Chapter 87

You must hasten your pace and do what I want to be done—this is what I intend for you with great eagerness. Could it be that even now, you still have not understood the meaning of My words? Could it be that you still do not know My intention? I have spoken with increasing clarity, and said more and more, but have you still made no effort to fathom the meaning of My words? Satan, do not imagine that you can destroy My plan! Those who do service for Satan—that is, the offspring of Satan (this refers to those who are possessed by Satan, who, therefore, most certainly have the life of Satan, and so are said to be its offspring)—beg for mercy at My feet, weeping and gnashing their teeth. However, I would not do such a stupid thing! Can I forgive Satan? Can I bring salvation to Satan? That would be impossible! I do what I say, and I will never regret it!

Anything I voice comes into being. Is that not so? Nevertheless, you continue to distrust Me, doubt My words, and think that I am just joking with you. It is just so ridiculous. I am God Himself! Do you understand? I am God Himself! If I did not possess any wisdom or power, could I just do and say as I please? Yet still you distrust Me. I have repeatedly stressed these things to you, and I have told them to you over and over. Why is it that most of you still do not believe? Why do you still harbor doubts? Why do you cling for dear life to your own notions? Can they save you? I do what I say. I have told you several times: Regard My words as true, and do not doubt. Have you taken them seriously? On your own, you can do nothing, yet you are unable to believe in what I do. What can be said of such a person? To be blunt, it is as though I never created you. In other words, you are unqualified, in every respect, to be a service-doer for Me. Everyone must believe My words! All must pass the test; I will let no one slip by. Of course, the exceptions are those who believe. People who trust in My words will certainly receive My blessings, which will be bestowed upon you and fulfilled in you according to what you believe. My firstborn sons! I am now beginning to grant you all My blessings. Little by little, you will begin to cast off all those detested bonds of the flesh: marriage, family, eating, dressing, sleeping, and all natural disasters (wind, sun, rain, biting gales, the misery of snowfall, and all other things you hate). You will travel across the oceans, over the land, and through the air without being affected by any restrictions of space, time, or geography, heartily enjoying yourselves in My loving embrace and in charge of everything under My tender care.

Who is not proud of the firstborn sons that I have made complete? Who will not praise My name for their sake? Why do I now wish to reveal so many mysteries to you? Why now, and not in the past? This in itself is also a mystery; do you know that? Why did I not mention in the past that China is a nation I have cursed? And why did I not make known those who do service for Me? Today, I shall also tell you this: Today, in My opinion, everything has been accomplished, and I say this with regard to My firstborn sons. (For today, My firstborn sons have come to reign alongside Me—and have not only taken shape, but actually are reigning together with Me. At present, those in whom the Holy Spirit works surely reign alongside Me—and this is being revealed right now; not yesterday, and not tomorrow.) Today I am bringing to light all of My mysteries of normal humanity, because those people whom I wish to reveal have been revealed, and this is My wisdom. My work has progressed to this step: That is, I must, at this point in time, implement the plan of administrative decrees I have decided upon specifically for this period. As such, I am conferring the appropriate verifications upon the firstborn sons, the sons, the people, and the service-doers, because I have authority and will issue judgment, and I will rule with the iron rod. Who dares not do service for Me obediently? Who dares complain to Me? Who would dare say that I am not the God of righteousness? I know, your demonic nature has long been revealed before Me: You feel jealousy and hatred toward anyone to whom I am good. This is absolutely Satan’s nature! I am good to My sons; would you dare claim that I am unrighteous? I could kick you out completely, but fortunately for you, you are doing service for Me, and now is not the time; otherwise, I would have kicked you out!

Satan’s ilk! Stop being savages! Speak no more! Act no more! My work has already begun to be carried out in My chosen sons and people, and it is already spreading throughout all nations, all denominations, all religions, and all walks of life outside of China. Why is it that those who render service for Me are always spiritually blocked? Why do they never have spiritual understanding? Why is it that My Spirit never works in these people? Generally speaking, I simply cannot expend too much effort on those I have neither predestined nor chosen. All My previous suffering, and all My painstaking care and efforts, have been for the sake of My firstborn sons and a small portion of sons and people; moreover, I have done these things so that My future work can be completed without a hitch and so that My will is unimpeded. Because I am the wise God Himself, I have made proper arrangements for every step. I make no effort to retain any person (this is directed at those who were not chosen or predestined), nor do I strike down any person casually (this is directed at the chosen and predestined): This is My administrative decree, which no one can change! Toward those whom I hate, I am ruthless; toward those whom I love, I am watchful and protective. Thus, I do what I say (those whom I choose, are chosen, and those whom I predestine, are predestined; these are My affairs that have been arranged by Me since before creation).

Who can change My heart? Other than My acting according to the plans that I make as I wish, who would dare to act rashly and not obey My orders? These are all My administrative decrees; who would dare to remove even a single one of them from Me? All must be at My command. Some people say a certain person has suffered so much, and is honest and purely considerate of My heart. Why, then, did I not choose him? This, too, is an administrative decree of Mine. If I say someone is in tune with My intentions, then that person is in tune with My intentions and is one I love; if I say that someone is a child of Satan, then that person is one I hate. Do not curry favor with anyone! Can you truly see through that person? These things are all decided by Me. A son will always be a son, and Satan will always be Satan; in other words, man’s nature does not change. Unless I make them change, all will follow their own kind, and are immutable!

I reveal My mysteries to you as My work progresses. Do you actually know to which step it is that My work has progressed? Will you really follow My Spirit’s lead, to do what I do and to say what I say? Why do I mention that China is a nation I have cursed? Firstly, I created the Chinese people of today in My image. They had no spirit, and early on, they were corrupted by Satan and could not be saved. For this reason, I grew angry with these people and cursed them. I hate these people the most, and I get angry whenever they are even mentioned, for they are the children of the great red dragon. This makes one recall the era in which the countries of the world had annexed China. It is still the same to this day, and it has all been My curse—My most powerful judgment against the great red dragon. Finally, I made another kind of people, within whom I predestined My firstborn sons, My sons, My people, and those who render service for Me. Thus, all that I do today was arranged by Me long ago. Why do those in power in China repeatedly persecute and oppress you? It is because the great red dragon is unhappy with My curse, and resists Me. However, it is precisely under this sort of persecution and threat that I make complete My firstborn sons, so that this may give a strong counterattack against the great red dragon and its children. I will sort them out later. Now, after listening to My words, do you truly understand the significance of My allowing you to reign with Me? The time that I say the great red dragon has been utterly cast down to its death is also the time when My firstborn sons reign with Me. The great red dragon’s persecution of the firstborn sons serves Me greatly, and once My sons are grown up and can manage the affairs of My house, those wicked servants (the service-doers) will be kicked aside. Because My firstborn sons will have been reigning with Me and will have satisfied My will, I will, one by one, push the service-doers into the lake of fire and brimstone: They must go, at all costs! I am fully aware that Satan’s ilk also want to enjoy My blessings, and do not wish to return under Satan’s power; however, I have My administrative decrees, by which everyone must abide and which must be executed—and no one will be exempt. Later, I will tell you My administrative decrees one after another, to keep you from violating them.

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