Chapter 39

Open your eyes and look, and you can see My great power everywhere! You can be certain of Me everywhere. The cosmos and the firmament are spreading My great power. The words I have spoken have come true in the warming of the weather, in climate change, in abnormalities within people, in the disorder of social dynamics, and in the deceit within people’s hearts. The sun whitens and the moon reddens; it all is out of balance. Do you really still not see these things?

God’s great power is revealed herein. Without a doubt, He is the one true God—the Almighty—whom people have pursued for many years! Who can bring things into being just by uttering words? Only our Almighty God. As soon as He speaks, the truth appears. How could you not say that He is the true God?

I know, deep down, that all of you are willing to cooperate with Me, and I believe that My chosen ones, My beloved brothers and sisters, all have this kind of aspiration, but just cannot enter or actually practice, and cannot remain cool and calm when encountering the occurrence of realities. You never pay any regard to God’s intentions, and you put your own personal interests first and act on your own without waiting. Let Me tell you, this way will never satisfy My will! Child! Just give Me your heart completely. Be clear! I do not want your money, nor your possessions, and nor for you to zealously, deceitfully or narrow-mindedly come before Me to serve. Be quiet and of pure heart, wait and seek when problems arise, and I will give you an answer. Do not be in doubt! Why do you never believe My words to be true? Why can you not believe in My words? You are stubborn to such an extreme degree, and even at a time like this you are still like this; you are too ignorant, and simply not enlightened at all! How much of the vital truth do you remember? Have you really experienced it? You become muddled and act recklessly and hastily when encountering problems! The main thing today is that you enter the spirit and fellowship with Me more, in the same way that your own hearts often ponder questions. Do you understand? This is key! Delayed practice really is a problem. Hurry, and do not delay! People who hear My words and do not delay but practice them immediately will be greatly blessed! I will bestow upon you doubly! Do not worry! Act as I say, without a second’s delay! Your human notions are often like this, and you are prone to putting things off, always delaying what should be done today until tomorrow. So lazy and so clumsy. Words cannot describe it! I am not exaggerating—this is fact. If you do not believe it, then carefully examine yourself and check your own situation, and you will discover that this is really how it is!

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