858 The Creator’s Sincere Feelings Toward Mankind


The Creator is among man at all times;

He is always in conversation with man and all of creation,

and He is performing new deeds every day,

He is performing new deeds every day.

His essence and disposition are expressed in His dialogue with man;

His thoughts and ideas are revealed completely in His deeds;

He accompanies and observes mankind at all times.

He speaks quietly to mankind and all of creation

with His silent words:

God is in the heavens, and He is amongst His creation.

God is keeping watch; He is waiting;

God is at your side, God is at your side….


His hands are warm and strong;

His footsteps are light;

His voice is soft and graceful;

His form passes and turns,

embracing all of mankind, embracing all of mankind;

His countenance is beautiful and gentle.

He has never left, never vanished.

Day and night, He is mankind’s constant companion,

never to leave their side.

His devoted care and special affection for humanity,

as well as His true concern and love for man,

were displayed bit by bit as He saved the city of Nineveh.

In particular,

the exchange between Jehovah God and Jonah

fully revealed the Creator’s tenderness for the mankind He Himself created.

Through those words,

you can obtain a deep understanding of God’s sincere feelings for humanity …

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique II

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