Chapter 14

Right now, time is indeed pressing. The Holy Spirit uses many different methods to lead us into God’s words. You should be equipped with all truths, be sanctified, and genuinely be close with Me and have association with Me, and you will not be permitted any room to pick and choose. The work of the Holy Spirit is without emotion, and does not care what kind of person you are. As long as you are willing to search and follow—not giving excuses, and not arguing over your own gains and losses—but to search with a hunger and a thirst for righteousness, then I will enlighten you. Regardless of how foolish and ignorant you are, I do not focus on these things. I look to see how hard you work in the positive aspect. If you still hold fast to the notion of self, turning circles in your own little world, then I think you are in danger…. What is rapture? What does it mean to be forsaken? How should you live before God today? How should you actively cooperate with Me? Discard your own notions, dissect yourself, take off your mask, see your own true colors clearly, loathe yourself, have a heart that hungrily and thirstily seeks righteousness, believe that you yourself genuinely amount to nothing, be willing to relinquish yourself, be able to stop all your ways of doing things, quiet yourself before Me, offer up more prayers, lean on Me in earnest, look up to Me, and never stop drawing close to Me and communicating with Me—in these things, the key is found. People often stay within themselves, and are therefore not before God.

The current work of the Holy Spirit is indeed difficult for people to imagine, and all enters into reality; it really will not do to be thoughtless about it. If your heart and mind are in the wrong place, then you will have no way forward. From start to finish, you must be watchful at all times, and be sure to stay vigilant against negligence. Blessed are those who are constantly watchful and waiting and who are quiet before Me! Blessed are those who are always looking up to Me in their hearts, who take care to listen closely to My voice, who pay attention to My actions, and who put My words into practice! The time really can brook no further delay; all manner of plagues will run rampant, opening their ferocious, bloody mouths to devour you all like a flood. My sons! The time has come! There is no more room for pondering. The only way out that will bring you under My protection is to come back before Me. You must possess the male child’s strength of character; do not be weak or disheartened. You must keep up with My steps, not refuse the new light, and, as I tell you how to eat and drink of My words, you should submit and eat and drink of them properly. Is there still time to arbitrarily fight or contend with each other? Can you make war if you do not eat your fill and are not fully equipped with the truth? If you want to overcome religion, you must be fully equipped with the truth. Eat and drink of My words more, and ponder over them further. You must eat and drink of My words independently, and start by drawing close to God. Let this be a warning to you! You must take heed! Those who are smart should quickly wake up to the truth! Relinquish anything you are unwilling to part with. I tell you once again that such things really are harmful to your life, and they are of no benefit! I hope you can rely on Me in your actions; otherwise, the only path forward is the path of death—where, then, will you go to seek the path of life? Withdraw your heart that loves to busy itself with external things! Withdraw your heart that disobeys other people! If your life cannot mature and if you are forsaken, will you not then be someone who has tripped yourself up? The current work of the Holy Spirit is not what you imagine. If you are unable to relinquish your notions, then you will suffer a great loss. If the work were in keeping with man’s notions, would your old nature and notions be able to come to light? Would you be able to know yourself? Maybe you still think that you are free of notions, but this time all your various ugly facets will clearly come to light. Carefully ask yourself:

Are you someone who submits to Me?

Are you willing and ready to relinquish your self and follow Me?

Are you someone who seeks My face with a pure heart?

Do you know how to draw close to Me and communicate with Me?

Can you quiet yourself before Me and seek My will?

Do you put into practice the words I reveal to you?

Can you maintain a normal condition before Me?

Are you able to see through Satan’s cunning schemes? Do you dare to expose them?

How are you considerate of God’s burden?

Are you someone who is considerate of God’s burden?

How do you grasp the work of the Holy Spirit?

How do you serve in coordination within God’s family?

How do you bear strong witness for Me?

How do you fight the good fight for the truth?

You must take the time to ponder these truths thoroughly. The facts are sufficient to prove that the day is extremely near at hand. You must be made complete before the disasters come—this is an important matter, a matter of great urgency that must be resolved! I desire to make you complete, but I see that you are indeed somewhat unbridled. You have mettle, yet you do not put it to the best use, and you have not grasped the most important things; instead, all you grasp are trivial matters. What use is there in deliberating over these things? Is it not a waste of time? I show you kindness in this way, but you fail to show any appreciation; you merely fight amongst each other—so have all My painstaking efforts not been wasted? If you carry on in this way, I will not take the time to coax you along! I say to you that unless you wake up to the truth, the work of the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn from you! You will be given no more to eat, and you may believe as you see fit. I have spoken My words exhaustively; it is up to you whether you listen or not. When the time comes that you are confused, have no way forward, and cannot see the true light, will you blame Me? Such ignorance! What should the consequence be if you cling so tightly to your self, if you refuse to let go? Will your work not merely have been an exercise in futility? How pitiful it is to be cast aside when disasters befall!

Now is the crucial phase of the building of the church. If you are unable to cooperate with Me proactively and offer yourself up to Me wholeheartedly, and if you cannot forsake everything, then you will suffer loss. Can you still harbor other intentions? I showed you leniency in this way, waiting for you to repent and start anew. However, time really does not permit this anymore, and I must consider the big picture. For the sake of the purpose of God’s management plan, all is moving forward, and My steps march onward day by day, hour by hour, and moment by moment—those who cannot keep up will be forsaken. Every day there is new light; every day new deeds are done. Every day there arise new things, and those who cannot see the light are blind! Those who do not follow will be cast out….

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