Chapter 52

I emerge as the Sun of righteousness, and you and I together share glory and good blessings, forever and ever! This is an incontrovertible fact, and it has already begun to be confirmed in you. This is because all that I have promised, I will fulfill for you; all that I say is reality, and shall never return void. These good blessings are upon you, and no other can claim them; they are the fruits of your service done in coordination with Me with one accord. Cast away your religious notions; believe in the veracity of My words, and do not be doubtful! I do not joke with you; I mean what I say. Those upon whom I bestow blessings thus receive them, while those upon whom I do not bestow blessings do not receive any. This is all determined by Me. Earthly fortune is simply inconsequential! In My view, it is nothing but dung, worth not even a penny. You therefore should not value earthly enjoyments too highly. Is enjoying heavenly blessings with Me not far more meaningful and rewarding?

Previously, the truth had not been revealed, and I had not openly appeared; back then, you doubted Me and dared not feel certain of Me. However, now all things have become revealed, and I have emerged as the Sun of righteousness—so if you are still in doubt, what say you to that? When darkness covered the earth, it was forgivable that you could not see the light, but now that the sun has illuminated all dark corners, the hidden is no longer hidden, and the concealed is no longer concealed—if you are still in doubt, I will not easily pardon you! Now is the time to be absolutely certain about Me, the time to be willing to devote yourselves to Me and expend for Me. Whosoever opposes Me in the slightest way will be set upon forthwith by the fires of judgment without a second thought or a moment’s delay—for now is the time that merciless judgment has come, and for those whose minds and hearts are not right, judgment will be swift. This is the true meaning of, “My work is like flashing lightning,” as is spoken of.

It is progressing quickly; it cannot but surprise people, it cannot but make people feel afraid, it cannot be delayed any longer, and it cannot be stopped. The more My work is carried out, the faster it moves forward; whoever is not vigilant and prepared carries always the danger of being cast away. No longer can you succumb to the impulse of temptation. My work has fully begun and is expanding toward the Gentile nations and the universe world. The fires of judgment are ruthless and without mercy or love to anyone. Those who are loyal to God, yet who harbor incorrect thoughts and ideas or even just resist a little bit, will also be judged; of this there is no doubt. Whomever My light is cast upon shall live within the light and act in the light, and shall serve Me until the very end of the road. Those who do not live within the light are living in darkness. I will make a decision after judging them, depending on their attitudes toward their own guilt.

My day has come. “My day,” which I have mentioned in the past, is now before your eyes, for you have descended together with Me. Me with you, and you with Me; we have met in the air, and share in glory together. My day has indeed completely come!

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