Chapter 60

It is no easy thing for life to grow; it requires a process and, moreover, that you be able to pay the cost, and that you cooperate with Me with one heart, and thereby you shall receive My praise. The heavens and earth and all things are established and made complete by the words I utter, and with Me, anything can be accomplished. My only wish is that you grow up quickly, take the burden from My shoulders, place it upon your own, and do My labor on My behalf; only then will I be satisfied. What son would refuse his father’s burdens? What father would not labor night and day for his son? Nevertheless, you simply have no understanding of My will, and are inconsiderate of My burdens; My words do not carry weight with you, and you do not do as I say. You are always your own masters; how selfish! You only think of yourselves!

Do you actually understand My will, or are you pretending not to? Why do you always engage in such wanton behavior? Does your conscience say that you are doing right by Me in acting so? Upon finding the cause of the illness, why do you not communicate with Me for the cure? I shall tell you: From this day forward, you will have no more diseases of the body. If ever some part of you feels unwell, do not busy yourselves with looking for an external cause; rather, come before Me and seek to know My intention. Will you remember this? This is My promise: From this day forward, you will completely walk away from your physical body and into the spiritual realm; that is, no longer will your body be burdened with illness. Are you happy with that? Do you feel joyful? This is My promise. Furthermore, it is that for which you have long hoped. Today it is accomplished in you blessed ones. How marvelous and unfathomable!

My work progresses day and night; moment by moment, it never stops. This is because My urgent desire is to make you after My own heart, and that My heart will soon be comforted by you. My sons! The time has come for you to share in My blessings of goodness! In the past, you suffered for My name, but now your days of trial are over. Should anyone dare to harm a hair upon My sons’ heads, I would not forgive them easily, nor would they ever be able to rise again. This is My administrative decree, and anyone who violates it does so at their peril. My sons! Revel to your hearts’ content! Sing and call out in joy! You will no longer be bullied and oppressed, and you will no longer be subject to persecution. No longer must you be fearful over your belief in Me; you should publicly proclaim your faith. Call out My holy name loud enough to make the universe and the ends of the earth shake. Let them see that those whom they looked down upon, who were ravaged and tortured by them, today stand above them and rule them, govern them, and, more importantly, judge them.

Concern yourselves only with entry, and I shall bestow the even better blessings upon you that wait for you to enjoy, and you will be able to better taste of incomparable sweetness, boundless mysteries, and unfathomable profundity!

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