Chapter 41

I once undertook a great endeavor among men, but they did not notice, so I had to use My word to reveal it to them, step by step. Still, man could not understand My words, and he remained ignorant of the purpose of My plan. And so, due to their deficiencies and shortcomings, men did things to disrupt My management, and this gave all manner of unclean spirits the opportunity to enter, so that mankind became their victims and were tortured by these unclean spirits until they were wholly polluted. Only then did I see clearly man’s intentions and goals. I sighed from within the clouds: Why do men always act for themselves? Are My chastisements not meant to make them perfect? Am I deliberately striking at their positive attitude? The language of man is very beautiful and gentle, whereas his actions are in complete disarray. Why do the demands I make of man always come to nothing? Could it be that I am asking a dog to climb a tree? That I am making much ado about nothing? In the course of My entire management plan, I have hewn a variety of “experimental plots”; however, the terrain, on account of its poor condition and its lacking sunlight for many years, is constantly changing, which leads to a “breakdown” in the land. And so, within My memory, I have abandoned countless such parcels of land. Even now, much of the land continues to change. If, someday, the land truly changes into another type, I will cast it aside with a flick of My hand—is this not exactly My work in the current stage? But humanity is not aware of this in the least; they are merely “chastised” under My “guidance.” What good is that? Could I be a God who comes expressly to chastise man? In the heavens above, I once planned that, when I came among men, I would become one with them, so that all those I love could be close to Me. Now, however, having arrived at this stage today, not only is man not in contact with Me, but instead keeps Me at a distance because of My chastisement. I do not weep for his avoidance. What can be done about it? Men are all performers who sing along with whatever tune is being played. I am confident in My ability to let men “slip” from My grasp, and I am even more confident in My ability to bring them back to My “factory” from “other parts.” At this juncture, what grievance could man possibly have? And what can man possibly do to Me? Are men not the grass growing atop a wall? And yet, I do not harm men for this fault, but rather give them My nutrients. Men are weak, powerless, and lacking in nutrients; that is just how they are. I transform the cold hearts of men with My warm embrace: Who else can do such a thing? Why have I undertaken such work among man? Can man truly understand My heart?

Among all whom I have chosen, I have engaged in a “business,” so there is always a coming and going of people in My home, in an unending flow. They all engage in various formalities at My place, as if they were discussing business with Me, which makes My work overwhelmingly hectic, sometimes so much so that I have no chance to handle the squabbles among them. I urge people not to add to My burdens; they had better chart their own course rather than constantly relying on Me. They cannot always be children in My house; what benefit would there be in that? What I do is important business; I do not run some “neighborhood snack shop,” or some other little “convenience store.” Men all fail to understand My frame of mind, as if they were deliberately jesting with Me, as if they were all naughty children with an insatiable appetite for play, never considering serious matters, thus causing many to fail to complete the “homework” I have assigned them. How could people like these have the gall to show their faces to their “teacher”? Why do they never attend to what they should be doing? What kind of an object is the heart of man? Unto this day, I remain unclear on this. Why does the heart of man change without cease? It is like a day in June: Now the sun is scorching, now the clouds are thick, and now a fierce wind howls. So, why is man unable to learn from experience? Perhaps what I have said is an exaggeration. Men do not even know to bring an umbrella along during the rainy season, and so, due to their ignorance, they have been soaked to the skin countless times by sudden downpours, as if I were deliberately teasing them and they were always being assaulted by rain from heaven. Or, perhaps it is that I am too “cruel,” making men distracted and thus always scatterbrained, never knowing what to do. No man has ever truly grasped the goal or significance of My work. This being so, they are all doing this work of disturbing and chastising themselves. Do I really set out to chastise man? Why do men make trouble for themselves? Why do they always walk into traps? Why do they not negotiate with Me, but instead find ways of making work for themselves? Could it be that all I give to man is not enough?

I published My “maiden work” among all humanity, and because My publication arouses great admiration in men, they all subject it to detailed and careful study, and through this attentive study, they have gained much. My written work seems to be an amazing, highly convoluted novel; it seems to be a romantic prose poem; it seems to be a discussion of a political program; it seems to be a compendium of economic wisdom. As My written work is so rich, there are many differing opinions about it, and no one could provide a preface that summarizes this work of Mine. Men may have “outstanding” knowledge and talent, but this work of Mine is enough to baffle all those able and talented fellows. Even as they say, “Blood may flow, tears may be shed, but one is not to bow one’s head,” they have already unconsciously bowed their heads to express their surrender before My written work. From the lessons of his experience, man has summarized My written work as being like a heavenly book that fell from the sky. Yet I urge man not to be too sensitive. In My view, what I have said is all very ordinary; however, I hope that in The Encyclopedia of Life My work contains, people will be able to find something of the way of livelihood; in Man’s Destination, they may seek the meaning of life; in The Secrets of Heaven, they may seek out My will; and in The Path of Mankind, they may seek out the art of living. Would things not be better this way? I do not force man; if someone is “uninterested” in My written work, I will give them a “refund” on My book, plus a “service charge.” I do not force anyone. As the author of this book, My only hope is that readers will love My work, but people’s likes are always different. And so, I urge men not to compromise their future prospects merely because they cannot bear to let go of considerations of face. If they were to do so, how could I, kindhearted as I am, endure such great humiliation? If you are readers who love My work, I hope you will relay to Me your own precious suggestions, the better to advance My writing, and thus through man’s errors improve the content of My writing. This would benefit both the author and the reader, would it not? I do not know whether My saying so is correct, and perhaps in this way I can improve My writing ability, or perhaps strengthen the friendship between us. On the whole, I hope that all people may cooperate with My work, without disrupting it, so that My word may be transmitted to every family and home, and so that all the people on earth may be able to live within My words. This is My goal. I hope that, by reading The Chapter on Life in My words, all may gain something, be it maxims about life, or knowledge of the errors that befall the human world, or what it is I require of man, or the “secrets” of the people of the kingdom today. However, I urge men to take a look at The Scandals of the Men of Today; this would be beneficial to all. Nor would it hurt to read often from The Latest Secrets, which would be even more beneficial for people’s lives. Again, read the Hot Topics column often—would this not be even more beneficial for people’s lives? There is no harm in consulting My advice, seeing if it has any effect, and then relating to Me how you feel after reading it, that I may be better able to prescribe the correct medicine and, in the end, completely eradicate all of humanity’s maladies. I do not know what you think of My suggestions, but I hope that you will regard them as materials for your reference. How would that be?

May 12, 1992

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