485 The Experience of God’s Work Is Inseparable From His Word


No matter what stage you’ve arrived at in your experience,

you’re inseparable from God’s word or the truth,

and what you understand of God’s disposition

and what you know of what God has and is

are all expressed in the words of God;

they are inextricably linked with the truth.

God’s disposition and what He has and is are, in themselves, the truth;

the truth is an authentic manifestation of God’s disposition

and what He has and is, what He has and is.

It makes what He has and is concrete,

and it makes a clear statement of what He has and is;

it tells you more straightforwardly what God likes, what He does not like,

what He wants you to do and what He does not permit you to do,

which people He despises and which people He delights in.


Behind the truths that God expresses,

people can see His pleasure, anger, sorrow, and happiness,

as well as His essence, His essence—

this is the revealing of His disposition.

Aside from knowing what God has and is,

and understanding His disposition from His word,

what is most important is the need to reach this understanding

through practical experience.

If a person removes themselves from real life,

they will not be able to achieve knowledge of God.

Even if there are people who can gain some understanding from God’s words,

their understanding is limited to theories and words,

and there arises a disparity with what God Himself is really like.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

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