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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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This portion of God’s words contains a total of five sections; they were expressed by Christ between August 1992 and August 2014. Most of them are based on the recordings from His sermons and fellowship while walking in the churches. The text has not undergone any modification, nor has Christ made any changes. The rest is comprised of writings from Christ’s own pen. (When Christ writes it is done all in one go without pausing to think; it has never required the slightest modifications, and is entirely the expression of the Spirit. This cannot be doubted.) We have not arranged these separately, but instead included them in the original order in which they were expressed. This way we will be able to see God’s steps of work from what He has said, and understand how He works during each phase. This order also brings greater benefit for mankind’s understanding of the steps of God’s work, and for knowing His wisdom.

The first eight chapters “The Path” of “The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches I” are a small portion of Christ’s words as He stands as an equal among man. They almost seem bland, but they actually contain a sense of God’s love and consideration for mankind. Prior to this God spoke from the perspective of the third heaven, so the distance between man and God became very great and people didn’t dare to get close to God, much less request God’s supply for their lives. So, in “The Path,” God spoke to man as an equal and pointed out the direction of the way so that the relationship between man and God recovered its original state, man no longer doubted whether God was still employing a method of speaking, and there was no longer the specter of the trial of death. God descended from the third heaven to earth; man came in front of God’s throne from the lake of fire and brimstone, throwing off the shadow of being service-doers, and officially accepted the baptism of God’s words just like newborn calves. It was only this way that God was able to sit side by side with people and speak with them, and perform more life-sustaining work. The purpose of God humbling Himself as a person is to become closer to mankind, to reduce the distance between man and God, to gain people’s recognition and trust, and to inspire their confidence to pursue life and follow God. In the end, the eight chapters of “The Path” are God’s keys opening the doors of people’s hearts; it is His sugar-coated tablet. Only this way can people carefully listen to God’s repeated teachings and reprimands. It could be said that it was only after then that God officially began the work of supply for life and expression of the truth in this current stage of work, and He continued to speak: “What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold” and “On the Steps of God’s Work”…. Does this manner not show God’s wisdom and His earnest intentions? This is Christ’s very first supply for life, so compared to the next few sections the truths are somewhat shallow. The principle behind this is very simple: God works according to mankind’s needs. He doesn’t act or speak blindly; only God fully understands mankind’s needs, and it is only He that has the most consideration and love for man.

“Work and Entry” (1 through 10) are God’s words entering into another new phase, so we have started out with these ten chapters and after that, gave rise to “The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches II.” In that phase, God made more detailed requirements of His group of followers, which included knowledge regarding people’s lifestyles, requirements of their caliber, and so on. And because those people had already firmly set their hearts on following God and no longer doubted God’s identity and essence, He began to officially treat those who followed Him as His own family and shared with them in fellowship the inside truth regarding God’s work from the creation of the world until now. He also revealed the truth about the Bible, and even more, He allowed them to understand the true significance of God becoming flesh. People can better understand God’s essence and the essence of His work from these words, and furthermore, they will realize that what people have gained through God’s salvation has surpassed what was gained by the prophets and apostles throughout the ages. From every line of God’s words, you can experience every bit of His wisdom as well as His meticulous love and care. While expressing these words, He also openly revealed to people their previous notions, errors, things they had never before imagined, and even their future paths one by one. Perhaps this is the narrow sense of love that people are able to experience! After all, God has already given to man what they need and what they have asked for—He has not held back and He has particularly not made demands.

A particular few chapters in this portion are His words regarding the Bible. This is because the Bible followed several thousand years of human history and people all treat it like God to the point that people in the last days replace God with the Bible. This is something that God really hates. So in His spare time, He had to clarify the inside story and the origin of the Bible. Otherwise, the Bible would still be able to replace God’s place in people’s hearts and they could condemn and measure God’s actions based on the words in the Bible. God’s explanation of the essence, the construction, and the flaws of the Bible is absolutely not denying the existence of it, nor is it condemning the Bible. Rather, it is to provide a reasonable and appropriate explanation, to restore the original image of the Bible, and to correct the misunderstandings people have toward the Bible so that all people have a correct view of it, no longer worship it, and are no longer lost—they erroneously take their blind faith in the Bible as believing in and worshiping God, and they even do not dare to face its true background and its weak points. After everyone has a pure understanding of the Bible they will be able to cast it aside without hesitation and bravely accept God’s new words. This is God’s goal in these several chapters. The truth that God wants to tell people here is that no theory or fact can replace God’s present work or words, and there is nothing that can replace God’s position. If people are not able to cast off the net of the Bible, they will never be able to come in front of God. If they want to come in front of God, they must first cleanse their hearts of anything that could replace Him—this way God will be satisfied. Although God only explains the Bible here, do not forget that there are many other erroneous things that people truly worship aside from the Bible, and the only things that they do not worship are those that truly come from God. God just uses the Bible as an example to remind everyone not to take the wrong path and not to go to extremes again and fall into confusion when they believe in God and accept His words.

The words that God provides go from shallow to deep. Therefore, what He says continues to deepen from people’s external behaviors and actions to their corrupt dispositions, and from there it goes further to put the spotlight on the deepest recesses of people’s souls—their nature. During the time that “The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches III” was expressed, God’s utterances emphasize the essence and identity of man, and what a real man means—these deepest truths and essential questions regarding people’s entry into life. Of course, thinking back to the truth God provides man with in “The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches I,” by comparison, “The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches III” is simply too profound. This section deals with people’s future path and how they can be perfected; it deals with mankind’s future destination as well as words on God and man entering into rest together. (It could be said that to date, these are the words God has expressed to man regarding their nature, their mission, and their destination that are the easiest to understand.) God hopes that those who read these words are those who have come out from human notions and imaginations, and who are able to have a pure understanding of every word of His deep in their hearts. He hopes even more that all those who read these words can take His words as the truth, the way, and the life, and that they do not treat God lightly or deceive Him. If people read these words with an attitude of examining or scrutinizing God, then its entire significance is lost on them. Only those who pursue the truth, have set their hearts on following God, and are without a shred of doubt toward Him are qualified to accept these words.

“The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches IV” is another type of divine words that follows after “God’s Words to the Entire Universe.” This section includes God’s exhortations, teachings, and revelations to all people in Christian denominations, such as: “When You Behold the Spiritual Body of Jesus Will Be When God Has Made Anew Heaven and Earth,” “Those Who Are Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God.” It also includes the most specific requirements that God has for mankind, such as: “Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination,” “Three Admonitions,” “Transgressions Will Take Man to Hell.” Many aspects are spoken of such as revelations and judgments for all kinds of people and words on how to know God. It could be said that this section is the core of God’s judgment of mankind. What is most unforgettable is that when God was about to close the curtain on His work, He exposed what is in people’s bones—betrayal. His goal is to have people know this fact in the end and to burn it into the deepest parts of their hearts: It doesn’t matter how long you have been His follower—your nature is still to betray God. That is, it is in people’s nature to betray God because people do not have absolute maturity in their lives, they only have relative changes in disposition. Although these two chapters, “Betrayal (1)” and “Betrayal (2),” deliver a blow to people, they truly are God’s most loyal and benevolent warnings to people. At the very least, when people are complacent and self-conceited, after reading these two chapters, their own evilness will be restrained and they will calm down. Through these two chapters God reminds all people that no matter how mature your life is, how deep your experience is, how great your confidence is, and no matter where you were born and where you are going, your nature of betraying God can come out at any time and any place. What God wants to tell each and every person is this: Betrayal of God is human nature. Of course God’s intention in expressing these two chapters is not to find excuses to eliminate or condemn mankind, but it is to make them more aware of their own nature and thus very carefully live in front of God at all times to obtain His guidance, avoiding losing His presence and stepping onto the path of no return. These two chapters are an alarm bell for all those who follow God. Hopefully people may understand God’s earnest intentions. After all, these words are all indisputable facts, so why does man haggle over when and how they were expressed by God? If God kept all of these things to Himself and did not say them but waited until people thought it was a suitable time, wouldn’t it be too late? When would the most suitable time be?

In these five sections God uses multiple methods and perspectives. For example, sometimes He uses satire, and sometimes He uses the method of direct supply and teaching; sometimes He uses examples, and sometimes He uses harsh rebukes. Overall, there are all kinds of different methods, and the goal is to cater to people’s various states and tastes. The perspective from which He speaks changes with the different methods or content of what He says. For example, sometimes He says “I” or “Me,” that is, He speaks to people from the perspective of God Himself. Sometimes He speaks from the third person, saying “God” is this or that, and there are other times that He speaks from the perspective of a human being. No matter what perspective He speaks from, it cannot change His essence. That is because no matter how He speaks, what He expresses is all God’s own essence—it is all the truth, and it is what mankind needs.

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