Chapter 40

Why are you so slow-witted? Why are you so numb? Several reminders have not awakened you, and this is distressing to Me. I truly do not have the heart to see My sons like this. How can My heart bear this? Ah! I have to teach you by My own hand. My pace continues to quicken. My sons! Quickly arise and cooperate with Me. Who sincerely expends themselves for Me now? Who is able to fully dedicate themselves without so much as a word of complaint? You are always so numb and dull-witted! How many are able to be considerate of My feelings, and who can truly grasp the Spirit of My words? All I can do is anxiously wait and hope; seeing that your each and every move cannot satisfy My heart, what can I say? My sons! Everything that your Father does today is for His sons. Why can My sons never understand My heart, and why do My sons always make Me, your Father, worry? When will My sons grow up, not cause Me to worry, and allow Me to be relaxed about them? When will My sons be able to live independently, stand up, and lighten the burden on their Father’s shoulders? I just quietly shed tears for My sons, and I put everything into the completion of God’s management plan, and to save My sons, My loved ones. I have no other choice.

My promises have come to pass and are manifest before your eyes. Why can you not be considerate of My heart? Why? Why? Up until now, have you counted: How many things you have done that satisfied My heart, and how many things you have done that nourished and fed the church? Carefully ponder this; do not be careless. Do not let go of a single bit of the truth. You cannot just focus on appearances and overlook the essence. At all times, you must examine whether your every word and action and your each and every move have undergone judgment before the seat of Christ, and whether you have transformed into the image of a new person—not in imitation, but rather emanating from deep within with the expression of life. Do not delay your life, so that you may avoid suffering losses. Hurry and remedy this situation, satisfy My heart, and bear in mind the principles of conduct: Do things with righteousness and uprightness, and satisfy My heart. Do not be reckless. Can you remember this?

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