Chapter 1

Do those who have seen My words truly accept them? Do you truly know Me? Have you truly learned to submit? Do you sincerely expend yourselves for Me? Have you truly borne strong and unyielding witness to Me in the face of the great red dragon? Does your devotion truly shame the great red dragon? Only through the trial of My words can I achieve My goal of purifying the church and choosing those who sincerely love Me. If I did not work in this way, would anyone be able to know Me? Who could come to know My majesty, My wrath, and My wisdom through My words? Having started My work, I will surely finish it, but still it is I who plumb men’s hearts to their depths. To tell the truth, there is no one among men who fully knows Me, so I use words to guide all men, to lead them all into a new era. In the end I will use words to accomplish all of My work, causing all those who sincerely love Me to surrender to My kingdom, to live before My throne. The situation now is not what it once was, and My work has entered on a new starting point. That being so, there will be a new approach: All those who see My word and accept it as their very life are people in My kingdom, and being in My kingdom, they are people of My kingdom. Because they accept the guidance of My words, even though they are referred to as My people, this title is in no way secondary to being called My “sons.” Having been made into God’s people, then all must serve with the utmost devotion in My kingdom and perform their duties in My kingdom. Whosoever commits offense against My administrative decrees must receive My punishment. This is My advice to all.

A new approach has now been entered, and the past need not be mentioned again. However, as I have said before: I stand by what I say, and what I stand by I always bring to completion, and no one can change this—it is absolute. Whether they are words I have said in the past or words I will say in the future, I will make them all come true, one by one, and allow all of mankind to see them come true. This is the principle behind My words and work. Since the construction of the church has already been achieved, it is now no longer the era of church building, but rather the era in which the kingdom is successfully built. However, as you are still on earth, the assemblies of men on earth will remain known as “the church.” Nevertheless, the substance of the church is not the same as it once was—it is a church that has been successfully built. Therefore, I say My kingdom has already descended to earth. None can grasp the root of My words, nor do they know My purpose in speaking them. From the way I speak today, you will experience an epiphany. Some may burst out in loud and bitter weeping; some may feel afraid that this is the way I speak; some may cling to their conservative views as they watch My each and every move; some may regret having expressed their grievances or resisted Me at that time; some may secretly rejoice that, having never veered aside from My name, they are revived. There may be some who, “tormented” by My words long ago until they were half dead, dispirited and downcast, no longer have the heart to heed the words I speak, even though I have changed My manner of expression; or others who, having served Me with devotion up to a certain point, never complaining, never doubting, are today fortunate enough to gain release and feel a gratitude beyond words toward Me in their hearts. All of the above circumstances apply, to varying degrees, to every human being. But as the past is the past, and the present is already here, there is no need to long nostalgically for yesterday anymore, or to take thought for the future. Being human, whoever goes against reality and does not do things according to My guidance will not come to a good end, but will only bring trouble upon themselves. Of everything that occurs in the universe, there is nothing in which I do not have the final say. Is there anything that is not in My hands? Whatever I say is done, and who among human beings can change My mind? Could it be the covenant I made on the earth? Nothing can hinder My plan from going forward; I am ever present in My work as well as in the plan of My management. Who among human beings can put his hand in to meddle? Is it not I who have personally made these arrangements? Entering into this realm today does not stray outside My plan or what I have foreseen; it was all determined by Me long ago. Who among you can fathom this step of My plan? My people will assuredly listen to My voice, and each and every one of those who sincerely love Me shall assuredly return before My throne.

February 20, 1992

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