Chapter 57

Have you examined each of your thoughts and ideas, and your every act? Do you have a clear idea of which of these are in accord with My will and which are not? You are absolutely incapable of discerning this! Why have you not come before Me? Is it because I will not tell you, or is it for some other reason? You should know this! Know that those who are negligent absolutely cannot grasp My will or receive any great illumination or revelation.

Have you discovered the reasons the church is unable to gain nourishment and lacks genuine fellowship? Are you aware of how many factors that have led to this are to do with you? I instructed you to provide life and to release My voice. Have you done these things? Can you take responsibility for delaying your brothers’ and sisters’ progress in life? When you encounter issues, rather than being calm and collected, you have been distraught. You really are ignorant! My voice should be released to the saints. Do not suppress the work of the Holy Spirit, and do not delay Me through procrastination; none of that benefits anyone. I want you to dedicate yourself to Me completely, in body and in mind, so that your every thought and idea will be for Me, so that you will share My thoughts and concerns, and so that everything you do will be for the sake of today’s kingdom and My management, and not for yourself. Only that will satisfy My heart.

Nothing I have done is without proof. Why have you not emulated Me? Why have you not sought proof for what you do? What more would you have Me say? I took you by the hand to teach you, yet you have not been able to learn. You are so stupid! Do you wish to start all over again? Do not be disheartened. You must pull yourself together once more, and dedicate yourself entirely on behalf of the shared hopes and wishes of the saints. Remember these words: “To those who sincerely expend for Me, I shall surely bless you greatly.”

Whatever you do must be done in an orderly way, not haphazardly. Do you really dare to claim that you know the state of the saints like the back of your hand? That shows you are lacking wisdom, that you have not taken this matter seriously at all, and that you have not spent any time on it. If you could truly spend all your time on this, then you would see just what your internal state would be like. You do not seek to make subjective efforts; you just look for objective reasons, without exhibiting a shred of consideration for My will. That has hurt Me deeply! Do not continue on like this! Could it be that you do not accept the blessings I have given you?

Oh, God! Your child is in Your debt. I have not taken Your work seriously or shown consideration for Your will, nor have I been faithful to Your exhortations. Your child wishes to turn all of this around. May You not abandon me, and may You continue to carry out Your work through me. Oh, God! Do not leave Your child all by himself! Rather, please accompany me in every moment. Oh, God! Your child knows You love me, yet I cannot grasp Your will; I do not know how to show consideration for Your burden or how to fulfill what You have entrusted to me. Still less do I know how to shepherd the church. You are aware that I am disconsolate and distressed over this. Oh, God! Please guide me at all times. Only now do I feel how much I am lacking—I lack far too much! I simply cannot describe how much. Let Your almighty hand show grace to Your child, support me at all times, and enable me to prostrate myself completely before You, no longer making my own choices and no longer having my own thoughts or ideas. Oh, God! You know that Your child wishes to do everything completely for Your sake and for the sake of today’s kingdom. You know what I am thinking and what I am doing at this moment. Oh, God! Search me Yourself. I ask only that You walk with me and remain with me in life at all times so that Your strength will accompany all that I do.

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