33 Praise Almighty God’s Victory


Sing a song of praise for Almighty God. The sound of song flies from our hearts.

Praise God becoming flesh in the world, expressing the truth to cleanse and save mankind.

We hear His voice and see Him appear. With hearts filled with joy, we return to God’s family.

We eat and drink God’s words and enjoy the work of the Holy Spirit. We understand the truth and our hearts are set free.

We see that God’s words are the truth, the way and the life. They are the way of eternal life.

Why are God’s chosen people filled with joy? We attend the feast of the kingdom of heaven and live before God.

Why is Zion cheering unceasingly? God’s kingdom has come unto the world.


Sing a song of praise for Almighty God. The sound of song sings out our love for God.

Praise God’s righteous and majestic judgment cleansing and saving us completely.

We accept the judgment of His words, and our corrupt dispositions are cleansed.

Though we suffer from the trials and refinements, our dispositions have changed, and we become new men.

Practicing the truth, we are liberated, and live in the light. We love God purely and honestly.

Why do all peoples submit to God? We know God and have God-fearing hearts.

Why do all peoples praise Him together? We’ve been freed from Satan and attained salvation.


Sing a song of praise for Almighty God. The sound of song shakes all the world.

Praise God’s words showing His almightiness, defeating Satan and making a group of overcomers.

God’s words spread throughout all nations and all lands. Christ’s righteous kingdom has arisen.

God’s words hold sway on earth. All nations and all peoples worship God together.

All God’s people live in the light and worship Him, enjoying heavenly blessings on earth.

Why do all things rejoice together? God’s great work is accomplished and He returns in triumph.

Why do heaven and earth look completely new? God’s glory shines throughout the firmament.

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