“God’s Words to the Entire Universe” is the second part of the utterances expressed by Christ in the identity of God Himself. They cover the period from February 20, 1992 to June 1, 1992, and are comprised of a total of forty-seven chapters. The manner, content, and perspective of God’s words in these utterances are completely unlike “Utterances of Christ in the Beginning.” “Utterances of Christ in the Beginning” exposes and guides people’s external behavior and their simple spiritual lives. Ultimately, it ends with “the trial of the service-doers.” “God’s Words to the Entire Universe,” however, opens with the conclusion of people’s identity as service-doers and the beginning of their lives as God’s people. It guides people into the second pinnacle of God’s work, during the course of which they undergo the trial of the lake of fire, the trial of death, and the time of loving God. These several steps fully expose man’s ugliness before God as well as man’s true face. Ultimately, God finishes with a chapter in which He parts with man, thus concluding all steps of this incarnation of God’s conquest of the first group of people.

In “God’s Words to the Entire Universe,” God expresses His words from the perspective of the Spirit. The manner in which He speaks is unattainable by created mankind. Moreover, the vocabulary and style of His words are beautiful and moving, and no form of human literature could take their place. The words with which He exposes man are accurate, they are irrefutable by any philosophy, and they bring all people into submission. Like a sharp sword, the words with which God judges man cut straight to the depths of people’s souls, cutting so deep as to leave them with no place to hide. The words with which He comforts people carry mercy and lovingkindness, they are warm as a loving mother’s embrace, and they make people feel secure as never before. The single greatest characteristic of these utterances is that, during this stage, God does not speak using the identity of Jehovah or Jesus Christ, nor of Christ of the last days. Instead, using His inherent identity—the Creator—He speaks to and teaches all those who follow Him and all those who are yet to follow Him. It is fair to say that this is the first time since the creation of the world that God has addressed all mankind. Never before has God spoken to created mankind in such detail and so systematically. Of course, this is also the first time He has spoken so much, and for so long, to all mankind. It is totally unprecedented. What’s more, these utterances form the first text expressed by God among mankind in which He exposes people, guides them, judges them, and speaks heart-to-heart to them and so, too, are they the first utterances in which God lets people know His footsteps, the place in which He lies, God’s disposition, what God has and is, God’s thoughts, and His concern for mankind. It can be said that these are the first utterances that God has spoken to mankind from the third heaven since the creation, and the first time that God has used His inherent identity to appear and express the voice of His heart to mankind amid words.

These utterances are profound and unfathomable; they are not easy to understand, nor is it possible to grasp the origins and purposes of God’s words. Thus, Christ has added an explanation after each chapter, using language that is easy for man to comprehend to bring clarity to the greater part of the utterances. This, combined with the utterances themselves, makes it easier for everyone to understand and know God’s words. We have made these words an appendix to “God’s Words to the Entire Universe.” In them, Christ provides explanations using wording that is the simplest to understand. The combination of the two is the perfect marrying of divinity and God in humanity. Although God speaks in the perspective of the third person in the appendix, no one can deny that these words were personally uttered by God, for no human can explain God’s words clearly; only God Himself can elucidate the origins and purposes of His utterances. Thus, although God speaks using many means, the aims of His work never change, nor does the objective of His plan ever alter.

Although “God’s Words to the Entire Universe” ends with a chapter in which God parts with man, in fact, this is when God’s work of conquest and salvation among man, and His work of making people perfect, is officially unveiled. Thus, it is more suitable for us to regard “God’s Words to the Entire Universe” as the prophecy of God’s work of the last days. For only after this point did the incarnate Son of man officially begin to work and speak using the identity of Christ, walking among the churches and providing life, and watering and shepherding all His people, which in turn gave rise to the many utterances in “The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches.”

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