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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 120

Zion! Hail! Zion! Sing out! I have come back in triumph, I have come back victorious! All peoples! Hurry to line up in order! All things! You shall come to a complete halt, for My person faces the whole universe and My person appears in the East of the world! Who dares not to kneel down in worship? Who dares not to speak of the true God? Who dares not to look up in reverence? Who dares not to give praise? Who dares not to call out acclaim? My people will hear My voice, My sons will survive within My kingdom! Mountains, rivers, and all things will cheer unendingly, and leap about without pause. At this time, none will dare to fall back, none will dare to rise up in resistance. This is My wonderful deed, and it is all the more My great power! I will make everything revere Me in their hearts and even more will I have everything praise Me. This is the ultimate aim of My management plan of six thousand years, and I have ordained this. Not a single person, not a single object nor a single matter, dares to rise up to resist Me, or dares to rise up to oppose Me. My people will all flow to My mountain (this indicates the world that I will later create) and they will submit before Me because I have majesty and judgment, and I carry authority. (This refers to when I am in the body. I also have authority in the flesh but because the limitations of time and space cannot be surpassed in the flesh, therefore it cannot be said that I have obtained complete glory. Although I obtain the firstborn sons in the flesh, it still cannot be said that I have obtained glory. It is only when I return to Zion and change My appearance that it may be said that I carry authority, that is, I have obtained glory.) Nothing will be difficult for Me. Everything will be destroyed by the words from My mouth, and it is because of the words from My mouth that they will come into being and be made complete, such is My great power and such is My authority. Because I am full of power and replete with authority, there is no person that can dare to obstruct Me. I have already triumphed over everything and won over all of the sons of rebellion. I am bringing My firstborn sons together to return to Zion. It is not I alone who is returning to Zion. For this reason all will see My firstborn sons and thus will develop a heart of reverence for Me. This is My aim in obtaining the firstborn sons and it has been My plan from the time of My creation of the world.

When all is in order, that is the day that I will return to Zion, and this day will be commemorated by all peoples. When I return to Zion, all things on earth will fall silent and all things on earth will be at peace. When I have returned to Zion, all will resume their original appearance. At that time, I will commence My work in Zion, I will punish the wicked and reward the good, I will bring into force My righteousness and I will carry out My judgment. I will use My words to accomplish everything and make everyone and everything experience My hand that chastises. I will make all people see My entire glory, see My entire wisdom, see My entire bountifulness. No person will dare to rise up to pass judgment as all is completed with Me. In this, everyone will see My entire honor and all will experience My entire victory as everything is manifested with Me. From this, one is well able to see My great power, and to see My authority. No one will dare to offend Me, no one will dare to obstruct Me. All is made public with Me, who would dare to hide anything? I am certain to show him no mercy! Such wretches must receive My severe punishment and such scum must be removed from My sight. I will rule them with an iron rod and I will use My authority to judge them, without the slightest mercy and without sparing their feelings at all, for I am God Himself who is without emotion and who is majestic and cannot be offended. This should be understood by all and seen by all so as to avoid “without cause or reason” being struck down by Me, being annihilated by Me, when the time comes, for My rod will strike down all who offend Me. It will not matter to Me whether they know My administrative decrees or not; that will be of no consequence to Me as My person cannot tolerate the offense of anyone. This is the reason that it is said that I am a lion; whoever I touch, I will strike you down. That is why it is said that now to say that I am the God of compassion and lovingkindness is to blaspheme Me. I am not in essence a lamb but a lion. No one dares to offend Me and whosoever offends I will immediately punish with death, with no feeling at all! From this, one is well able to see My disposition. Therefore, in the final age should a large group of people withdraw, that is something that is hard for men to bear, but I am relaxed and happy and I don’t see this as a difficult task at all, such is My disposition.

I hope that all people will have a submissive heart to follow all that comes from Me. In that way, I will certainly greatly bless mankind because I have said that those who are compatible with Me will be preserved while those who are hostile to Me will be cursed. I have ordained this and none can change it. Those things that I have determined are things that I have accomplished and whosoever goes against them will immediately be chastised. I have everything that I need in Zion and everything that I desire. There is no hint of the world in Zion and compared to the world it is a rich and grand palace, but no one has entered into it and therefore in man’s imagination it does not exist at all. Life in Zion is unlike life on earth; on earth, life is eating, wearing, playing, and pleasure-seeking, while in Zion it is greatly different. It is a life of Father and sons immersed in joy, always filling the whole space of the universe, but always also coming together in unison. Now that things have come to this point today, I will tell you where Zion is situated. Zion is where I reside, it is the location of My person. Therefore, Zion must be a holy place, and it must be far away from earth. Therefore, I say that I despise people, things and matters of earth, I detest the eating, drinking, playing and pleasure-seeking of the flesh, because no matter how enjoyable the earthly pleasures, they cannot compare with life in Zion; it is the difference between heaven and earth and there is no way of comparing the two. The reason why there are many puzzles that man cannot solve on earth is all because people have not heard anything of Zion. Well, where is Zion after all? Is it in outer space as people imagine it to be? No! That is merely imagination in the minds of men. The third heaven that I have mentioned is regarded by men as having symbolic meaning, but the understanding conceived in the minds of men is the exact opposite of My meaning. The third heaven that I speak of here is not false in the slightest. That is why I say I will not destroy the sun, the moon, the stars, and the celestial bodies, and I will not eliminate heaven and earth. Can I destroy My dwelling place? Can I eliminate Mount Zion? Is this not laughable? The third heaven is My dwelling place, it is Mount Zion, and this is absolute. (Why do I say that this is absolute? It is because what I say now cannot be understood at all by man, he can only hear about it. The scope of man’s thinking can simply not encompass it, and therefore I will only say this much about Zion so as to avoid people regarding it as just a story.)

After I have returned to Zion, those on earth will continue to praise Me as in the past. Those loyal service-doers remain waiting to render service to Me but their function will have come to an end. The best that they can do is to contemplate the circumstance of Me being on the earth. At that time I will begin to bring down disaster upon those who will suffer calamity, but just as[a] all believe that I am a righteous God, I will certainly not punish those loyal service-doers and they will only receive My grace. For I have said that I will punish all evil-doers, and that those who perform good deeds will receive material enjoyment bestowed by Me, this is a revelation that I am the God of righteousness and faithfulness Himself. On My return to Zion, I will begin to turn toward each nation in the world; I will bring to salvation the Israelites and chastise the Egyptians. This is the next step in My work. My work at that time will not be the same as in the present day: It will not be work in the flesh but it will completely transcend the flesh, and since I have spoken, it will be done, and as I have commanded, it will stand fast. As long as it has been said by Me, it will immediately be fulfilled in reality, and this is the true meaning of My word being spoken and its fulfillment taking place at the same time, because what I say is authority of itself. I am now speaking of some general things to assist people on earth to have a few clues and to not grasp about wildly. When that time comes, everything will be arranged by Me and none should act willfully to avoid being struck down by My hand. In the imaginations of men, all that I speak of is vague, because after all man’s way of thinking is limited, and man’s thought and that which I have spoken of are as far apart as heaven and earth. Therefore, none can work it out and the best thing is to fall in with what I say, this is an inexorable trend. I have said: “In the last days, the beast will emerge to persecute My people and those who are fearful of death will be marked with a seal to be carried off by the beast. Those that have seen Me will be killed by the beast.” The “beast” in these words undoubtedly refers to Satan which deceives people, that is to say that when I return to Zion, a large group of service-doers will withdraw, namely, be carried off by the beast. These creatures will all go to the bottomless pit to receive My eternal chastisement. “Those that have seen Me” indicates those loyal service-doers who have been conquered by Me. “Having seen Me” refers to them having been conquered by Me. “Killed by the beast” refers to Satan, having been conquered by Me, daring not to rise up to resist Me, that is to say, Satan will not dare to perform any work upon these service-doers. Therefore, the souls of these people will have been saved, and this goes to their ability to be loyal to Me, which is to say that those loyal service-doers will be able to receive My grace and My blessing. Therefore, I say that their souls will have been saved (this does not refer to ascension to the third heaven, which is only a conception of man). But those evil servants will be bound up again by Satan and then they will be thrown into the bottomless pit. This is My punishment of them, it is the retribution for them, and it is what their crimes deserve.

Following the quickening pace of My work, My time on the earth is gradually diminishing. The date of My return to Zion is drawing nearer. My work on earth has come to an end, and I should return to Zion. I do not wish to live on earth at all but for the sake of My management, for the sake of My plan, I have endured all suffering. Today, the time has already come. I will quicken My pace, and no one can keep up with Me. Whether people can comprehend it or not, I will tell you in detail all that man is unable to comprehend but that those of you on earth need to know. Therefore, I say that I am the God Himself who surpasses time and space. Were it not in order to obtain the firstborn sons and thus to defeat Satan, I would already have returned to Zion, or I simply would not have created mankind. I despise the world of man, I detest people who are apart from Me, even to the extent of considering destroying the whole of mankind in one fell swoop. However, My work has order and structure, it has a sense of proportion and moderation, it is not disorderly. All that I do is in order to defeat Satan, and even more so in order that I may be able as soon as possible to be together with My firstborn sons. This is My aim.


a. The original text does not contain the phrase “just as.”

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