Chapter 86

People say that I am a merciful God; they say that I will bring salvation to all that I have created. These things are all said based upon human notions. That I am a merciful God is said to My firstborn sons, and that I will bring salvation to all is said to My sons and My people. Because I am a wise God, it is clear, in My mind, which people I love and which people I hate. For those whom I love, I will always love them to the very end, and that love shall never change. As for those whom I hate, I am not moved one bit, no matter how well they behave. This is because they were not born of Me and do not possess My caliber or My life. In other words, they were not predestined and selected by Me—for I am infallible. That is, all My deeds are called holy and honorable, and I never have any regrets. In people’s eyes, I am extremely heartless—but do you not recognize that I am the righteous and majestic God Himself? Everything of Mine is correct; those whom I hate shall certainly receive My curses, and those whom I love shall certainly receive My blessings. This is My holy and inviolable disposition, and no one shall change it. This is absolute!

Today, those who are truly in accord with My intentions will surely be made complete by Me, for My work is both forthright and thorough, and I leave no loose ends. Those whom I curse shall be burned. Why is it, then, that the majority of people have been cursed by Me and yet the Holy Spirit is still doing His work upon them (this is said in regard to My not residing in a filthy temple)? Do you understand the true meaning behind the saying that all matters and all things render service for Christ? The Holy Spirit does His work through them when I make use of their service, but ordinarily, when they are not in My service, they are fundamentally not spiritually enlightened. Even if they do seek, they do it out of zeal, and this is a ruse of Satan’s—for in ordinary times, they pay no attention at all to My work and are utterly inconsiderate with regard to My burdens. Now that My firstborn sons have grown up, I am kicking them away; for this reason, My Spirit has withdrawn everywhere, and special emphasis has been placed upon My firstborn sons. Do you understand? All things rest on My deeds, My predestination, and all the words that issue forth from My mouth. All locations that have received My blessings are necessarily places in which I work and in which My work is carried out. China is the nation in which Satan is most worshiped, so it has been cursed by Me. Moreover, it is the nation that has done the most to persecute Me. I absolutely will not do My work on people who are under the influence of the great red dragon. Do you understand the true meaning of My words? After all, My sons and My people are few. Absolutely everything is within My hands; energy should be focused and more efforts should be spent on the ones whom I have chosen and predestined. In other words, those who are My firstborn sons should hurry up and practice so that they can share in My burdens as soon as possible, and devote all their efforts to My work.

Those of you who do service for Me, listen! You can receive some of My grace when doing service for Me. That is, you will know, temporarily, about My later work and things that will happen in the future—but you will absolutely not enjoy them. This is My grace. When your service is fulfilled, leave at once, and do not linger. Those of you who are My firstborn sons should not be arrogant, but you are allowed to be proud, for I have bestowed endless blessings upon you. Those of you who are targets for destruction should not bring trouble upon yourselves or feel sad about your destiny. Are you not a descendant of Satan? After you have done your service for Me, you may return to the bottomless pit, because you will no longer be of any use to Me. I shall then begin to deal with you with My chastisement. Once I start working, I will follow through to the end; My deeds shall be accomplished, and My accomplishments shall last forever. This is all applicable to My firstborn sons, My sons, and My people, and it goes for you as well: My chastisements of you will be everlasting. I have told you many times before that the evil ones who resist Me shall surely be chastised by Me. If you are not reprimanded by the Holy Spirit after you resist Me, then you have already been cursed, and thereafter you shall be struck down by My hand. If you are disciplined by the Holy Spirit while having bad thoughts about Me, then you have received My blessings; however, you must always be cautious, never neglectful, and never careless.

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