Chapter 53

I am the Beginning, and I am the End. I am the resurrected and complete one true God. I speak My words before you, and you must firmly believe what I say. Heaven and earth may pass away, but not one letter or one stroke of what I say will ever pass away. Remember this! Remember it! Once I have uttered it, not a single word has ever been taken back, and each one will be fulfilled. Now the time has come, and you must quickly enter reality. There is not much time. I will lead My sons into the glorious kingdom, and that which you have striven and longed for will be realized. My sons! Rise up quickly and follow Me! There is not enough time for you to still be mulling it over. Time lost will never return; after darkness there is light, and the rapture is here before your eyes. Do you understand? Open your eyes! Wake up quickly! You are not permitted now, while communicating amongst yourselves, to engage in idle chatter or say anything that is of no benefit to the construction of the church. What is important is to supply your brothers and sisters with your practical experiences or accounts of how you have been illuminated before God and know yourselves. Whoever is able to supply these things will have stature! Nowadays, some of you are still not afraid, and no matter what I say or how much I worry, you remain fearless; your old self does not allow itself to be touched in the slightest. Well, then just keep on going like that! Just wait and see who will be ruined! You are always thinking of grasping at the world, longing for wealth, and feeling a strong attachment for your sons, daughters and husband. Well, you can just keep on feeling attached! It is not as though My words have not been addressed to you, and you can just carry on however you wish! In the near future, you will understand everything, but by then it will already be too late. All that awaits you is judgment.

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