Chapter 14

Throughout the ages, no human has entered the kingdom, and thus none has enjoyed the grace of the Age of Kingdom nor seen the King of the kingdom. Despite the fact that under the illumination of My Spirit many people have prophesied the kingdom’s beauty, they know only its exterior, and not its intrinsic significance. Today, as the kingdom comes into formal existence on earth, most of humanity still knows not what exactly is to be accomplished or what realm people are ultimately to be brought to during the Age of Kingdom. I fear that everyone is in a state of confusion about this. Because the day of the kingdom’s complete realization has not yet fully come, all humans are befuddled and unable to comprehend it clearly. My work in divinity begins formally with the Age of Kingdom, and it is with this formal commencement of the Age of Kingdom that My disposition is beginning to progressively manifest itself to humanity. Therefore, it is at this very moment that the holy trumpet formally begins to sound, proclaiming to all. When I formally take My power and reign as King in the kingdom, all My people shall, over time, be made complete by Me. When all the nations of the world are disrupted, that is precisely when My kingdom will be established and shaped, as well as when I will transform and turn to face the entire universe. At that time, all people shall see My glorious face and witness My true countenance. Ever since the creation of the world, from Satan’s corruption of people to the extent to which they are corrupt today, it has been due to their corruption that I have become, from their point of view, more and more hidden and increasingly unfathomable. Humanity has never seen My true face and never directly interacted with Me. Only in hearsay and myth has there been a “Me” in the human imagination. I therefore accord with this human imagination—that is, with human notions—to tackle the “Me” in people’s minds, that I might change the state of “Me” that they have harbored for so many years. This is the principle of My work. Not a single person has been able to know it through and through. Although humans have prostrated themselves to Me and come before Me to worship Me, I do not enjoy such human acts, for in their hearts, people hold not My image, but an image other than Mine. Therefore, because they lack an understanding of My disposition, people do not at all recognize My true face. As a result, when they believe they have resisted Me or violated My administrative decrees, I still turn a blind eye—and therefore, in their memories, I am either a God who shows mercy to people rather than chastising them, or am the God Himself who does not mean what He says. These are all imaginings born of human thought, and they do not accord with the facts.

Day after day I stand in observance over the universe, and I humbly hide Myself in My dwelling place, experiencing human life and closely studying humanity’s every deed. No one has ever truly offered up themselves to Me; no one has ever pursued the truth. No one has ever been conscientious toward Me or made resolutions before Me and then kept to their duty. No one has ever allowed Me to dwell in them, nor valued Me as people would their own lives. No one has ever seen, in practical reality, all that My divinity is; no one has ever been willing to be in contact with the practical God Himself. When the waters swallow humans whole, I save them from those stagnant waters and give them a chance to live anew. When people lose their confidence to live, I pull them up from the brink of death, granting them the courage to go on so that they can use Me as a foundation for their existence. When people rebel against Me, I cause them to know Me from within their rebellion. In light of humanity’s old nature, and in light of My mercy, rather than putting humans to death, I allow them to repent and make a fresh start. When they suffer famine, even though they have a single breath left in their bodies, I wrest them from death, preventing them from falling prey to Satan’s trickery. So many times people have seen My hand, so many times they have witnessed My kind countenance and smiling face, and so many times they have seen My majesty and wrath. Though humans have never known Me, I do not seize upon their weaknesses as opportunities for being deliberately provocative. Experiencing humanity’s hardships has enabled Me to sympathize with human weakness. It is only in response to people’s rebellion and ingratitude that I mete out varying degrees of chastisements.

I conceal Myself when people are busy, and reveal Myself in their free time. People imagine Me to know all things; they regard Me as God Himself who accedes to all supplications. Most, therefore, come before Me only to seek God’s help, not because of any desire to know Me. When in the throes of illness, people urgently plead for My aid. In times of adversity, they confide their difficulties to Me with all their might, the better to shed their suffering. However, not a single human being has been able to also love Me whilst in a state of comfort; not a single person has reached out in times of peace and happiness, that I might partake of their joy. When their little families are happy and well, people have long since cast Me aside or shut the door on Me, prohibiting Me from entering so that they can enjoy their families’ blessed happiness. The human mind is too narrow; it is too narrow even to hold a God as loving, merciful, and approachable as I. So many times I have been rejected by humans in their times of joyous laughter; so many times I have been leaned upon as a crutch by humans as they stumbled; so many times I have been forced into the role of doctor by people who were suffering from illness. How cruel humans are! They are utterly unreasonable and immoral. Not even the feelings with which humans are supposedly equipped can be perceived in them; they are almost completely devoid of any trace of humanity. Ponder the past, and compare it to the present: Are any changes taking place within you? Have you done away with some of the things from your past? Or has that past yet to be replaced?

I have traversed mountain ranges and river valleys, experiencing the ups and downs of the world of humans. Among them I have roamed, and among them I have lived for many a year, yet it appears that humanity’s disposition has changed little. And it is as if people’s old nature has taken root and sprouted in them. Never are they able to change that old nature; they merely improve it somewhat upon its original foundation. As people say, the substance has not changed, but the form has changed much. People all seem to be trying to fool Me and dazzle Me, that they might bluff it out and win My appreciation. I neither admire nor pay attention to human trickery. Rather than flying into a rage, I adopt an attitude of looking but not seeing. I plan to grant humanity a certain degree of leeway and, thereafter, deal with all humans together. As humans are all worthless wretches who do not love themselves, and who do not cherish themselves at all, why, then, would they even need Me to show mercy and love once again? Without exception, humans do not know themselves, nor do they know just how much they are worth. They should put themselves on a scale to be weighed. Humans pay Me no heed, so I do not take them seriously, either. They pay no attention to Me, so neither do I need to work any harder on them. Is this not the best of both worlds? Does this not describe you, My people? Who among you has made resolutions in front of Me and not discarded them afterward? Who has made long-term resolutions before Me instead of frequently setting their minds on things? Always, humans make resolutions before Me in times of ease, and then write them all off in times of adversity; then, later, they pick their resolve back up and set it before Me. Am I so disrespectable that I would casually accept this junk that humanity has picked up from the garbage heap? Few humans hold fast to their resolutions, few are chaste, and few offer things that are most precious to them in sacrifice to Me. Are all of you not the same? If you are unable to keep to your duties as members of My people in the kingdom, then you will be spurned by Me!

March 12, 1992

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