Chapter 40

People fixate upon My every move, as if I am about to bring down the heavens, and they are always bewildered by My doings, as if My deeds are utterly unfathomable to them. Thus, they take their cue from Me in all they do, deeply afraid that they will offend Heaven and be cast into the “world of mortals.” I do not try to find anything that I can use against people, or make their deficiencies the target of My work. At this moment, they are very happy, and come to rely on Me. When I give to man, people love Me as they love their own lives, but when I ask for things from them, they shun Me. Why is this? Can they not bring the “fairness and reasonableness” of the human world into practice? Why do I make such demands of people over and over again? Is it really the case that I have nothing? People treat Me like a beggar. When I ask for things from them, they hold up their “leftovers” before Me for Me to “enjoy,” and even say they are taking special care of Me. I look at their ugly faces and weird states, and I once again depart from man. Under such circumstances, people remain uncomprehending, and once more take back the things I have denied them, awaiting My return. I have expended much time and paid a great price for the sake of man—but at this time, for an unknown reason, people’s consciences remain ever incapable of performing their original function. As a result, I list this “persistent doubt” among the “words of mystery,” to serve as “reference” for future generations, because these are the “scientific research results” born of people’s “toil”; how could I casually delete them? Would this not be “failing” people’s good intentions? I do, after all, have a conscience, so I do not engage in cunning, conniving acts with man—are My deeds not thus? Is this not the “fairness and reasonableness” spoken of by man? Among man, I have worked unceasingly up to the present. With the arrival of times like today, people still do not know Me, they still treat Me like a stranger, and even, because I have taken them to a “dead end,” grow more hateful toward Me. At this time, the love in their hearts has long since disappeared without a trace. I am not boasting, much less am I belittling man. I can love man for eternity, and I can also hate him for eternity, and this will never change, for I have perseverance. Yet man is not possessed of this perseverance, he always blows hot and cold toward Me, he only ever pays scant attention to Me when I open My mouth, and when I shut My mouth and say nothing, he soon becomes lost among the waves of the big world. Thus, I condense this into another aphorism: People lack perseverance, and thus they are incapable of fulfilling My heart.

Whilst people are dreaming, I travel the countries of the world spreading the “odor of death” in My hands among man. All people immediately leave behind vitality and enter the next tier of human life. Amongst mankind, no longer can any living things be seen, corpses are scattered everywhere, things that are filled with vitality immediately disappear without a trace, and the suffocating smell of corpses pervades the land. I immediately cover My face and depart from man, for I am beginning the next step of work, giving those who have come alive a place to live and causing all people to live in an ideal land. This is the blessed land—a land without sorrow or sighs—that I prepared for man. The water gushing from the valley springs is crystal clear to the bottom, it flows without cease and never runs dry; people live in harmony with God, the birds sing, and amidst the gentle breeze and warm sun, heaven and earth are both at rest. Today, here, the corpses of all people lie about in disarray. Without people knowing, I release the pestilence in My hands, and the bodies of man decay, leaving not a trace of flesh from head to toe, and I go far away from man. Never again will I congregate with man, never again will I come among man, for the final stage of My entire management has come to an end, and I will not create mankind again, will not pay any heed to man again. After reading the words from My mouth, people all lose hope, for they do not want to die—but who does not “die” for the sake of “coming alive”? When I tell people I lack the magic to make them come alive, they burst out crying in pain; indeed, although I am the Creator, I only have the power to make people die, and lack the capability to make them come alive. In this, I apologize to man. Thus, I told man in advance that “I owe him an unpayable debt”—yet he thought I was being polite. Today, with the advent of the facts, I still say this. I will not go against the facts when I speak. In their notions, people believe there are too many ways by which I speak, and so they always clutch the words I give them whilst hoping for something else. Are these not the erroneous motivations of man? It is under these circumstances that I dare to “boldly” say that man does not truly love Me. I would not turn My back on conscience and distort the facts, for I would not take people into their ideal land; in the end, when My work finishes, I shall lead them to the land of death. So people had best not complain about Me. Is it not because people “love” Me? Is it not because their desire for blessings is too strong? If people did not want to seek blessings, how could there be this “misfortune”? Because of people’s “loyalty” toward Me, because they have followed Me for many years, working hard despite never making any contribution, I reveal to them a little of what is going on in the “secret chamber”: Given that, today, My work has yet to reach a certain point and people have yet to be cast into the fiery pit, I advise them to leave as soon as they can—all who remain will likely suffer misfortune and little luck, and they still will not be able to avoid death in the end. I open wide the “door to riches” for them; whosoever is willing to leave should strike out on the road as soon as they can—if they wait until the arrival of chastisement, it will be too late. These words are not mockery—they are true facts. My words are uttered to man in good conscience, and if you do not go now, when will you? Are people truly able to trust in My words?

I have never given much thought to the fate of man; I simply follow My own will, unconstrained by people. How could I withdraw My hand because of their fears? Throughout the whole of My management plan, never have I made any extra arrangements for the experiences of man. I merely act according to My original plan. In the past, people “offered up” themselves for Me and I was neither hot nor cold toward them. Today, they have “sacrificed” themselves for Me, and I remain neither hot nor cold toward them. I am not complacent because people sacrifice their lives for Me, nor am I overcome with tremendous joy, but continue to send them to the execution ground in accordance with My plan. I pay no heed to their attitude during confession—how could My frosty, cold heart be touched by the hearts of man? Am I one of the emotional animals among mankind? Many times have I reminded people that I am without fleshly feelings, but they merely smile, believing I am only being polite. I have said that “I am ignorant of mankind’s philosophies for worldly dealings,” but people have never thought so, and said that the means by which I speak are so many. Because of the constraints of this notion of man, I know not with what tone, and by what means, to speak to people—and so, with no other choice, I can but bluntly speak. What else can I do? The means by which people speak are so many—they say “We should not rely on our feelings but practice righteousness,” which is the kind of slogan they have cried for many years, but they are unable to act in accordance with their words, their words are empty—so I say that people lack the ability to make “their words and accomplishments occur simultaneously.” In their hearts, people believe that acting thus is emulating Me—yet I have no interest in their emulation, I am averse to it. Why do people always turn against the One who feeds them? Have I given man too little? Why do people always secretly worship Satan behind My back? It is as if they work for Me and the monthly salary I give them is insufficient to cover their living costs, because of which they look for another job outside working hours in order to double their wages—for people’s expenditure is too great, and they do not seem to know how to get by. If it were really thus, I would ask them to leave My “factory.” Long ago, I explained to man that working for Me does not involve any special treatment: Without exception, I treat people fairly and reasonably, adopting a system of “work hard, gain more, work less, gain less, and do no work, gain nothing.” When I speak, I hold nothing back; if anyone believes My “factory rules” to be too strict, they should get out immediately, I will pay their “fare” out of town. I am “lenient” in My handling of such people, I do not force them to stay. Among these innumerable people, could I not find a “worker” who is after My own heart? People should not underestimate Me! If people still rebel against Me and want to seek “employment” elsewhere, I will not force them—I would welcome it, I have no choice! Is it not because I have too many “rules and regulations”?

May 8, 1992

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