Chapter 61

When you are aware of your own condition, you may then fulfill My will. Actually, My will is not difficult to grasp; it is simply that in the past, you never sought in accordance with My intentions. I do not want people’s notions or thoughts, much less your money or your possessions. What I want is your heart. Do you understand? This is My will; moreover, it is what I wish to obtain. People always use their own notions to judge Me and use their criteria to assess My stature. With the human race, this is the hardest thing to deal with, and it is what I loathe and detest the most. Do you see now? It is because this is Satan’s most visible disposition. Furthermore, you are of such small stature, you frequently fall into Satan’s cunning schemes. You are simply unable to discern them! I have told you many times to be cautious at all times and in all respects, so as not to be tricked by Satan. Nevertheless, you do not listen and instead blithely ignore what I say. As a result, you end up suffering losses in life, and then it becomes too late for regrets. Would it not be a very good idea for you to take this as a lesson for your future seeking? I say to you! Being prone to negativity will bring losses to your life of the utmost severity. Knowing this, is it not time you woke up?

People are impatient for quick results, and they only see what is right in front of them. When I say that I have begun to punish those in power, you become even more anxious, asking: “Why are those men still in power? Doesn’t this mean God’s words are empty?” Human notions are so entrenched! You do not understand the meaning of what I say. The people I punish are the evil, those who defy Me, and those who do not know Me, and I ignore the ones who merely believe in Me without seeking the truth. You are truly ignorant! You have not understood one iota of what I have said! Nevertheless, you still pat yourselves on the back, thinking that you have matured, that you comprehend things, and that you are able to grasp My will. I often say that all things and matters render service to Christ, but do you genuinely understand these words? Do you really know what they mean? I have said before that I do not punish anyone rashly. Every single person in the universe world follows My proper arrangements. Those who are the objects of My punishment, those who render service to Christ (whom I shall not save), those who are chosen by Me, and those who are chosen by Me but are to be cast out afterward—all these I hold in My hands, not to mention you, one of the chosen whom I understand even more. All of the things I do during this phase and the next are in keeping with My wise arrangements. You do not need to make arrangements for Me in advance; just wait and enjoy! This is something you deserve. I dominate what is Mine, and I do not let off lightly those who dare to complain or have other opinions of Me. I often flare up in anger these days, with the program of administrative decrees I have arranged progressing to this stage. Do not assume I have no feelings. This is because, as I have said before, no object, person, or event dares to hinder My steps forward. I do what I say, and this is what I am; moreover, this is the most visible manifestation of My disposition. I treat all people the same, for you are all My sons, and I love every one of you. What father does not take responsibility for his son’s life? What father does not work hard, day and night, for his son’s future? Who among you recognizes this? Who can show My heart consideration? You constantly make plans and arrangements for your own carnal pleasures, and you have no realization whatsoever of My heart. I worry My heart to pieces for you, but you constantly hanker after carnal pleasures, eating and drinking, sleeping, and garments. Do you have not the slightest bit of conscience? If this is the case, then you are but beasts in human clothing. What I say is not undue, and you should be able to endure these words. This is the best way to save you and, even more so, this is where My wisdom lies: Strike at Satan’s vital weakness, defeat it utterly, and leave it completely destroyed. As long as you repent and ensure that you rely on Me to eliminate your old nature and live out the image of a new person, I will be entirely satisfied, as this is what it means to live out a normal humanity and bear witness to My name. Nothing makes Me happier.

You must remain close to Me always. It is evident that My pace is quickening day by day. If you lack fellowship in the spirit even for a moment, then My judgment will be brought to bear upon you at once. On this point, you have gained a profound realization. I chasten you not because I do not love you; rather, I discipline you out of love. Otherwise, you would not grow, and you would always be debauched without the restraints of the Holy Spirit. This further demonstrates My wisdom.

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