Chapter 55

So-called normal humanity is not as supernatural as people imagine. Rather, it can transcend the constraints of all people, events, and things, and the persecutions arising from one’s environment. It is able to draw close to Me and commune with Me in any place or circumstance. You humans always misinterpret My intentions. When I say you should live out a normal humanity, you exercise self-restraint and tame your flesh, but you do not pay any attention to searching carefully within your spirit. You only focus on your outward appearance, ignoring the revelations and stirrings I cause within you. How careless you are! Too careless! Can it be that you regard completing that which I have entrusted to you as some great accomplishment? You are foolish! You are not paying attention to putting down deep roots! “Do not be a leaf on a tree, but be the root of the tree”—is that really your motto? Thoughtless! Careless! You are satisfied as soon as you think you have made small gains. How little you show consideration for My intentions! From now on, take heed, do not be passive, and do not be negative! As you serve, draw close to Me more often, and communicate more with Me: This is your only way out. I am aware that you have already denied yourself, know of your own deficiencies, and are aware of your own weaknesses. However, simply knowing is not enough. You need to cooperate with Me, and once you understand My intentions, implement them immediately. This is the best way to show concern for My burden, as well as the best way to submit.

No matter how you treat Me, I wish to carry out My will in you and all the saints, and I want it to be carried out unhindered across the entire land. Be fully aware of this! This concerns My administrative decrees! Are you not in the least afraid? Are you not trembling in fear over your own actions and behavior? Among all the saints, there are hardly any who can sense My intentions. Do you not wish to stand out as a person who is truly considerate of My intentions? Are you aware? My urgent desire at present is to seek out a group of people who are capable of being absolutely considerate of My intentions. Do you not want to be one of them? Do you not want to expend yourself for My sake, and to offer yourself up for Me? You are not willing to pay even the smallest price or to put in even the tiniest effort! If that continues to be the case, My painstaking efforts will be wasted on you. Now that I have pointed this out to you, do you still not understand the seriousness of this issue?

“To those who sincerely expend for Me, I shall surely bless you greatly.” You see! I have told you this several times, yet you still have so many misgivings and fears to do with your family circumstances and the external environment. You really do not know what is good for you! I only use honest, simple, and open people. You have been happy and willing for Me to use you—but why are you still so worried? Can it be that My words have had no effect on you at all? I have said I am using you, yet you are unable to be steadfastly confident in that. You are always doubting, afraid that I will abandon you. Your notions are so entrenched! When I say I am using you, it means I am using you. Why are you always so doubtful? Have I not spoken clearly enough? Every word I have said is true; not one utterance is false. My son! Trust Me. Be committed on My behalf, and I will certainly be committed to you!

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