49 The Sky Here Is So Blue


Hey, hey, here is a sky,

oh, oh, oh, a sky that is so different!

An exquisite fragrance is suffused all over the land, and the air is clean.

Almighty God became flesh and lives amongst us,

expressing the truth and beginning the judgment of the last days.

God’s words lay bare the truth of our corruption.

He uses every kind of trial and refinement to cleanse and save us.

We say farewell to our degenerate life and change our old appearance for a new face.

We act and speak with principle and allow God’s words to hold sway.

The flames of our love for God are ignited in our hearts.

We spread God’s words, bear witness for Him, and transmit the kingdom gospel.

We dedicate our entire being to satisfy God, and are willing to suffer any pain.

Thanks be to Almighty God for bestowing the truth and life on us.

We enjoy God’s words every day and we live before God.


When brothers and sisters meet together, the happiness shows on our faces.

We read God’s words and fellowship on the truth, we are joined in God’s love.

We seek to be honest people, pure and open, there is no prejudice between us.

We live by the truth, loving each other, learning from each other’s strengths and redressing our shortcomings.

With one mind we fulfill our duties and offer up our devotion.

On the road to the kingdom, God’s words guide us past adversities and hardships.

Through oppression and hardships, God’s people love Him even more steadfastly.

God’s words reveal His almightiness, and they conquer and make a group of overcomers.

God’s will is carried out on earth, Christ’s kingdom is realized.

God’s righteousness and holiness is manifested, heaven and earth are renewed.

The people of the kingdom fear God and shun evil, and they live in the light.

They enjoy the glorious kingdom life, a life on earth akin to heaven.

Hey, hey, here is a sky,

oh, oh, oh, a sky that is so different!

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