Chapter 18

In a flash of lightning, every animal is revealed in its true form. So too, illuminated by My light, man has regained the sanctity he once possessed. Oh, corrupt world of old! At last, it has toppled over into the filthy water and, sinking below the surface, has dissolved into mud! Oh, all mankind, of My own creation! At last they have come back to life again in the light, found the foundation for existence, and ceased to struggle in the mud! Oh, the myriad things of creation that I hold in My hands! How can they not, through My words, be renewed? How can they not, in the light, give play to their functions? Earth is no longer deathly still and silent, heaven no longer desolate and sad. Heaven and earth, no longer separated by a void, are united as one, never to be sundered again. On this jubilant occasion, at this moment of exultation, My righteousness and My holiness have extended throughout the universe, and all mankind extols them without ceasing. The cities of heaven are laughing with joy, and the kingdom of earth is dancing with joy. At this time, who is not rejoicing, and who is not also weeping? Earth in its primordial state belongs to heaven, and heaven is united with earth. Man is the cord uniting heaven and earth, and because of man’s sanctity, because of man’s renewal, heaven is no longer concealed from earth, and earth is no longer silent toward heaven. The faces of mankind are wreathed in smiles of gratification, and hidden in all their hearts is a sweetness that knows no bounds. Man does not quarrel with man, nor do men come to blows with one another. Are there any who, in My light, do not live peacefully with others? Are there any who, in My day, disgrace My name? All men direct their fearful gaze toward Me, and in their hearts, they secretly cry out to Me. I have searched mankind’s every action: Among the men who have been cleansed, there are none who are rebellious against Me, none who pass judgment on Me. All mankind is suffused with My disposition. All men are coming to know Me, are drawing closer to Me and adoring Me. I stand fast in the spirit of man, am exalted to the highest pinnacle in man’s eyes, and flow through the blood in man’s veins. The joyous exaltation in man’s heart fills every place on the face of the earth, the air is brisk and fresh, dense fogs no longer blanket the ground, and the sun shines resplendent.

Now, look upon My kingdom, where I am King over all, and where I wield power over all. From the beginning of creation until the present day, My sons have, guided by Me, undergone so many of life’s hardships, so many of the world’s injustices, so many vicissitudes of the human realm, but now they dwell in My light. Who does not weep for yesterday’s injustices? Who does not shed tears for the hardships withstood to reach today? And again, are there any who do not take this occasion to dedicate themselves to Me? Are there any who do not take this opportunity to express the passion swelling in their hearts? Are there any who, at this moment, do not give voice to what they have experienced? At this time, all human beings are consecrating the best part of themselves to Me. How many are tormented with regret for their follies of yesterday, how many abominate themselves for yesterday’s pursuits! Human beings have all come to know themselves, they have all seen Satan’s deeds and My wonderfulness, and inside their hearts, there is now a place for Me. No longer will I meet with aversion or rejection among men, for My great work has already been accomplished, and is hindered no more. Today, among the sons of My kingdom, are there any who have not given thought to their own concerns? Are there any who do not have more considerations on account of the ways in which My work is done? Are there any who have sincerely offered themselves up for My sake? Have the impurities inside your hearts lessened? Or have they increased? If the impure elements in your hearts have not decreased, and neither have they increased, then I will assuredly throw away such people as you. What I want are holy people who align with My intentions, not unclean demons that rebel against Me. Even though My demands of mankind are not high, the inner world of men’s hearts is so complicated that mankind cannot readily accord with My intentions or immediately satisfy My intentions. The great majority of human beings are secretly exerting themselves in hopes of seizing the final garland of victory. The great majority of men are striving with all their might, not daring to slacken for even a moment, deeply afraid of falling captive to Satan a second time. They dare no longer presume to harbor grievances against Me, but are constant in showing their loyalty before Me. I have heard heartfelt words spoken by so many people, accounts from so many people about their painful experiences in the midst of suffering; I have seen so many, in the direst straits, unfailingly offer up their loyalty to Me, and I have watched so many, as they walked the rocky path, search for a way out. In these circumstances, they have never complained; even when, unable to find the light, they grew somewhat dispirited, they never once complained. But I have also heard so many people giving vent to curses from the depths of their hearts, imprecating Heaven and accusing earth, and I have seen, too, so many people abandon themselves to despair in the midst of their distress, throwing themselves away like trash into a garbage can, to be coated with filth and grime. I have heard so many people quarreling one with another, because of a change in position, which leads to a change in their countenances, thus changing their relationships with their fellow men, so that friends cease to be friends and become enemies, attacking each other with their tongues. The great majority of people use My words like bullets from a machine gun, opening fire on others unawares, until the world of men is everywhere filled with a noisy clamor that shatters the tranquil calm. Fortunately, this day has now come; otherwise who knows how many might have perished under the relentless sweep of this machine gun fire.

Following the issuance of My words, and keeping pace with the conditions of all mankind, My kingdom, step by step, descends onto the earth. No longer does man harbor worrisome thoughts, or “preoccupy” himself with other people, or “take thought” on their behalf. And so, contentious disputes on earth are no more, and, following the issuance of My words, the various “weapons” of the modern age are withdrawn. Man finds peace again with man, the human heart once more radiates a spirit of harmony, and no longer is anyone defending themselves against covert attack. All mankind has returned to a normal state and embarked upon a new life. Dwelling in new surroundings, a goodly number of people look around them, feeling as if they have entered into an entirely new world, and because of this, they are not able to adapt to their present environment right away or to enter at once onto the right track. And so, it is a case of “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” as far as mankind is concerned. Although I have not, like man, tasted the bitterness of adversity Myself, I nonetheless know all there is to know about man’s inadequacies. I am intimately acquainted with man’s needs, and My understanding of his weaknesses is complete. For this reason, I do not make fun of man for his shortcomings; I only administer, depending on his unrighteousness, a fitting measure of “education,” the better to enable everyone to get onto the right track, so that mankind will cease to be wandering orphans and instead become babies with a place to call home. Nevertheless, My actions are governed by principles. If men are unwilling to enjoy the bliss that is in Me, I can only go along with what they have set their hearts upon and send them into the bottomless pit. At this point, no one should harbor grievances in their heart anymore, but all should be able to see My righteousness in the arrangements I have made. I do not compel mankind to love Me, nor do I strike any man for loving Me. In Me is total freedom, total release. Though man’s fate rests in My hands, I have given man a free will, which is not subject to My control. In this way, human beings will not invent ways of getting into “trouble” on account of My administrative decrees, but will rather, relying on My magnanimity, obtain “release.” And so, many people seek within their liberation for their own way out, and are not constrained by Me at all.

I have always treated mankind with a liberal hand, never encumbering men with insoluble problems, never putting any single person in difficulty. Is this not so? Although a great many people do not love Me, far from being vexed by this kind of attitude, I have given them freedom, allowing them leeway to the extent of letting them swim about freely in the sea of bitterness and suffering. For man is a dishonorable vessel; though he sees the blessing that I hold in My hand, he has no interest in enjoying it, but would rather pluck the scourge from the hand of Satan, thereby dooming himself to be consumed by Satan as “nourishment.” Of course, there are some who have seen My light with their eyes, and so, even though they are living in the obscuring mists of the present time, they have not, on account of these mists, lost faith in the light, but continue to grope and seek through those mists—albeit along a path strewn with obstacles. When man rebels against Me, I hurl My wrathful ire upon him, and so man may perish by his rebelliousness. When he obeys Me, I remain hidden from him, in this way exciting a love in the depth of his heart, a love that seeks not to wheedle Me, but to afford Me enjoyment. So many times, in man’s quest for Me, have I closed My eyes and kept silent, in order to elicit his true faith. But when I do not speak, man’s faith changes in an instant, and all I see are his “false goods,” for man has never sincerely loved Me. It is only when I manifest Myself that men all make a tremendous show of “faith”; but when I am hidden in My secret place, they grow weak and faint of heart, as if afraid of offending Me; there are even some who, unable to see My face, subject Me to a “deep processing,” thus negating the truth of My existence. So many people remain in this state; so many have this mentality. It is no more than the predilection of all men to cover up what is ugly in themselves. Because of this, they are reluctant to call attention to their own inadequacies, and only admit to the truth of My words with gritted teeth and concealed faces.

March 17, 1992

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