Chapter 62

Grasping My will is not merely so that you may know it, but that you may act in accordance with My intentions. People simply do not understand My heart. When I say a direction is east, they cannot but deliberate, wondering: “Is that really east? Maybe it isn’t. I can’t just take that on faith; I need to look for myself.” Such is the extent to which you people are difficult to handle; you do not know what real submission is. When you know My intentions, concern yourself only with enacting them—do not think! You always take what I say with a grain of salt, and you have an absurd way of comprehending it. How can this yield true insight? You never enter into My words. As I have said before, what I want is excellence in people, rather than greatness in their numbers. Whoever does not focus on entering into My words does not deserve to be a good soldier of Christ; instead, they act as Satan’s lackey and disrupt My work. Do not think this a small matter. Whoever disrupts My work violates My administrative decrees, and it is certain that I will discipline such people severely. This means that, from now on, if you turn away from Me for a moment, judgment will befall you. If you do not believe My words, then see for yourself what state it is to live in the light of My countenance and what state it is to have left Me.

I am not concerned if you do not live in the spirit. My work has progressed to the current stage, so what can you do? Do not be anxious, for all I do has its steps, and I will do My work Myself. As soon as I act, all are utterly convinced; were they not, I would chastise them with redoubled severity, which touches further on My administrative decrees. It can be seen that My administrative decrees have already begun to be promulgated and implemented and are no longer hidden. You must see this clearly! Everything now touches on My administrative decrees, and whoever violates them must suffer loss. This is no small matter. Do you truly have some insight into this? Do you see this with clarity? I shall begin to fellowship: All nations and all peoples of the world are administered in My hands, and, regardless of their religion, they must flow back to My throne. Of course, some, having been judged, will be cast into the bottomless pit (being objects of ruination that will be utterly burned, and will remain no longer), while some, having been judged, will accept My name and become people of My kingdom (which they will only enjoy for one thousand years). You, however, will hold the kingship with Me unto eternity, and, because you previously suffered for Me, I will replace your sufferings with blessings that I bestow on you without end. Those who are My people will merely continue to render service to Christ. What is called enjoyment here does not mean only enjoyment, but also that those people will be kept from suffering disasters. This is the inner meaning of My demands of you now being so strict, and of everything now touching on My administrative decrees. The reason for this is that if you did not accept My training, there would be no way for Me to give you what you are meant to inherit. Even so, you still fear suffering and are afraid that your souls will be wounded, always thinking for the flesh and constantly making arrangements and plans for yourselves. Are My arrangements for you unsuitable? Why, then, do you continue to make arrangements for yourself? You vilify Me! Is that not so? I arrange something for you, then you repudiate it utterly and make your own plans.

You may be eloquent, but, in reality, you do not observe My will whatsoever. Listen to Me! I would certainly not say there is one among you capable of showing true consideration for My will. Though your actions may conform to My will, I will certainly not praise you. This is My method of salvation. Even so, you are still complacent at times, thinking yourselves amazing while holding everyone else in contempt. This is one aspect of man’s corrupt disposition. That all of you acknowledge this point I am making is a superficiality. To be able truly to change, you must come close to Me. Fellowship with Me, and I will bestow grace upon you. Some people want only to sit idle and reap what others have sown, feeling that to be clothed, they need only stretch out their arms, and to be fed, they need only open their mouths, even waiting for others to chew their food and put it in their mouths before they swallow it. Such people are most foolish, loving to eat what has been chewed by others. This is also a manifestation of the laziest aspect of man. Having heard these words of Mine, you must no longer pass them over. You will do right only by redoubling your attention, and only then will you satisfy My will. This is the best kind of submission and obedience.

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