Chapter 119

All of you should comprehend My intentions, and all of you ought to understand My mood. Now is the time to prepare to return to Zion. I have no mind to do anything but this. I only hope to reunite with you one day soon, and spend every minute and every second together with you in Zion. I loathe the world, I loathe the flesh, and even more do I loathe every human on earth. I am not willing to see them, because they are all as demons, without even the slightest trace of human nature. I am not willing to live on the earth; I loathe all created beings, I loathe all that are of flesh and blood. The whole earth reeks of corpses; I want to return to Zion at once, to remove all the corpse stench from the earth and fill all the earth with the sound of praise for Me. I shall return to Zion, I shall break away from the flesh and the world, and no one may stand in My way. My hand that slays man has no fleshly feelings! From now on, no one may speak of the construction of the church. If anyone does, I will not forgive them. (This is because now is the time to bear witness for My firstborn sons, and it is the time to build the kingdom; whoever speaks of the construction of the church is tearing down the construction of the kingdom and disrupting My management.) All is ready, all is prepared; the only thing that remains is for the firstborn sons to be exalted and witnessed. When that happens, I shall, without a moment’s delay and without considering form, return at once to Zion—the place you hold in your minds, night and day. Do not look only at how the current world continues on, smooth and steady. All of this work is the work of returning to Zion, so pay no heed to these things now; when the day of return to Zion comes, all will be complete. Who does not wish to return to Zion soon? Who does not wish for the Father and the sons to reunite soon? No matter how enjoyable the earthly pleasures, they cannot keep a hold on our flesh; we will transcend our flesh and together return to Zion. Who dares to hinder this? Who dares to put up obstacles? I will certainly not forgive them! I will sweep away all stumbling blocks. (This is the reason I say I cannot return straight away to Zion. I am carrying out this cleansing work, and I am simultaneously bearing witness for My firstborn sons; these two jobs are progressing at the same time. When the cleansing work is complete, it will be time for Me to reveal the firstborn sons. The “stumbling blocks” are the large number of service-doers, which is why I say that these two jobs are happening simultaneously.) I will have My firstborn sons tread with Me throughout the universe and to the ends of the earth, across mountains and rivers and all things; who dares to impede this? Who dares to hinder this? My hand does not easily let go of any man; with the exception of My firstborn sons, I rage against all and curse all. In all the land, there is not a single mortal who receives My blessings; all meet My curse. Since the world’s creation, I have blessed no one; even when I have given blessings, they have been mere words, never reality, for I hate Satan utterly; I will never bless it, only punish it. Only at the end, after I have thoroughly conquered Satan and complete victory is Mine, will I give to all loyal service-doers material blessings, and let them take joy in praising Me, for all My work will have been accomplished.

Indeed, My time is not far away. The six-thousand-year management plan is nearing completion before your eyes. (It is indeed before your eyes. It is not some prefiguration; you can see this from My mood.) I will take My firstborn sons home to Zion at once. Some people will say, “As it is only for the firstborn sons, why does it take six thousand years? And why were so many people created?” I have said before that everything of Mine is precious. How can My firstborn sons not be even more so? I will mobilize all to serve Me, and moreover, I will reveal My power, so that every man can see that in the whole universe world, not a single object is not in our hands, not a single person is not in our service, and not a single thing is not for our accomplishment. I shall achieve everything. For Me, there is no concept of time; although I mean to complete the plan and My work in six thousand years, to Me all is emancipated and free. Even if it is less than six thousand years, as long as, in My view, the time has come, who would dare to utter a word of opposition? Who would dare to stand and judge at will? My work, I do Myself; My time, I arrange Myself. No person, no matter, and no thing dares to act willfully; I will make all follow Me. For Me, there is no right or wrong; if I say something is right, it is surely right; if I say something is wrong, that is also so. You must not always measure Me with human notions! I say the firstborn sons and I together are blessed—who dares to refuse to submit? I will destroy you on the spot! You refuse to submit! You are rebellious! I am simply without mercy for any of mankind, and My hate has already reached its limit; I simply cannot be any more tolerant. As far as I am concerned, the whole universe world must be exterminated immediately—only then will My great work be fulfilled; only then will My management plan be completed; and only then will the hatred in My heart be dispelled. Now, I care only about witnessing My firstborn sons. I will put all other affairs to the side; I will do the important things first, and then I will do the secondary things. These are the steps of My work, which no one should violate; all must do as I say, lest they become targets of My curse.

Now that My work is accomplished, I can rest. From now on, I will work no more, but will bid My firstborn sons do all that I want done, because My firstborn sons are Me; My firstborn sons are My person. This is not wrong in the slightest; do not use notions to make judgments. To see the firstborn sons is to see Me, for we are one and the same. Anyone who separates us is thus resisting Me, and I will not forgive them. In My words, there are mysteries that are incomprehensible to man. Only those whom I love can express Me, and no others; this has been determined by Me, and no one can change it. My words are rich, comprehensive, and unfathomable. All should expend great effort on My words, try to ponder them often, and not omit a single word or sentence—otherwise, people will have a distorted comprehension, and My words will be misunderstood. I have said that My disposition does not brook offense, meaning that My witnessed firstborn sons cannot be opposed. My firstborn sons represent every aspect of My disposition, so when the sacred trumpet is sounded, that is when I begin to witness the firstborn sons, and thus, the sacred trumpet will hereafter be the gradual announcement of My disposition to the masses. In other words, when the firstborn sons are revealed, that will be when My disposition is revealed. Who can fathom this? I say that even within the mysteries I have revealed, there remain mysteries that people cannot untangle. Who among you has really tried to figure out the true meaning of these words? Is My disposition the personality of a person, as you have imagined? To think so is a grave mistake! Today, whosoever sees My firstborn sons is an object of blessing, and they see My disposition—this is absolutely true. My firstborn sons represent all of Me; they are My person, without any doubt. No one may have any doubt about this! The submissive are blessed with grace, and the rebellious are cursed. This is what I command, and no person can change it!

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