880 God Loves Man With Wounds


God in the flesh endures ridicule, insult,

judgment, and condemnation from all kinds of people

as well as being pursued by demons

and rejection and hostility from the religious world,

creating wounds in the soul which no one could make up for.

He saves corrupt humanity with immense patience,

He saves corrupt humanity with immense patience,

He loves people despite His wounds,

and this is deeply painful work, this is deeply painful work.

Humanity’s vicious resistance, condemnation and slander,

false accusations, persecution, and their pursuit and killing

makes God’s flesh do this work at a great risk to Himself.

Who could understand Him as He suffers these pains, and who could comfort Him?


The Lord Jesus did His work on earth

and lived for thirty-three and a half years,

He was only freed after He was crucified, resurrected from the dead,

and appeared among humans for forty days,

ending His painful years of living among humanity.

But God’s heart was still always in the same pain

out of a concern for people’s destination.

This pain could not be understood or endured, understood or endured by anyone.

What the work of God in the flesh from start to finish

has revealed is all God’s love.

The essence of His work is love, is love,

and He offers up everything, everything, and all that He has for humanity.

from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. The Essence of Christ Is Love

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