Chapter 19

Taking My words as the basis for their survival—this is humanity’s obligation. People must establish their own share in each and every part of My words; not to do so would be seeking their own destruction and inviting contempt. Humanity does not know Me, and because of this, instead of bringing their own lives to Me to offer in exchange, all they do is parade in front of Me with the trash in their hands, trying thereby to give Me satisfaction. However, far from being satisfied with things as they are, I continue to make demands on humanity. I love people’s contributions, but hate their demands. All humans have hearts full of greed; it is as if the human heart is held in thrall by the devil, and no one can break free and offer their heart up to Me. When I speak, people listen to My voice with rapt attention; when I fall silent, though, they again begin their own “enterprises” and cease entirely to heed My words, as if My words were simply an adjunct to their “enterprises.” I have never been lax with humanity, and yet I have been patient with and tolerant toward humanity. And so, as a result of My leniency, human beings all overestimate themselves and are incapable of self-knowledge and self-reflection; they merely take advantage of My patience to deceive Me. Not a single one among them has ever sincerely cared for Me, and not a single one has truly treasured Me as an object dear to their heart; only when they have idle moments to spare do they give Me their perfunctory regard. The effort I have expended on humanity is already beyond measure; furthermore, I have worked on humans in unprecedented ways, and apart from this, I have given them an additional burden, in order that, out of what I have and what I am, they might gain some knowledge and undergo some change. I do not ask people to be mere “consumers”; I also ask them to be “producers” who defeat Satan. Though I may not demand that humanity do anything, nonetheless, I do have standards for the demands I make, for there is a purpose in what I do, as well as a basis for My actions: I do not, as people imagine, play around haphazardly, nor did I fashion the heaven and earth and the myriad objects of creation howsoever I wished. In My work, humans should see something, and gain something. They should not squander away the springtime of their youth, or treat their own lives like garments on which dust is carelessly allowed to gather; rather, they should stand strict guard over themselves, taking from My bounty to provide for their own enjoyment, until, because of Me, they cannot turn back toward Satan, and, because of Me, they mount attacks against Satan. Are not My demands of humanity so simple?

When a faint glimmer of light begins to show in the East, all the people within the universe pay a bit more attention to it. No longer steeped in slumber, humans venture forth to observe the source of this eastern light. Due to their limited capability, no one has yet been able to see the place whence the light originates. When all within the universe is fully illuminated, humans rouse from sleep and dream, and only then do they realize that My day has gradually come upon them. All humanity celebrates because of the coming of the light, and therefore no longer lies sound asleep or is in a stupor. Under the radiance of My light, all humanity becomes clear of mind and sight, and suddenly awakens to the joy of living. Under cover of a shrouding mist, I look out over the world. The animals are all at rest; because of the arrival of a faint glimmer of light, everything has become conscious that a new life is approaching. For this reason, the animals, too, are all crawling out from their burrows, looking for food. Plants, of course, are no exception, and in the light’s radiance their green leaves glisten with a lustrous sheen, waiting to play their own part for Me while I am on earth. All human beings wish for the coming of the light, and yet they fear its advent, deeply anxious that their own ugliness will no longer find concealment. This is because humans are stark naked, and lack anything to cover them. Thus, so many people have fallen into panic as a result of the light’s coming, and are in a state of shock because of its appearance. So many people, upon seeing the light, are filled with boundless remorse, abhorring their own uncleanness, yet, powerless to alter the facts, can do nothing but wait for Me to pronounce sentence. So many people, refined by suffering in the darkness are, upon seeing the light, suddenly struck by its profound meaning, and thenceforth hug the light close to their bosoms, deeply afraid of losing it again. So many people, instead of being thrown out of orbit by the light’s sudden appearance, simply go about the daily work in hand because they have been blind for long years and therefore not only do not notice that the light has come, but are also not gratified by it. In humans’ hearts, I am neither lofty nor lowly. As far as they are concerned, it makes no difference if I exist or not; it is as though people’s lives would not get any lonelier if I did not exist, and if I did exist, their lives would not become any more joyful. Because human beings do not cherish Me, the enjoyments that I afford them are few. However, as soon as humans give Me even just an ounce more adoration, I will also make a change in the attitude I bear toward them. For this reason, only when humans have grasped this law will they be fortunate enough to dedicate themselves to Me and ask for the things that I hold in My hand. Surely their love for Me is not bound solely to their own interests? Surely their faith in Me is not bound solely to the things that I give? Could it be that, unless they see My light, humans are unable to love Me sincerely by means of their faith? Surely their strength and vigor are not really restricted to the conditions of today? Could it be that humanity needs courage in order to love Me?

As a result of My existence, the myriad objects of creation make obedient submission in the places where they reside, and do not, in the absence of My discipline, indulge in licentious abandon. Therefore, the mountains become boundaries between nations upon the land, the waters become barriers to keep people of different lands apart, and the air becomes that which flows from person to person in the spaces above the earth. Only humanity is incapable of truly obeying the requirements of My will; this is the reason I say that, out of all creation, humans alone belong in the category of the rebellious. Humanity has never truly submitted to Me, and for this reason I have, all along, kept humans under strict discipline. If, in the midst of humanity, it should come to pass that My glory extends across the entire universe, then I will surely take all of My glory and make it manifest before humankind. Because in their defilement humans are unfit to look upon My glory, for thousands of years I have never come into the open, remaining hidden instead; for this reason, My glory has never been manifest before them, and they have always fallen into the abyss of sin. I have forgiven humans for their unrighteousness, but they all know not how to preserve themselves, and are instead always leaving themselves open to sin, allowing it to harm them. Does this not show humanity’s lack of self-respect and self-love? In humanity’s midst, can anyone truly love? How many ounces can humanity’s devotion weigh? Are there not adulterated goods mixed into people’s so-called authenticity? Is their devotion not a complete mishmash? What I require is their undivided love. Humans do not know Me, and though they may seek to know Me, they will not give Me their true and earnest hearts. From humans I do not exact what they are unwilling to give. If they give Me their devotion, I will accept it without a polite demurral. If they do not trust Me, however, and refuse to offer up even one iota of themselves to Me, then, rather than growing more vexed on that account, I will simply dispose of them in some other way and arrange a suitable destination for them. The thunder, rolling across the skies, will strike humans down; the high mountains, as they topple, will bury them; the wild beasts in their hunger will devour them; and the oceans, surging, will close over their heads. As humanity engages in fratricidal conflict, all humans will seek their own destruction in the calamities arising from amongst them.

The kingdom is expanding in humanity’s midst, it is forming in humanity’s midst, and it is standing up in humanity’s midst; there is no force that can destroy My kingdom. Of My people who are in the kingdom of today, which of you is not a human being among human beings? Which of you lies outside the human condition? When My new starting point is announced to the multitude, how will humanity react? You have seen with your own eyes the state of humankind; surely you do not still harbor hopes of enduring forever in this world? I am now walking abroad amongst My people and I live in their midst. Today, those who bear genuine love for Me—such people are blessed. Blessed are those who submit to Me, they will surely stay in My kingdom. Blessed are those who know Me, they will surely wield power in My kingdom. Blessed are those who seek after Me, they will surely escape from Satan’s bonds and enjoy My blessings. Blessed are those who are able to rebel against themselves, they will surely enter into My possession and inherit My kingdom’s bounty. Those who run around for Me I will remember, those who make expenditures for Me I will joyfully embrace, and to those who make offerings to Me I will grant enjoyments. Those who find enjoyment in My words I will bless; they will surely be the pillars that hold up the ridgepole in My kingdom, they will surely have matchless abundance in My house, and no one can compare with them. Have you ever accepted the blessings that you were given? Have you ever sought the promises that were made for you? You will surely, under the guidance of My light, break through the stranglehold of the forces of darkness. You will surely not, in the midst of darkness, lose the light guiding you. You will surely be the masters of all creation. You will surely be overcomers before Satan. You will surely, at the downfall of the kingdom of the great red dragon, stand up amid the myriad throngs to bear witness to My victory. You will surely stand firm and unwavering in the land of Sinim. Through the sufferings you endure, you will inherit My blessings, and will surely radiate My glory throughout the entire universe.

March 19, 1992

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