The Path … (8)

It has not been just a day or two since God came to the earth to interact with mankind and to live with people. Perhaps, during this time, people achieve a good knowledge of God, and perhaps they gain more than a few insights into serving God, and they become seasoned in their belief in God. Whatever the case, people more or less understand God’s disposition, and they express their own dispositions in myriad ways, too. The way I see it, people’s various manifestations are sufficient for God to use as specimens, and their mental activities enough for Him to use as reference. This could be an aspect of the cooperation between man and God, one of which man is unaware, making this performance directed by God very vivid and lifelike. I am saying these things to My brothers and sisters as the general director of this drama—every single one of us can speak to our thoughts and feelings after acting this out, and chat about how each of us experiences our lives within this drama. We may as well have an entirely new kind of symposium to open up our hearts and talk about our performing arts, and see how God guides each individual so that in the next rendition we are able to express a higher level of our art and each play out our own role to the greatest extent possible, and not disappoint God. I hope that My brothers and sisters will take this seriously. No one should treat it lightly, for playing a part well is not something that can be achieved in one or two days; it requires that we experience life and go deeper into our real lives over the long term, and have practical experience of various types of life. Only then can we go up on stage. I am full of hope for My brothers and sisters. I trust that you will not become disheartened or discouraged, that no matter what God does, you will be like a pot of fire: never tepid, and persisting until the very end, until God’s work is fully revealed, until the drama that God directs comes to its final conclusion. I ask nothing else of you, I hope only that you will endure, that you will not be impatient for results, that you cooperate with Me so that the work that I should do is done well, and that no one causes disruptions or disturbances. When this part of the work is completed, God will reveal everything to you. After My work has been completed, I will present your credit before God to give account to Him. Is that not better? Helping each other to achieve our own aims—is this not a perfect solution for everyone? Now is a difficult time, one that requires you to pay a price. Because I am the director now, I hope that none of you are averse to this. Such is the work that I am doing. Perhaps, one day, I will switch to a more appropriate “work unit” and no longer make things difficult for you. I will show you whatever you want to see and grant you whatever you wish to hear. But not now. The work of today is this work, and I cannot give you free rein and allow you to do whatever you want. That would make My work difficult; to be honest, it would not bear any fruit, and it would be of no benefit to you. So today, you must suffer “injustice.” When the day comes, and this stage of My work is completed, I will be free, I will not bear such a heavy burden, and I will accede to whatever you ask from Me; as long as it is beneficial for your lives, I will fulfill what you ask. Today, I have taken on a heavy responsibility. I cannot go against the commands of God the Father, and I cannot disrupt the plans for My work. I cannot manage My personal affairs through My business affairs—and I hope you can all understand and forgive Me, for all I do is according to the wishes of God the Father; I do whatever He has Me do, no matter what He wants, and I would not provoke His anger or His wrath. I do only what I should. So, on behalf of God the Father, I advise you to endure a little while longer. No one need worry. After I have completed what I need to do, you can do whatever you want and see whatever you like—but I must complete the work that I need to do.

The utmost faith and love are required from us in this stage of work. We may stumble from the slightest carelessness, for this stage of work is different from all the previous ones: What God is perfecting is mankind’s faith, which is both invisible and intangible. What God does is convert words to faith, to love, and to life. People must reach a point where they have endured hundreds of refinements and possess faith greater than Job’s. They must endure incredible suffering and all manner of torture without ever leaving God. When they are submissive unto death, and have great faith in God, then this stage of God’s work is complete. This is the work that I have taken on, so I hope that My brothers and sisters are able to understand My predicament, and ask nothing else of Me. This is God the Father’s requirement of Me, and I cannot escape from this reality; I must do the work that I should do. I hope only that you do not employ forced arguments and perverted logic, that you are more insightful, and do not view matters too simply. Your thinking is too childish, too naive. God’s work is not as simple as you might imagine, He does not just do whatever He wants to; if He did, His plan would be ruined. Would you not say so? I am doing the work of God. I am not just doing odd jobs for people, doing whatever I feel like doing and personally arranging whether or not I do something. Things are not that simple today. I have been sent by the Father to act as the director—do you think that I arranged and chose this Myself? The ideas of man are often inclined to disrupt God’s work, which is why, after I work for a period of time, there are many requests from people that I am not able to fulfill, and people change their minds about Me. You should all be clear about these ideas of yours; I am not going to bring them up individually, I can only explain the work I do. My feelings are not hurt by this at all. Once you have understood that, you can view it however you like. I will not raise any objections, because this is how God works; I am not obliged to explain it all. I have just come to perform the work of words, to work and to allow this drama to play out through the direction of words. I need speak of nothing else, nor could I do anything else. I have explained everything I have to say, I care not what you think, and it does not matter to Me. But I would still like to remind you that God’s work is not as simple as you imagine it to be. The less in line it is with people’s notions, the deeper its significance; and the more in line it is with people’s notions, the less valuable it is, the more it lacks real significance. Consider these words carefully—this is all I will say about that. You yourselves can analyze the rest on your own. I will not explain it.

People imagine that God does things in a certain way, but over this last year or so, has what we have seen and experienced of God’s work really been in line with human notions? From the creation of the world until now, not a single person has been able to grasp the stages or the rules of God’s work. If they could, why is it that those religious leaders do not understand that this is how God works today? Why is it that so few people understand the reality of today? From this we can see that no one understands God’s work. People must only act according to the guidance of His Spirit; they must not just rigidly apply rules to His work. If you take the image and the work of Jesus and compare it with God’s current work, it is just like the Jews trying to square Jesus with Jehovah. Do you not lose out by doing this? Even Jesus did not know what God’s work in the last days would be; all He knew was that what He needed to complete was the work of being crucified. So how could others have known? How could they have known what work God was going to do in the future? How could God disclose His plan to human beings, who have been possessed by Satan? Is that not foolish? God asks that you know and understand His will. He does not ask that you consider His future work. We need only concern ourselves with the faith in God, act per His guidance, be pragmatic in our handling of real difficulties, and not make things difficult for God or cause trouble for Him. We should do what we ought to do; as long as we can be within God’s present work, then that is enough! Such is the path that I guide you on. If we concentrate only on continuing onward, God will not mistreat a single one of us. Over this last year of your extraordinary experiences, you have gained a great many things; I trust that you will not take it so hard. The path that I am leading you on is My work and My mission, and it was ordained by God long ago, such that we were predestined to come this far, until today. That we have been able to do this is our great blessing, and although it has not been a smooth path, our friendship is everlasting, and it will be passed down through the ages. Whether cheers and laughter or sadness and tears, let it all become a beautiful memory! You may be aware that the days of My work are numbered. I have many work projects, and I cannot accompany you often. I hope you can understand Me—because our original friendship has not changed. Maybe one day I will appear before you once again, and I hope that you do not make things difficult for Me. After all, I am different from you. I travel all around for My work, and I do not live My life just idling in hotels. Regardless of how you are, I just do what I should do. I hope that the things we shared in the past may become the flower of our friendship.

It can be said that this path was opened up by Me, and whether bitter or sweet, I have led the way. That we have made it to today is all down to the grace of God. There may be some who thank Me, and there may be some who complain about Me—but none of that matters. All I want to see is that what should be achieved in this group of people has been achieved. This is something that should be celebrated. So, I do not bear a grudge against those who complain against Me; all I want is to complete My work as quickly as possible so that God’s heart may be at rest soon. At that time, I will not bear any heavy burden, and there will be no worries in God’s heart. Are you willing to improve your cooperation? Is it not better to aim to do God’s work well? Over this period, it is fair to say that we have endured innumerable hardships and experienced every manner of joy and sorrow. Overall, the performance of each of you has basically made the grade. Perhaps, in the future, there will be better work that is required of you, but do not linger on thoughts of Me; just do what you should do. What I need to do is almost there; I hope you will remain loyal at all times, and that you will not be nostalgic about My work. You should know that I have come only to complete one stage of work, and certainly not to do all of God’s work. You must be clear about this, and not have other ideas about it. God’s work requires many more means to be completed; you cannot always rely on Me. Maybe you have already realized that I have only come to do one portion of work, one that does not represent Jehovah or Jesus; God’s work is divided into many stages, so you must not be too rigid. While I am working you must listen to Me. In each age, God’s work changes; it is not all cut from the same mold, and it is not the same old song each time. And in each stage His work befits the age, and changes because the age is not the same. And so, since you have been born in this age, you must eat and drink the words of God, and read these words. A day may come when My work changes, in which case you must continue onward as you ought to; God’s work cannot be wrong. Pay no heed to how the outside world changes; God cannot be wrong, and His work cannot be wrong. It is just that sometimes His old work passes away and His new work begins. That does not mean, however, that because the new work has come, the old work is wrong. That is a fallacy! God’s work cannot be said to be right or wrong, it can only be said to be earlier or later. This is the guide for people’s belief in God and it must not be treated lightly.

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