Chapter 13

Within My words and utterances are hidden a number of My intentions, but people know and understand nothing of these; they keep comprehending My words from the outside and following them from the outside, and they cannot understand My heart or intuit My will from within My words. Though I make My words clear, who is there who understands them? From Zion I came into mankind. Because I have clothed Myself in normal humanity and in human skin, people merely come to know My appearance from the outside—but they do not know the life that lies within Me, nor do they recognize the God of the Spirit, and only know the man of flesh. Could the practical God Himself be unworthy of your trying to know Him? Could the practical God Himself be unworthy of your effort to “dissect” Him? I detest the corruption of the whole human race, but I feel compassion for their weakness. I am also pruning the old nature of the whole human race. As one of My people in China, are you not also a part of the human race? Among all My people, and among all My sons, that is, among the ones that I have chosen out of the whole human race, you belong to the lowest group. For this reason, I have expended the most energy on you, the greatest effort. Do you still not cherish the blessed life you enjoy today? Are you still hardening your hearts to rebel against Me and set upon your own designs? Were it not for My continuing pity and love, the whole of humanity would long ago have fallen captive to Satan and turned into “delectable morsels” in its mouth. Today, amidst all people, those who genuinely expend themselves for Me and genuinely love Me are still rare enough to be counted on the fingers of one hand. Today, could the title of “My people” be your personal property? Has your conscience simply grown cold as ice? Are you truly worthy of becoming the people I require? Think back on the past, and look again at today—which of you has satisfied My heart? Which of you has shown genuine solicitude for My intentions? Had I not prompted you, you would still not have awakened, but would have remained as if frozen, and again, as if in hibernation.

In the midst of the roiling waves, man sees My wrath; in the tumbling welter of dark clouds, man is awestruck and terrified, and knows not where to flee, as though in fear that the thunder and rain will sweep them away. Then, after the swirling snowstorm has drifted past, their mood grows easy and light as they delight in nature’s beauteous scenery. But, at such moments, which one among them has ever experienced the boundless love I bear for humanity? In their hearts is only My figure, but not the essence of My Spirit: Is man not defying Me openly? When the tempest has blown over, all mankind is as if renewed; as if, following refinement through tribulations, they have regained light and life. Did you not also, after enduring the blows I struck, have the good fortune to arrive at today? But, when today is gone and tomorrow comes, will you be able to maintain the purity that followed the downpour? Will you be able to maintain the devotion that followed your refinement? Will you be able to maintain the submission of today? Can your devotion remain steadfast and unchanging? Is this a demand that lies beyond man’s capacity to fulfill? I live every day among mankind, and act together with mankind, in their midst, yet no one has ever noticed this. If not for the guidance of My Spirit, who, out of the entire human race, would still exist in the present age? When I say I live and act in the company of men, am I exaggerating? In the past, I said “I created humanity, and guided the whole of humanity, and commanded the whole of humanity”; was this not actually so? Is it possible that your experience of these things is insufficient? The mere phrase “service-doer” would take your whole lives to explicate. Without actual experience, a human being will never come to know Me—they will never be able to come to know Me through My words. Today, however, I have come personally into your midst—will this not be of more benefit to your understanding? Is My incarnation not also salvation for you? If I did not descend into mankind in My own person, the entire human race would long ago have been permeated with notions, which is to have become Satan’s possessions, for what you believe in is merely Satan’s image and has nothing whatever to do with God Himself. Is this not My salvation?

When Satan comes before Me, I do not recoil from its wild ferocity, nor am I frightened by its hideousness: I simply ignore it. When Satan tempts Me, I see through its trickery, causing it to slink away in shame and humiliation. When Satan fights with Me and tries to wrest away My chosen people, I wage war with it in My flesh; and in My flesh I sustain and shepherd My people so that they may not easily fall down or get lost, and I lead them every step of the way. And when Satan retires in defeat, I will have gained glory from My people, and My people will have borne beautiful and resounding witness to Me. Hence, I will take the foils in My plan of management and cast them once and for all into the bottomless pit. This is My plan; this is My work. In your lives, there may come a day when you will meet with such a situation: Would you willingly allow yourself to fall captive to Satan, or will you let Me obtain you? This is your own fate, and you must consider it carefully.

Life in the kingdom is the life of the people and God Himself. All humanity lies under My care and protection, and all are engaged in a fight to the death with the great red dragon. In order to win this final battle, in order to finish off the great red dragon, all people should offer their whole beings to Me in My kingdom. The “kingdom” spoken of here refers to a life that is lived under the direct governance of divinity, in which I am shepherd to all humankind, who accept My training directly, so that their lives, though still on earth, are as if in heaven—a true realization of life in the third heaven. Although I am in My flesh, I do not suffer the limitations of the flesh. So many times have I come into man’s midst to listen to his prayers, and so many times have I, walking among men, enjoyed their praises; though human beings have never been aware of My existence, I still go about My work in this way. In My dwelling place, which is the place where I am hidden—nevertheless, in My dwelling place, I have defeated all My enemies; in My dwelling place, I have gained real experience of living on earth; in My dwelling place, I am observing man’s every word and action, and watching over and conducting the whole of the human race. If humanity could feel solicitude for My intentions, thereby satisfying My heart and giving Me pleasure, I would then surely bless all mankind. Is this not what I intend for humanity?

As mankind lies comatose, only the peals of My thunder arouse them from their dreams. And when they open their eyes, these blasts of cold radiance hurt many of their eyes, such that they lose their sense of direction, and know not from where they have come nor where they are going. Most people are struck by the laser-like beams and collapse in a heap under the tempest, their bodies swept away by the gushing torrents, leaving behind no trace. In the light, the survivors are finally able to see My face clearly, and only then do they come to know something of My external appearance, such that they no longer dare to look Me directly in the face, deeply fearful lest I visit My chastisement and curses once more upon their flesh. So many people cry out and weep bitterly; so many fall into despair; so many form rivers with their blood; so many become corpses, drifting aimlessly this way and that; so many people, finding their own place in the light, feel a sudden pang of heartache and shed tears for their long years of unhappiness. So many people, compelled by the light, confess their uncleanness and resolve to reform themselves. So many people, being blinded, have already lost the joy of living and in consequence have no mind to take notice of the light, and thus continue to stagnate, waiting for their end. And so many people are hoisting up the sails of life and, under the guidance of the light, eagerly anticipate their tomorrow. … Today, who among mankind does not exist in this state? Who does not exist within My light? Even if you are strong, or though you may be weak, how can you avoid the coming of My light?

March 10, 1992

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