Chapter 12

When lightning issues from the East, which is also precisely the moment that I begin to utter My words—when the lightning issues, the whole universe is illuminated, and a transformation occurs in all the stars. The entire human race is as if it had been sorted out. Under the glow of this shaft of light from the East, all of mankind is revealed in their original form, their eyes dazzled, unsure what to do, and less sure still how to conceal their ugly features. They are also like unto animals that flee from My light and take refuge in mountain caves—yet not one among them can be effaced from within My light. All humans are astounded, all are waiting, all are watching; with the advent of My light, all rejoice at the day they were born, and likewise all curse the day they were born. Conflicting emotions are impossible to articulate; tears of self-castigation form rivers, and are borne away in the sweeping torrent, gone without trace in an instant. Once again, My day presses close upon all humanity, once again arousing the human race, giving humanity another new beginning. My heart beats and, following the rhythms of My heartbeat, the mountains leap for joy, the waters dance with joy, and the waves beat upon the rocky reefs. It is difficult to express what is in My heart. I want to make all unclean things burn into ashes under My gaze; I want to make all the sons of rebellion disappear from before My eyes, never more to tarry in existence. Not only have I made a new beginning in the dwelling place of the great red dragon, I have also embarked on new work in the universe. Soon, the kingdoms of the earth will become My kingdom; soon, the kingdoms of the earth will forever cease to exist because of My kingdom, because I have already achieved victory, because I have returned triumphant. The great red dragon has exhausted every conceivable means to disrupt My plan, hoping to erase My work on the earth, but can I grow disheartened by its deceitful stratagems? Can I be frightened into losing confidence by its threats? There has never been a single being in heaven or on earth that I have not held in the palm of My hand; how much the more is this true of the great red dragon, this device that serves as a foil to Me? Is it not also an object to be manipulated in My hands?

During My incarnation in the human world, mankind has come, under My guidance, unwittingly to this day and has come unwittingly to know Me. But, as for how to walk the path that lies ahead, no one has an inkling, no one is aware—and less still does anyone have a clue in what direction that path will take them. Only with the Almighty watching over them will anyone be able to walk the path to the end; only guided by the lightning in the East will anyone be able to cross the threshold that leads to My kingdom. Among men, there has never been one who has seen My face, one who has seen the lightning in the East; how much the less has there been one who has heard the utterances from My throne? In fact, from ancient times, not one human being has come into direct contact with My person; only today, now that I have come into the world, do men have a chance to see Me. But even now, men still do not know Me, just as they only look upon My face and only hear My voice yet do not understand My meaning. All human beings are like this. Being one of My people, do you not feel deep pride when you see My face? And do you not feel abject shame because you do not know Me? I walk among men and I live among men, for I have become flesh and I have come into the human world. My aim is not merely to enable humanity to look upon My flesh; more importantly, it is to enable humanity to know Me. What is more, I will, through My incarnate flesh, convict humanity of their sins; I will, through My incarnate flesh, vanquish the great red dragon and annihilate its lair.

Although the human beings that populate the earth are as numerous as the stars, I know them all as clearly as the palm of My own hand. And, though the human beings that “love” Me are also as innumerable as grains of sand in the sea, only a few are chosen by Me: only those who pursue the bright light, who are apart from those who “love” Me. I do not overestimate man, nor do I underestimate him; rather, I make demands of man according to his natural attributes, and so what I require is the kind of person who seeks Me sincerely, that I may achieve My goal of choosing people. There are wild beasts without number in the mountains, but they are all as tame as sheep before Me; unfathomable mysteries lie beneath the waves, but they present themselves to Me as clearly as all things upon the face of the earth; in the heavens above are realms that man can never reach, yet I walk about freely in those inaccessible realms. Man has never recognized Me in the light, but has only seen Me in the world of darkness. Are you not in exactly the same situation today? It was at the climax of the great red dragon’s rampages that I formally assumed the flesh to do My work. When the great red dragon revealed its true form for the first time, I bore witness to My name. When I walked about on the roads of mankind, not one being nor one person was startled into wakefulness, and so when I came incarnate into the human world, nobody knew it. But when, in My incarnate flesh, I began to take up My work, humanity awoke and was startled out of their dreams by My thunderous voice, and from this moment, they commenced their life under My guidance. Among My people, I have once again begun new work. Having said My work on earth is not finished suffices to show that My people of whom I spoke are not those I require in My heart, but nevertheless, I still choose some from among them. It is evident from this that I am not only enabling My people to know the incarnate God, but also cleansing them. Due to the severity of My administrative decrees, a great majority of people are still in danger of being cast out by Me. Unless you make every effort to prune yourself, to subdue your own body—unless you do this, you will assuredly become an object that I spurn, to be cast down into hell, just as Paul received chastisement directly from My hands, from which there was no escape. Have you gleaned something from My words? As before, it is My intention to cleanse the church, to continue to purify the people I need, because I am God Himself, who is all-holy and immaculate. I will make My temple not just iridescent with the colors of the rainbow, but also spotlessly clean, with an interior to match its exterior. In My presence, you, one and all, should think back on what you have done in the past, and decide whether today you can resolve to give Me perfect satisfaction in My heart.

Man does not merely not know Me in My flesh; more than that, he has failed to understand his own self that resides in a fleshly body. For so many years, human beings have been deceiving Me, treating Me as a guest from outside. So many times, they have shut Me outside the “doors to their homes”; so many times, they have, standing before Me, paid Me no heed; so many times they have renounced Me in the midst of other men; so many times, they have denied Me in front of devils; and so many times, they have attacked Me with their bickering mouths. Yet I do not keep account of man’s weaknesses, nor do I, on account of his rebellion, ask for a tooth for a tooth. All I have done is apply medicine to his illnesses, in order to cure his incurable diseases, thereby restoring him to health, that he may come to know Me. Has not all I have done been for the sake of humanity’s survival, for the sake of giving humanity a chance at life? Many times have I come into the world of men, but men did not, because I had come in My own person into the world, pay Me any regard; instead, each acted as he saw fit and sought a way out for himself. Little do they know that every single road below the heavens comes from My hands! Little do they know that every single thing below the heavens is subject to My ordination! Which one of you dares to harbor resentment in their heart? Which one of you dares lightly to come to a settlement? I have just been quietly going about My work in humanity’s midst—that is all. If, during the period of My incarnation, I had not sympathized with man’s weakness, then all of humanity would, solely on account of My incarnation, have been frightened out of their wits and, as a result, fallen into Hades. It is only because I humbled Myself and hid Myself away that humanity has escaped catastrophe, met deliverance from My chastisement, and, in this way, arrived at today. Mindful of how difficult it was to arrive at today, should you not cherish all the more the tomorrow that is still to come?

March 8, 1992

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