Chapter 56

I have begun to take action to punish those who do evil, and those who wield power and who persecute God’s sons. From now on, the hand of My administrative decrees will ever be upon those who contradict Me in their hearts. Know this! This is the beginning of My judgment, and no mercy will be shown to anyone, nor will anyone be spared, for I am the God that has no fleshly feelings and practices righteousness, and it would be well for you all to recognize this.

It is not that I wish to punish those who do evil; rather, this is retribution they have brought upon themselves by their own evildoings. I am not quick to punish anyone, nor do I treat anyone unjustly—I am righteous to all. I certainly love My sons, and I certainly hate those evil ones who defy Me; this is the principle behind My actions. Every one of you should have some insight into My administrative decrees; if you do not, then you will not have an ounce of dread, and will act carelessly before Me. You also will not know what I want to achieve, what I want to accomplish, what I want to gain, or what kind of person My kingdom needs.

My administrative decrees are:

1. No matter who you are, if you contradict Me in your heart, you will be judged.

2. Those whom I have chosen will be disciplined immediately for any wrong thinking.

3. I will put those who do not believe in Me to one side. I will allow them to speak and act carelessly until the very end, when I will thoroughly punish them and sort them out.

4. I shall look after and protect those who believe in Me at all times. At all times I will supply them with life by way of salvation. These people will have My love, and they will surely not fall or lose their way. Any weakness they have will only be temporary, and I will certainly not remember their weaknesses.

5. Those who seem to believe, but do not actually do so—who believe there is a God but who do not seek Christ, yet who also do not resist—these are the most pitiful sort of people, and through My deeds, I will make them see clearly. By way of My actions, I will save such people and bring them back.

6. The firstborn sons, the first to accept My name, will be blessed! I will surely bestow the best blessings upon you, allowing you to enjoy them to your hearts’ content; no one will dare hinder this. All of this is wholly prepared for you, as this is My administrative decree.

You should be able to see, in every regard, all the actions of My hand and all the thoughts of My heart. Is it not all for you? Who among you is for Me? Have you examined the thoughts in your hearts or the words on your lips? Have you taken a conscientious approach to these things? Muddleheaded! Dissolute! You do not accept the restraints of the Holy Spirit! I have been releasing My voice within you over and over again, yet it has elicited no reaction at all. Be obtuse no longer! Your duty is to grasp My intentions; furthermore, it is the path you should enter. You are bewildered, you have no insight, and you do not see clearly what I wish to accomplish in you or gain from you! To grasp My intentions, you must begin by coming close to Me and communicating with Me more. You always say that you are unable to grasp My intentions. If you are already filled with things of your own, then how can I work on you? You do not take the initiative and come before Me, but merely wait passively. I say that you are like a worm, yet you feel wronged and refuse to accept this. This time you should rise up and cooperate with Me! Do not be negative! That will set your life back. Being proactive brings benefits to you, not to others. Have you still not recognized and understood this? My intentions are constantly revealed in you. Have you not perceived them? Why have you never paid attention to them? Why have you never been able to grasp My intentions? Could grasping My intentions truly bring you no advantage?

I wish you to show consideration for My intentions in all respects so that through you, I will have a way forward and a home in which to rest. Obstruct Me no longer—that is too heartless! You have no understanding of My words, and make no response to them. Look at what the time is now; there can be no more waiting! If you do not follow My footsteps closely, then it will be too late, much less will there be any way you can redeem it!

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