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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 54

I know each and every church like the back of My hand. Do not think that I do not clearly know or understand the situation of the churches. As for all the various people belonging to the churches, I have an even clearer understanding and knowledge. I now urgently feel that I must train you, so that you may grow more quickly into adulthood and so that the day you can be of use to Me may come sooner; and so that your actions can be full of My wisdom, that you can manifest God wherever you may be. In this way, My ultimate objective will be achieved. My sons! You should show consideration for My intentions. Do not make Me hold your hand as I teach you. You must learn to get a feel for My intentions and to see to the heart of matters. This will enable you to handle everything that comes your way with ease and without difficulty. Perhaps in your training, at first you will not understand, but after the second time, the third time…, you will eventually figure out My intentions.

When you speak, your words always carry an impenetrable quality. You believe this to be wisdom, do you not? Sometimes you speak disobediently, sometimes you speak in a joking way, and sometimes you speak from man’s notions or jealousy…. In sum, you speak without steadiness, not knowing how to supply life to others or how to feel out their conditions, but rather engaging in sloppy communication. Your thinking is unclear and you have no idea what is wisdom and what is deceit. How muddled you are! You regard deceit and crookedness as wisdom; does this not bring shame on My name? Does this not blaspheme Me? Does this not bring a false charge against Me? So what is the goal you seek? Have you thought about that carefully? Have you carried out any pursuit in this matter? I tell you, My intentions are the direction and the objective that you seek. If this were not so, all would be in vain. Those who do not know My intentions are those who do not know how to seek, those who will be abandoned, weeded out! Clearly, discovering My intentions is the first lesson you must learn. It is the most urgent of tasks, and it brooks no delay! Do not wait for Me to call each of you, one by one, to task! You spend whole days in a hazy state of dull-witted numbness. How ridiculous! Your muddle-headedness is astounding and you show no consideration for My intentions! Ask yourselves, how many times have you first felt out My intentions and acted accordingly? It is now time for you to train yourselves! You would have Me deal with you one by one, and this is something that will not happen! You should learn to gain experience and to acquire insight and wisdom as you act. The words coming out of your mouths are fine, but what is the reality? When you face reality you will be totally unable to do anything about it. What you say never matches up with reality. Truly, I cannot stand to see the things you are doing; when I watch, I feel terribly saddened. Remember this! In the future, learn to figure out My intentions!

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