The Path … (1)

In their lifetime, no one knows what kind of setbacks they are going to encounter, nor what kind of refinement they will be subjected to. For some it is in their work, for some it is in their future prospects, for some it is in the family they were born into, and for some it is in their marriage. But the difference between them and us is that, today we, this group of people, are suffering amidst the word of God. That is, as people who serve God, we have suffered setbacks on the path of believing in Him, which is the path that all believers take, and the road beneath all our feet. It is from this point onward that we officially begin our course of believing in God, officially raise the curtain on human life, and set foot on the right path of life. In other words, this is when we set foot on the right path of God living alongside man, which is the path that normal people take. As someone who stands before God and serves Him—someone who wears the robes of a priest in the temple, and possesses the dignity, authority and majesty of God—I make the following declaration to all people, specifically: The glorious countenance of God is My glory, His management plan is My core. I do not seek to gain a hundredfold in the world to come, but only to follow God’s will in this world, so that He may enjoy one small fraction of His glory on earth thanks to the meager efforts I put forth in the flesh. This is My only desire. In My opinion, this is My only spiritual sustenance. I believe that these should be the “final words” of someone who lives in the flesh and who is full of feelings. This is the path underneath My feet today. I believe that this outlook of Mine is My final words in the flesh, and I hope that people do not have notions or other thoughts about Me. Although I have given it My all, I have still been unable to satisfy the will of God in heaven. I am immeasurably sad. Why is this the substance of the flesh? Thus, it was only as a result of the things I have done in the past, and the work of conquest that God has carried out in Me, that I gained a deeper understanding of the substance of mankind. Only after that did I set the most basic standard for Myself: to seek only to follow God’s will, to give it My all, and to have nothing weighing on My conscience. I pay no mind to what others who serve God require for themselves. In short, I have set My heart on following His will. This is My confession as one of His created beings who serves before Him—someone who has been saved and beloved by God, and who has suffered His blows. This is the confession of someone who has been watched over, protected, loved, and greatly used by God. From now on, I will continue down this path until I have completed the important task entrusted to Me by God. But in My opinion, the end of the road is imminent, for His work has been completed, and as of today, people have done all that they are able to do.

Mainland China’s entry into this stream of recovery has gradually given rise to local churches centered around the work of the Holy Spirit. God has worked unceasingly in these local churches, for the churches born of this time have become the core of God in the fallen imperial family. God, it goes without saying, was overjoyed to establish the local churches in such a family—His was a happiness that defied description. After establishing local churches in mainland China and spreading this good news to brothers and sisters in other local churches across the world, God was very excited—this was the first step of work that He intended to do in mainland China. It could be said that this was the first act. And is His ability to begin the first step of His work in a citadel of demons such as this—a citadel that is unassailable by any man or thing—not the great power of God? It is clear that for the recovery of this work, countless brothers and sisters have been martyred, dying under the devils’ butcher knife. It pains and angers Me to bring this up now, but for the most part, the days of suffering have passed. That I am able to work for God today, and that I have been able to make it to where I am today, is entirely thanks to the mighty power of God. I feel great admiration for those whom God chose for martyrdom; they were able to follow God’s will and sacrifice themselves for God. To be honest, if it were not for God’s grace and mercy, I would have collapsed in the mire long ago. Thanks be to God! I wish to give all the glory to God so that He can be at rest. Some people ask Me: “Because of Your position, You should not die. Why is it that You’re happy when God mentions death?” Instead of answering directly, I just give a little smile and say, “This is the path that I must pursue, that I absolutely must follow.” People are baffled by My response. They can only look at Me in astonishment, a little doubtful of Me. However, I believe that since this is the path that I have chosen and it is also the determination I have set in front of God, then no matter how great the difficulties are, I must continue striving onward. This, I think, is the promise that should be upheld by those who serve God—and they must not go back on their word, not one bit. This is also a rule, a regulation that was put forth long ago, in the Age of Law, that someone who believes in God should understand. In My experience, though My knowledge of God is not great, and what I have actually experienced is paltry, not even worth mentioning—such that I have no clever insights to speak of—God’s words must be upheld, and cannot be defied. In all honesty, My own practical experiences are paltry, but because God bears witness to Me and people always have blind faith in the person that I am, what can I do? Yet I still hope that people rectify their views on loving God. The person that I am counts for nothing; for I, too, pursue the way of faith in God, and the path that I walk is also none other than the path of belief in God. A person may be good, but should not be an object of worship—they can only act as an exemplar to follow. I do not care what others do, but I declare to people that I also give the glory to God; I do not give the glory of the Spirit to the flesh. I hope that everyone can understand My feelings on this. This is not Me shirking My responsibility, it is just the whole story. This should be crystal clear, so it shall not be spoken of again.

Today, I was enlightened before God. God’s work on earth is the work of salvation. It is untainted by anything else. Some people may think otherwise, but I have always felt that the Holy Spirit is only doing one stage of work—the work of salvation—and no other work. This should be clear. Only now has the Holy Spirit’s work in mainland China become clear. And why would God want to open up all paths and work in a place such as this, where demons run rampant? This shows that above all, God is doing the work of salvation. To be more precise, it is chiefly the work of conquest. The name of Jesus has been called out since the start. (Maybe some have not experienced it, but I say that this was a step of the work of the Holy Spirit.) This was in order to depart from the Jesus of the Age of Grace, so a portion of the people were selected in advance, and then later that selection was narrowed. After that, the name of Witness Lee was called out in mainland China, which was the Holy Spirit’s second part of the work of recovery in mainland China. This was the first step of work in which the Holy Spirit began to select people, which was to first round people up and wait for the shepherd to tend to them; the name “Witness Lee” was used to perform that service. God personally did His work upon the witnessing of the name “the Powerful” and before that, it was in a preparatory stage. It therefore does not matter if that was right or wrong, and this is not the main issue within God’s plan. After the witnessing of the name “the Powerful,” God officially began to personally do His own work and after that, His deeds as God in the flesh officially began. Through the name “the Powerful Lord,” He took control of all those who were rebellious and disobedient. They began to take on the likeness of human beings, just as people begin to seem like adults when they turn twenty-three or twenty-four; that is, people had just begun to have the life of a normal human being. Through the trial of the service-doers, God’s work naturally transitioned to the phase of performing divine work. It could be said that only this step of work forms the core of so much of His work and that it is the primary step in His work. People know themselves and hate themselves. They have reached a point where they are able to curse themselves, they are happy to give up their own lives, and they have a faint sense of God’s loveliness, upon which foundation they come to know the true meaning of human existence—thus achieving God’s will. God’s work in mainland China is drawing to a close. God has been carrying out His preparations in this land of filth for several years, yet never before have people achieved the point they have reached now, which means that it is only today that God formally begins His work. There is no need to furnish this with any more detail or clarity. It is entirely right to say that this work is done directly through God’s divinity, but it is carried out through man. No one can deny this. It certainly is due to God’s great power on earth that His work could reach the extent that it currently has in the people of this land of licentiousness. The fruit of this work could be taken anywhere to convince people. No one would dare to lightly pass judgment on this and deny it.

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