Chapter 19

As the work of the Holy Spirit continues forward, God has once again ushered us into a new way in which the Holy Spirit works. As a result, some people have inevitably misunderstood Me and made complaints to Me. Some have resisted and opposed Me, and have scrutinized Me. However, I still mercifully wait for you to repent and reform yourselves. The change in the method of the Holy Spirit’s work is that God Himself has openly appeared. My word will remain unchanged! Since it is you whom I am saving, I do not at all wish to forsake you halfway down the road. It is just that you harbor doubts and want to turn back empty-handed. Some of you have stopped moving forward, while others are just waiting and watching. Still others are passively dealing with the situation, while some are simply engaging in mimicry. You have really hardened your hearts! You have taken what I have said to you and turned it into something you are proud of, or something you boast about. Contemplate this further: This is nothing other than words of mercy and judgment descending upon you. The Holy Spirit, seeing that you are indeed rebellious, directly goes about speaking and dissecting. You should be afraid. Do not act recklessly or do anything rash, and do not be vain, arrogant, or opinionated! You should focus more on putting My words into practice, and live them out wherever you go so that they may truly transform you from the inside and so that you may have My disposition. Only results such as these are genuine.

In order for the church to be built, you must be of a particular stature and seek wholeheartedly and unceasingly. Furthermore, you must accept the burning and cleansing of the Holy Spirit to become a transformed person. It is only under such conditions that the church can be built. The work of the Holy Spirit has now led you to embark upon the building of the church. If you continue to behave in the same addled and sluggish way as you did in the past, then there is no hope for you. You must equip yourselves with all of the truth, you must possess spiritual discernment, and you must walk the perfect way in accordance with My wisdom. For the church to be built, you must be inside the spirit of life, and not just imitate superficially. The process of growth in your life is the same process in which you are built up. However, note that those who rely on gifts or those who lack spiritual understanding or who lack reality cannot be built up, nor can those who are incapable of always being close to Me and communicating with Me be built up. People who preoccupy their minds with notions or who live by doctrines cannot be built up, nor can those who are led by their feelings be built up. No matter how God treats you, you must submit to Him absolutely; otherwise, you cannot be built up. Those who are absorbed in their own self-importance, self-righteousness, pride, and contentment, and who love to be condescending and to show off, cannot be built up. Those who cannot serve in coordination with others cannot be built up, either, and the same is true of people who have no spiritual discernment and blindly follow whoever is leading them. Likewise, those who fail to understand My intentions and who live life in an outdated condition cannot be built up, nor can people who are too slow to catch up to new light and who do not have any vision as their foundation be built up.

The church should be built without delay; this is a matter of pressing concern for Me. You should begin by focusing on the positive, and join the stream of the construction by offering yourself with all your strength. Otherwise, you will be rejected. You should forsake completely that which should be forsaken, and eat and drink properly of that which should be eaten and drunk. You should live out the reality of My word, and you should stop focusing on superficial and inconsequential matters. Ask yourself this: How much have you taken in My word? How much do you live it out? You should maintain clear-headedness, and abstain from doing anything rash; otherwise, such behavior will not help you in achieving growth in life, but will actually harm your growth. You should comprehend the truth, know how to put it into practice, and allow My word to truly become your life. This is the crux of the matter!

As the building of the church has now reached a critical moment, Satan is devising plans and doing its utmost to demolish it. You should not be careless, but proceed with caution and exercise spiritual discernment. Without such discernment, you will suffer great losses. This is no trivial matter; you should consider it as an issue of great importance. Satan, too, is capable of making false appearances and peddling counterfeits, but the intrinsic quality of these things is different. People are so foolish and careless, and cannot see the difference. This also shows that they are incapable of maintaining clear-headedness and serenity at all times. Your hearts are nowhere to be found. Service is, on the one hand, an honor, while on the other hand, it can be a loss. It can lead to either blessings or misfortune. Remain quiet in My presence and live according to My word, and spiritually, you will indeed maintain watchfulness and exercise discernment. When Satan arrives, you will immediately be able to guard against it and sense its coming; you will feel genuine uneasiness within your spirit. The current work of Satan adjusts as trends change. When people behave in an addled way and lack watchfulness, they will remain in captivity. You should be watchful at all times, and keep your eyes peeled. Do not wrangle over your own gains and losses or calculate for the sake of your own benefit; instead, seek to make My will be done.

Objects might appear identical, but they may differ in quality. For this reason, you should recognize individuals as well as spirits. You should exercise discernment and maintain spiritual clear-headedness. When Satan’s venom appears, you should be able to recognize it at once; it cannot escape the light of God’s judgment. You should pay more attention to listening closely to the voice of the Holy Spirit in your spirit; do not follow others blindly or mistake what is false for something true. Do not simply follow whoever takes the lead, lest you suffer great losses. What sort of taste does all this leave in your mouths? Have you felt the consequences? You should not randomly interfere with service or insert your own opinions into it, or else I will strike you down. Worse yet, if you refuse to submit, and continue to say and do as you wish, then I will cut you off! The church does not need to scrape together any more people; it only wants those who sincerely love God and actually live in accordance with My word. You should be aware of your own actual situation. Is it not self-deception when the poor consider themselves to be wealthy? For the church to be built, you must follow the Spirit; do not proceed by acting blindly. Rather, stay in your places, and fulfill your own functions. You should not step outside of your roles; you should do your utmost to fulfill whatever function you can perform, and then My heart will be satisfied. It is not that all of you will serve the same function. Rather, each of you should play your own role, and dedicate your service in coordination with others in the church. Your service should not deviate in either direction.

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