297 A Lament for a Bleak and Tragic World


People live mediocre lives, the years passing like a dream, they rush around for fame and gain.

People will give their lives for the flesh, but don’t want to sacrifice anything for the truth. Just like this, they let their youth pass.

Without ever thinking of the sufferings of God, without ever considering how lovable God is, they idly pass empty days.

Without ever living a single day for God, without ever bringing a smile to God’s lips, living hollow, comfortable, dull lives.

Who has understood God’s heart? Who can go through thick and thin with God?

Who has treasured God’s words? Who has willingly and selflessly devoted themselves to God?


People have their havens, but God has nowhere to rest His head. How many offer up all they have?

God has tasted enough of the world’s coldness, and endured all the world’s sufferings, yet it’s very difficult for Him to gain man’s sympathy.

God worries constantly about humanity, walking among mankind. Who shows solicitude for His safety?

He works tirelessly through the changing seasons, giving up everything for humanity. No one has ever shown concern for God’s comfort.

People only know to demand from God, but aren’t willing to think a little more about God’s will.

Humanity enjoys domestic bliss, why then do they always make God’s tears flow?


When will the blooming of spring flowers cease? There is true love in the world.

God undergoes the sorrows and joys of parting and reunion many springs and summers, autumns and winters.

God has borne being forsaken year after year. A lament for a bleak and tragic world.

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