Chapter 59

Seek out My will more in the environments you encounter, and you will surely gain My approval. As long as you are willing to seek and possess a heart of fear for Me, I will bestow upon you all that you lack. The church is now entering a formal training, and everything is on the right track. Things are no longer as they were when it was a foretaste of things to come; you must no longer be confused or lack discernment. Why do I require that you enter reality in everything? Have you genuinely experienced this? Can you truly satisfy Me in what I require of you, just as I satisfy you? Do not be deceitful! I simply keep tolerating you again and again, and yet you repeatedly fail to tell the difference between good and bad and to show your appreciation!

My righteousness, My majesty, My judgment, and My love—all these things that I possess, the things that I am—have you truly tasted of them? You really are so thoughtless, and you insist on not perceiving My will. I have told you over and over that you yourselves must taste of the feasts I prepare, yet you overthrow them again and again, and cannot tell a good environment from a bad one. Which of these environments were created by you yourselves? Which were arranged by My hands? Stop defending yourselves! I see everything perfectly clearly, and the fact is that you simply do not seek. What more can I say?

I will always comfort all those who perceive My will, and I will not allow them to suffer or come to harm. The crucial thing now is to be able to take action in accordance with My will. Those who do this will certainly receive My blessings and come under My protection. Who can truly and completely expend themselves for Me and offer up their all for My sake? You are all half-hearted; your thoughts go around and around, thinking of home, of the outside world, of food and clothing. Despite the fact that you are here before Me, doing things for Me, deep down you are still thinking of your wife, children, and parents at home. Are all these things your property? Why do you not entrust them into My hands? Do you not have sufficient faith in Me? Or is it that you are afraid I will make inappropriate arrangements for you? Why do you always worry about the family of your flesh? You always pine for your loved ones! Do I have a certain place in your heart? You still talk about allowing Me to have dominion within you and occupy your entire being—these are all deceptive lies! How many of you are wholeheartedly committed to the church? And who among you think not of yourselves, but are acting for the sake of the kingdom of today? Think very carefully about this.

You have pushed Me to the extent that I can only use My hands to strike you and drive you forward; I will no longer coax you along. This is because I am the wise God, and I treat different people in different ways, according to how loyal you are to Me. I am the almighty God—who would dare hinder My forward steps? From now on, all those who dare to treat Me with disloyalty will surely come under the hand of My administrative decrees, so that they will be made to know My almightiness. What I want is not a great number of people, but excellence. I shall forsake and punish whoever is disloyal, dishonest, and engages in crooked behavior and deceit. Think no longer that I am merciful, or that I am loving and kind; such thoughts are just self-indulgences. I know that the more I humor you, the more negative and passive you become and the more unwilling you are to let go of yourself. When people are difficult to such a degree, I can only constantly spur them on and drag them along. Know this! From now on, I am the God who judges; no longer am I the merciful, kind, and loving God that people imagine Me to be!

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