Chapter 15

Humans are all creatures who lack self-knowledge, and they are unable to know themselves. Nevertheless, they know everyone else like the backs of their hands, as though everything others have done and said has first been “inspected” by them, right in front of them, and received their approval before being done. As a result, it is as if they have even taken full measure of everyone else, right down to their psychological states. Human beings are all like this. Even though they have entered into the Age of Kingdom today, their nature remains unchanged. They still do what I do in front of Me, whereas behind My back they begin to get up to their own unique “business.” However, afterward, when they come before Me, they are like completely different people, apparently calm and undaunted, with composed visages and a steady pulse. Is this not precisely what makes humans so despicable? So many people wear two completely different faces—one while in front of Me, and another when behind My back. So many of them act like newborn lambs when before Me, but when behind My back, they turn into fierce tigers and later act like little birds flitting merrily about the hills. So many show purpose and resolve to My face. So many come before Me seeking My words with thirst and longing, but when behind My back, they grow sick of them and renounce them, as though My utterances were an encumbrance. So many times, upon seeing the human race corrupted by My enemy, I have given up placing My hopes in humans. So many times, upon seeing them come before Me, tearfully seeking pardon, I have nevertheless, due to their lack of self-respect and stubborn incorrigibility, closed My eyes to their actions in anger, even when their hearts are genuine and their intentions sincere. So many times, I have seen people confident enough to cooperate with Me, who, when before Me, seem to be in My embrace, tasting of its warmth. So many times, having witnessed the innocence, liveliness, and adorability of My chosen people, how could I not take great pleasure on account of these things? Human beings know not how to enjoy their predestined blessings in My hands, for they do not understand what exactly is meant by both “blessings” and “suffering.” For this reason, humans are far from sincere in their seeking of Me. If tomorrow did not exist, then which of you standing before Me would be as pure as the driven snow and as unblemished as jade? Could it be that your love for Me is just something that can be exchanged for a delicious meal, a classy suit of clothing, or a high office with handsome emoluments? Can it be exchanged for the love that others have for you? Could it actually be that undergoing trials will spur people into abandoning their love for Me? Will suffering and tribulations cause them to complain about My arrangements? No one has ever truly appreciated the sharp sword that is in My mouth: They know only its superficial meaning without truly grasping what it entails. If human beings were genuinely able to see the sharpness of My sword, they would go scurrying like rats into their holes. Because of their numbness, humans understand nothing of the true meaning of My words, and so they have no clue as to how formidable My utterances are or just how much they reveal of human nature and how much of their own corruption has been judged by those words. For this reason, as a result of their half-baked ideas about what I say, most people have adopted a lukewarm attitude.

Within the kingdom, not only do utterances issue forth from My mouth, but My feet tread ceremoniously everywhere across all lands. In this way, I have triumphed over all unclean and filthy places, so that not only is heaven changing, but earth is also in the process of transformation, and is subsequently renewed. Within the cosmos, everything shines like new in the radiance of My glory, presenting a heartwarming aspect that ravishes the senses and lifts people’s spirits, as if it now exists in a heaven beyond the heavens, as conceived in the human imagination, undisturbed by Satan and free from the assaults of external enemies. In the topmost reaches of the universe, the myriad stars take up their appointed places at My command, beaming their light through the astral regions in hours of darkness. Not one single being dares to harbor thoughts of recalcitrance, and so, in accordance with the substance of My administrative decrees, the entire universe is well regulated and in perfect order: No disturbance has ever arisen, nor has the cosmos ever been divided. I execute flying leaps above the stars, and when the sun shoots forth its rays, I blot out their warmth, sending giant flurries of snowflakes as big as goose feathers drifting down from My hands. When I change My mind, though, all that snow melts into a river, and in an instant, spring has sprung everywhere beneath the skies and emerald green has transformed the entire landscape upon the earth. I go wandering above the firmament, and immediately, the earth is shrouded in pitch-black darkness because of My form: Without warning, “night” has arrived, and throughout the world it grows so dark that one cannot see one’s hand in front of one’s face. Once the light is extinguished, humans seize this moment to embark upon a rampage of mutual destruction, snatching and plundering one from another. The nations of earth then fall into chaotic disunity and enter a state of muddy turbulence, until they are beyond all redemption. People struggle in the throes of suffering, moan and groan in the midst of their pain, and wail piteously in their anguish, yearning for the light to suddenly come to the human world once more and thus end the days of darkness and restore the vitality that once was in existence. However, I have long since left humanity, with a flick of My sleeves, never again to take pity on them for the wrongs of the world: Long have I detested and rejected the people of the entire earth, closed My eyes to the conditions there, turned My face away from humanity’s every move and gesture, and ceased to take pleasure in its immaturity and innocence. I have embarked upon another plan to make the world anew, so that this new world may find rebirth sooner, never again to be submerged. In humanity’s midst, so many outlandish states are waiting for Me to set them to rights, there are so many mistakes for Me to personally prevent from happening, there is so much dust for Me to sweep away, and there are so many mysteries for Me to unveil. All humanity awaits Me, and longs for My coming.

On earth, I am the practical God Himself who abides in the hearts of humans; in heaven, I am the Master of all creation. I have climbed mountains and forded rivers, and I have drifted in and out of humanity’s midst. Who dares to openly oppose the practical God Himself? Who dares to break away from the sovereignty of the Almighty? Who dares to assert that I am, beyond the shadow of a doubt, in heaven? Moreover, who dares to assert that I am incontrovertibly on earth? There is no one among all of humanity capable of articulating in every detail the places where I reside. Could it be that whenever I am in heaven, I am the supernatural God Himself, and that whenever I am on earth, I am the practical God Himself? Surely whether or not I am the practical God Himself cannot be determined by My being the Ruler of all creation or the fact that I experience the sufferings of the human world, can it? If that were the case, then would humans not be ignorant beyond all hope? I am in heaven, but I am also on earth; I am among the myriad objects of creation, and also among the masses. Humans can touch Me every day; moreover, they can see Me every day. As far as humanity is concerned, I seem to be sometimes hidden and sometimes visible; I seem to actually exist, yet I also seem to not exist. In Me lie mysteries unfathomable to humanity. It is as though all humans are peering at Me through a microscope in order to discover even more mysteries in Me, hoping thereby to dispel that uncomfortable feeling in their hearts. However, even if they were to use X-rays, how could humanity uncover any of the secrets I hold?

In the very moment that My people, as a result of My work, gain glory alongside Me, the great red dragon’s lair will be unearthed, all the mud and dirt will be swept clean away, and all the polluted water, accumulated over countless years, will dry up in My burning fires, to exist no more. Thereupon, the great red dragon will perish in the lake of fire and brimstone. Are you genuinely willing to remain under My loving care so as not to be snatched away by the dragon? Do you really hate its deceitful stratagems? Who is able to bear staunch witness for Me? For the sake of My name, for the sake of My Spirit, and for the sake of My entire management plan, who can make an offering of all their strength? Today, when the kingdom is in the human world, is the time in which I have come in person among humanity. If this were not so, is there anyone who could venture forth into the battlefield on My behalf without any trepidation? So that the kingdom may take shape, so that My heart may be content, and furthermore, so that My day may come, so that the time may come when the myriad objects of creation are reborn and grow abundant, so that humans may be rescued from their sea of suffering, so that tomorrow may come, and so that it may be wondrous, and blossom and flourish and, moreover, so that the enjoyment of the future may come to pass, all humans are striving with all their might, sparing nothing in sacrificing themselves for Me. Is this not a sign that victory is already Mine? Is it not a mark of the completion of My plan?

The more that people exist in the last days, the more they will feel the emptiness of the world, and the less courage they will have for living life. For this reason, countless people have died in disappointment, countless others have been disappointed in their quests, and countless others suffer themselves to be manipulated by Satan’s hand. I have rescued so many people and supported so many of them, and, so often, when human beings have lost the light, I have moved them back into a place of light so that they might know Me within the light and enjoy Me amidst happiness. Because of the coming of My light, adoration grows in the hearts of the people who dwell in My kingdom, for I am a God for humans to love—a God to whom humanity clings in fond attachment—and they are filled with an abiding impression of My form. Nevertheless, when all is said and done, there is no one who understands whether this is the working of the Spirit or a function of the flesh. It would take people an entire lifetime just to experience this one thing in detail. Humans have never despised Me in their hearts’ innermost reaches; rather, they cling to Me in the depths of their spirits. My wisdom raises their admiration, the wonders that I work are a feast for their eyes, and My words boggle their minds, yet they cherish them dearly. My reality renders humans at a loss, dumbfounded and perplexed, and yet they are willing to accept it. Is this not precisely the measure of humans as they truly are?

March 13, 1992

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