912 No One Can Supersede God’s Authority


From when God commenced the creation of all things,

His power began to be expressed and revealed,

for God used words to create all things.

All things came into being and stood fast and existed

because of the words of God;

this is the unique authority of the Creator.

In the time before mankind appeared in the world,

the Creator used His power and authority to create all things for mankind,

and employed His unique methods

to prepare a suitable living environment for mankind.

All that He did was in preparation for mankind,

who would soon receive His breath.


The authority of God was shown forth

in all creations different from mankind,

in things as great as the heavens, the lights, the seas, and the land,

and in those as small as animals and birds,

as well as in all sorts of insects and microorganisms.

Each was given life by the words of the Creator,

each proliferated because of the words of the Creator,

and each lived under the sovereignty of the Creator

because of His words.

The Creator’s authority not only gives the vitality of life

to seemingly static material objects,

so that they will never disappear,

but He also gives the instinct to reproduce and multiply

to every living being,

so that they will never vanish,

and so that, generation after generation,

they will pass on the laws and principles of survival

endowed to them by the Creator.


The manner in which the Creator exerts His authority

does not rigidly adhere to a macro or micro viewpoint,

and is not limited to any form;

He is able to command the operations of the universe

and hold sovereignty over the life and death of all things,

and, moreover,

He is able to maneuver all things so that they serve Him;

He can manage all the workings of the mountains, rivers, and lakes,

and rule all things within them,

and, beyond that, He is able to provide that which is needed by all things.

This is the manifestation of the unique authority of the Creator

amongst all things besides mankind.

Such a manifestation is not just for a lifetime;

it will never cease, nor rest,

and it cannot be altered or damaged by any person or thing,

nor can it be added to or reduced by any person or thing—

for none can replace the identity of the Creator.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique I

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