Chapter 80

In all things, real communication with Me is necessary for one to be enlightened and illuminated; only through this can the spirit be at peace. Otherwise, the spirit will have no peace. Currently, the most serious illness among you is separating My normal humanity from My complete divinity; moreover, the majority of you emphasize My normal humanity, as if you have never known that I also have complete divinity. This blasphemes Me! Do you know that? Your illness is so serious that if you do not hurry up and recover, you will be killed by My hand. To My face you behave one way (appearing as a person of honor; humble and patient), yet behind My back you behave totally differently (entirely hypocritical, dissolute and without restraint, doing whatever you want to do, creating factions, setting up independent kingdoms, wishing to betray Me). You are blind! Open your eyes that have been deluded by Satan! Look at who I really am! You have no shame! You do not know that My actions are wondrous! You do not know of My almightiness! Who can be said to do service for Christ while not yet being saved? You do not know what role you are playing! You actually come before Me in disguise, showing off your charms—you wretch! I will kick you out of My house; I do not use this type of person, because I neither predestined nor chose them.

I do what I say. Those who do evil must not fear; I do not do wrong to any person. I always act according to My plan and do things in accordance with My righteousness. Because those who do evil have been Satan’s descendants since creation, I did not choose them; this is what is meant by the saying, “though mountains and rivers may shift and transform, one’s nature shall not change.” On matters that humankind cannot understand, everything has been made clear, and nothing is hidden to Me. You might be able to hide something from the eyes of a small number of people, and even win the trust of quite a few people, but with Me it is not so easy. Ultimately, you cannot escape My judgment. The gaze of humankind is limited, and even those who can understand a small portion of the present situation are counted as possessing some skill. For Me, everything proceeds smoothly and nothing gets in My way in the slightest, for all is under My control and arrangement. Who would dare to not submit to My control! Who would dare to disrupt My management! Who would dare to be disloyal or unfilial toward Me! Who would dare to tell Me something that is not true, and instead tell Me a pack of lies! None of them will escape My wrathful hand. Even if you have now conceded defeat, and are willing to be chastised and to enter the bottomless pit, I still will not spare you easily. I must retrieve you up from the bottomless pit so that once again you will be subjected to My wrathful punishment (extreme loathing). Is there anywhere you can run off to? The thing I hate most is when people separate My normal humanity from My complete divinity.

Blessed are those who are loyal to Me; that is, blessed are those who truly identify Me as the God Himself who closely examines the human heart. I will surely multiply your blessings, allowing you to enjoy good blessings in My kingdom forever. This is also the most effective way to bring shame to Satan. However, do not be too impatient or anxious; I set a time for everything. If the time that I have predetermined has not yet come, then even if it is just one second early, I will not act. I act precisely and according to a rhythm; I do not act without reason. From a human point of view, I am not at all harried by anxiety; I am as steady as Mount Tai—but do you not know that I am the almighty God Himself? Do not be too impatient; all is in My hands. Everything has long since been prepared, and nothing can wait to do service for Me. The entire universe world appears from the outside to be in chaos, but from My perspective, all is in order. What I have prepared for you is only for you to enjoy. Do you realize this? Do not insert yourselves into My management. I will let all peoples and all nations see My almightiness from My acts, and I will let them bless and praise My holy name for My wondrous deeds. This is because, as I have said, nothing I do is without basis; rather, everything is filled with My wisdom and My power, with My righteousness and majesty, and, even more so, with My wrath.

Those who immediately awaken upon hearing My words will surely receive My blessings and will definitely receive My protection and care. They will not experience the suffering of chastisement; rather, they will enjoy the happiness of family. Do you know this? Suffering is eternal, and joy is even more eternal; they will both be experienced from now on. Whether you suffer or experience joy depends on what kind of attitude you hold as you acknowledge your sin. As for whether or not you are one of My predestined and chosen, you ought to be sure of this in light of what you have said. You can fool people, but you cannot fool Me. Those I have predestined and chosen will be greatly blessed from now on; as for those I have not predestined and chosen, I will chastise them harshly from now on. This will be My proof to you. Those who are now blessed are undoubtedly My beloved; as for those who are chastised, it goes without saying that they are not predestined and chosen by Me. You should be clear on this! That is to say, if what you get now is to be pruned by Me, and if you receive My words of harsh judgment, then you are hated and detested in My heart and you will be one of the ones I cast aside. If you receive My consolation and My provision of life, then you are in My possession; you are one of My beloved. You cannot determine this based on My outward appearance. Do not lose your mind over this!

My words speak to every person’s actual condition. Do you believe that I just carry on about random topics, or that I just say whatever I feel like saying? Absolutely not! My wisdom is hidden in My every word. You should just take My words to be the truth. Within a very short time, foreigners who are seeking the true way will be coming in. When that happens, you will be dumbstruck, and everything will be accomplished without the slightest difficulty. Do you not know that I am the almighty God? Upon hearing these words of Mine, you steadfastly believe them, do you not? I make no mistakes, let alone utter misstatements. Do you know this? Therefore, I have repeatedly emphasized that you are to quickly accept My training, so as to lead and shepherd them. Do you know this? Through you I will make them perfect. Even more importantly, through you I will make manifest My immense signs and wonders; that is, among those that humankind looks down on, I have chosen a group of people to manifest Me, to glorify My name, to take charge of everything for Me, and to reign as kings with Me. Thus, My current training of you is the greatest management of the world; this is an amazing thing that humankind cannot carry out. By means of perfecting you, I shall throw Satan into the lake of fire and brimstone and into the bottomless pit, utterly cast down the great red dragon to its death, never to rise again. Therefore, all who are thrown into the bottomless pit are descendants of the great red dragon. I hate them to an extreme degree. This I have brought about. Can you not see? All who are disloyal, and all who employ crookedness and deceit, have been exposed. The proud, conceited, self-righteous, and impudent are descendants of the archangel, and they are the most typical of Satan—they all are My sworn enemies, My adversaries. I must punish them one by one in order to extinguish the hatred in My heart. I will do this one item at a time, resolving each one in turn.

Now, what exactly are the lake of fire and brimstone and the bottomless pit? In the human imagination, the lake of fire and brimstone is a material thing, but humankind does not know that this is a highly mistaken explanation. Nevertheless, it still occupies a certain position in people’s minds. The lake of fire and brimstone is My hand meting out chastisement on humankind; whoever is thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone has been slain by My hand. These people’s spirits, souls, and bodies are forever suffering. This is the true meaning of My words when I said that all are in My hands. What, then, does the bottomless pit refer to? Humans conceptualize it to be a large abyss that is endless and unfathomably deep. The real bottomless pit is Satan’s influence. If a person falls into Satan’s hands, this person is in the bottomless pit; even if they were to grow wings they could not fly out. This is why it is called the bottomless pit. Such people will all be subjected to eternal chastisement; this is the way I have arranged it.

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