving. People followed amid such illusions, and not one of them dared be sure that there was no hope—this is part of the proof of God’s victory. God’s viewpoint shows that He maneuvers everything to be in service to Him. People’s illusions encourage them not to leave God, regardless of the time or place, and so during this step God uses people’s imperfect motivations to make them bear the testimony for Him, which is the profound significance of when God says, “I have gained a portion of people.” Satan uses man’s motivations to cause disruptions, whereas God uses man’s motivations to make him serve—this is the true meaning of God’s words that “people imagine that they can worm their way in, but when they hand Me their false entry passes, I cast them into the pit of fire there and then, and seeing their own ‘painstaking efforts’ in flames, they lose hope.” God maneuvers all things to make them serve, and so He does not skirt the various opinions of man, but boldly tells people to leave; this is the wondrousness and wisdom of God’s work—combining honest words and the method into one, leaving people dizzy and disoriented. From this it can be seen that God really is asking people to move out from His home, that this is not some sort of trial, and God takes this opportunity to say, “Yet I also tell people that when they fail to gain blessings, no one may complain about Me.” No one can grasp whether God’s words are genuine or false, yet God uses this opportunity to stabilize people, to strip them of their desire to leave. Thus, if one day they are cursed, they will have been forewarned by God’s words, just as people say that “the words that are unpleasant to hear are the good ones.” Today, people’s love for God is earnest and sincere, and so in words that they couldn’t tell were genuine or false, they were conquered and came to love God, which is why God said “I have already accomplished My great work.” When God says, “I hope they find their own path to survival. I am powerless in this,” this is the reality of God’s utterance of all these words—yet people do not think so; instead, they have always followed without paying the slightest attention to God’s words. As such, when God says, “in future, no longer will there be any words between us, no longer will we have anything to talk about, we will not interfere with each other, we will each go our own way,” these words are reality, and not in the least bit tainted. Whatever people think, such is the “irrationality” of God. God has already borne the testimony before Satan, and God said that He shall make all people not leave Him, regardless of the time or place—and so this step of work has been completed, and God pays no heed to the complaints of man. Yet God has made this clear from the beginning, and so people are left helpless, forced to swallow their anger and hold their tongues. The battle between God and Satan is entirely based on man. People have no control over themselves; they are well and truly puppets, while God and Satan are the ones who pull the strings from behind the scenes. When God uses people to bear testimony for Him, He does all He can think of, everything possible, to use people to do service for Him, causing people to be manipulated by Satan, and, moreover, directed by God. And when the testimony that God wishes to be borne has finished, He tosses people to one side and leaves them suffering, while acting as if He has nothing to do with them. When He again wishes to use people, He picks them up once more and puts them to use, and people have not the slightest awareness of this. They are merely like an ox or horse used as its master pleases, none of them have any control over themselves. This might sound a little sad, but regardless of whether or not people have any control over themselves, doing service to God is an honor, not something to become upset about. It is as if God ought to act in this way. Is being able to satisfy the Almighty’s need not something to be proud of? So, what do you think? Have you ever set your resolution to render service for God? Could it be that you still wish to hold onto the right to search for your own freedom?

Regardless, all that God does is good and worthy of emulation, and man and God are, after all, different. Upon this basis, you should love God with a human heart regardless of whether God has any regard for your love. God’s words show that there is also great sadness within God’s heart. It is only because of God’s words that people are refined. Yet this work did, after all, happen yesterday—so, what exactly will God do next? This remains a secret to this day, and thus people are incapable of understanding or fathoming it, and can but sing in time to God’s music. Nonetheless, all that God says is real, and it all comes true—this is without doubt!

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