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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 42

How great are the deeds of Almighty God! How wondrous! How marvelous! Seven trumpets sound, seven thunders are sent forth, seven bowls are poured out—this will be immediately manifested openly and there can be no doubt. God’s love comes upon us every day and only Almighty God can save us; whether we meet misfortune or receive blessing is entirely due to Him, and we men have no way of deciding this. Those who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to God will certainly be bestowed with great blessing, while those who seek to preserve their lives will suffer the loss of their lives; all things and all matters are in the hands of Almighty God. Don’t halt your steps anymore. Enormous change comes to heaven and earth; man has no way to hide and there is only bitter wailing, there is no other choice. Follow the current work of the Holy Spirit, each man should be clear within himself about the step to which His work has progressed, no more needing to be reminded by others. Now come before Almighty God often, and ask Him for everything. He will surely enlighten you within and at crucial times He will protect you. Have no fear! He already possesses your whole being and with His protection and His care, what is there for you to fear? Today the achievement of God’s will is at hand, whoever is fearful will stand to lose. I am not telling you nonsense. Open up your spiritual eyes, and heaven will change in an instant. What is there to fear? With a gentle move of His hand, heaven and earth are immediately destroyed. What is the use of man worrying? Are not all things in the hands of God? If He says that heaven and earth are to change, then they will change. If He says that we are to be made complete, then we will be made complete. There is no need for man to be anxious, he should move ahead calmly. However, he should pay much heed and be very watchful. Heaven may change in an instant! Man’s naked eyes can be opened wide and yet be unable to see anything. Quickly be watchful, the will of God has been accomplished, His project has been completed, His plan has succeeded, His sons have all arrived at His throne, and they judge all nations and all peoples with Almighty God. Those who have been persecuting the church, and cruelly injuring God’s sons, will be severely punished, that is for certain! Those who truly give themselves to God, and uphold everything, God will certainly love them for all eternity, without ever changing!

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