Chapter 43

Have I not reminded you? Do not be apprehensive; you just do not listen to Me, such thoughtless people that you are! When will you be able to understand My heart? Every day there is new enlightenment, and every day there is new light. How many times have you grasped it for yourselves? Have I not told you Myself? You are still passive, like insects that move only when poked, and you are unable to take the initiative to cooperate with Me and show consideration for My burden. I would like to see all your lively and lovely smiles, to see My sons’ active and lively manner, but I cannot. Instead, you are weak in the head—silly and foolish. You should take the initiative to seek. Boldly pursue! Just open your hearts and let Me live within you. Be cautious and vigilant! Some people in the church mislead people, and you must attach great weight to these words, always, lest your lives be affected or suffer some loss. Rest assured—as long as you have the courage to stand up and speak for Me, I will bear the burden of it all, and I will empower you! As long as you satisfy My heart, I will always show you My smile and My will. As long as you have a strong backbone and live out the male child’s disposition, I will support you and put you in an important position. When you come before Me, just draw near to Me. Do not be afraid if you cannot speak. So long as you have a seeking heart, I will give you the words. I do not need words that sound pleasant, and I do not need your flattery; this type of thing is what I hate most of all. It is upon this type of person that I frown most of all. They are like a splinter in My eye or a thorn in My flesh that must be removed. Otherwise, My sons cannot wield power for Me, and shall be subject to stifling constraint. Why have I come? I have come to support and encourage My sons, so that their days of enduring oppression, bullying, cold-heartedness, and abuse will be gone forever!

Be bold. I will always walk with you, live with you, speak with you and act with you. Do not be afraid. Do not hesitate to speak. You always harbor feelings toward other people, and you are always timid and afraid. Those who are of no benefit to the construction of the church must be removed. This includes those in the church whose conditions are not good and those who cannot act according to My words, not to mention your nonbelieving mother and father. I do not want those things. They must be eradicated, and not one should remain. Just release the bonds upon your hands and feet. As long as you examine your own intentions and they are not concerned with gains and losses, nor for fame and wealth, nor for personal relationships, then I will accompany you, point things out to you and give you clear guidance at all times.

Ah, My sons! What should I say? Although I say these things, you are still not considerate of My heart, and still you are too timid. What are you afraid of? Why are you still bound by laws and by rules? I have released you, but you still have no freedom. Why is this? Communicate with Me more and I will tell you. Do not test Me. I am practical. Nothing is pretense with Me; all is practical! What I say is true. I never go back on My word.

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