Chapter 42

Great are the deeds of Almighty God! How wondrous! How marvelous! The seven trumpets sound, the seven thunders go forth, and the seven bowls are poured out—these will forthwith be revealed openly, and there can be no doubt. God’s love comes to us daily. Only Almighty God can save us; whether we meet with misfortune or with blessing rests entirely with Him, and we human beings have no way of deciding this. Those who offer themselves up with their whole heart will surely receive bounteous blessings, while those who seek to preserve their lives will only lose their lives; all things and all matters are in the hands of Almighty God. Do not halt your steps anymore. Tremendous change is coming to heaven and earth, from which man has no way of hiding. There will be no other choice for him but to wail in bitter pain. Follow the work that the Holy Spirit is doing today. You should be clear within yourself about the step to which His work has progressed, without needing to be reminded by others. Return now into the presence of Almighty God as often as you can. Ask Him for everything. He will surely enlighten you within and, at crucial moments, He will protect you. Have no fear! He already possesses your whole being. With His protection and His care, what is there for you to fear? Today the fruition of God’s will is at hand, and whosoever is fearful only stands to lose. What I am telling you is the truth. Open up your spiritual eyes: Heaven can change in an instant, but what is there for you to fear? With the slightest motion of His hand, heaven and earth are immediately annihilated. So what can man gain by fretting? Is not all in the hands of God? If He commands heaven and earth to change, then they will change. If He says we are to be made complete, then we will be made complete. Man need not worry, but should proceed calmly. Nevertheless, you must, as much as you can, take heed and be vigilant. Heaven can change in an instant! However wide man may open up his naked eyes, he will not be able to see much of anything. Be watchful now. The will of God has been accomplished, His project has been completed, His plan has succeeded, and His sons have all arrived at His throne. Together they come to sit in judgment over all nations and all peoples with Almighty God. Those who have been persecuting the church and harming God’s sons will meet with stern punishment: That is for certain! Those who sincerely give themselves to God, who hold to everything, God will surely love them for all eternity, without ever changing!

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