Chapter 20

The work of the Holy Spirit is speeding ahead, bringing you into a completely new realm, which is to say that the reality of the life of the kingdom has appeared before you. The words spoken by the Holy Spirit have directly revealed the profundity within your heart, and one image after another is appearing before you. All those who have a hunger and a thirst for righteousness, and who have the intention to submit, will surely remain in Zion and stay in New Jerusalem; they will certainly gain glory and honor and share beautiful blessings while together with Me. There are currently some mysteries of the spiritual realm that you have not yet seen, for your spiritual eyes are not open. All things are absolutely wonderful; miracles and wonders, and things people have never even thought of, will gradually come to be. The almighty God will show His greatest miracles so that the universe and the ends of the earth and all nations and all peoples can see them with their own eyes, and also see wherein My majesty, righteousness, and almightiness lie. The day is coming closer! This is an extremely critical moment: Will you withdraw, or will you persevere to the end, never turning back? Do not look to any person, event, or thing; do not look to the world, to your husbands, to your children, or to your misgivings about life. Just look to My love and mercy, and see what price I have paid to gain you, as well as what it is that I am. These things will be enough to encourage you.

The time is so very close at hand, and My will must be fulfilled in all haste. I will not forsake those who are in My name; I will bring you all into glory. However, looking at it now, this is a crucial moment; all those unable to take that next step will lament for the rest of their lives and feel regret, though it will already be too late for such sentiment. Right now, your statures are being put to a practical test to see whether the church can be built and whether or not you can submit to each other. Viewed from this perspective, your submission is indeed one in which you pick and choose; though you may be able to submit to one person, you still find it hard to submit to another. There is indeed no way you can be submissive when you rely on human notions. However, the thoughts of God always surpass those of man! Christ submitted until death, and died on the cross. He said nothing about any conditions or reasons; as long as it was His Father’s will, He submitted willingly. Your current level of submission is far too limited. I say to you all, submission is not submitting to people; rather, it means submitting to the work of the Holy Spirit, and submitting to God Himself. My words are renewing and changing you from within; if they were not, then who would submit to whom? You are all not submissive toward other people. You must take the time to figure this out—what submission is and how you can live out a life of submission. You must come before Me more, and fellowship this matter, and gradually you will come to understand it, thereby relinquishing the notions and choices that are inside of you. This way in which I do things is hard for people to understand thoroughly. It is not about in what ways people are good or capable; I use even the most ignorant and the most insignificant to reveal God’s almightiness, whilst at the same time reversing some of people’s notions, opinions, and choices. God’s deeds are so wondrous; they are beyond the ability of the human mind to fathom!

If you really want to become one who bears witness for Me, then you must comprehend the truth purely and not in a distorted way. You must focus more on putting My words into practice, and seek to make your life mature quickly. Do not search for things that are without value; those are of no benefit to your life progression. You can only be built once your lives have matured; only then can you be brought into the kingdom—this is incontrovertible. I still wish to speak some more to you; I have given you much, but how much do you actually understand? How much of what I say has become the reality of your life? How much of what I say are you living out? Do not try to draw water with a bamboo basket; you will attain nothing in the end, only emptiness. Others have gained real benefits very easily; what about you? Can you defeat Satan if you are unarmed and carry no weapons? You must depend more on My words in your life, as they are the best weapons for self-defense. You should take note: Do not take My words as your possessions; if you do not understand them, if you do not seek them, and if you do not try to figure them out or communicate with Me about them, but are instead self-satisfied and self-contented, then you will suffer loss. Right now you should learn from this lesson, and you must put yourself aside and draw upon the strengths of others to make up for your own shortcomings; do not simply do whatever you want. Time waits for no man. The lives of your brothers and sisters are growing day by day; they are all experiencing change and being renewed on a daily basis. The strength of your brothers and sisters is rising up, and this is a great thing! Sprint to the finish line; no one will be able to attend to anyone else. Just make your own subjective efforts to cooperate with Me. Those who have visions, who have a way forward, who are not disheartened, and who always look forward, are guaranteed beyond doubt to be victorious. This is a crucial moment. Be sure not to be disheartened or discouraged; you must look forward in everything, and do not turn back. You must sacrifice everything, abandon all entanglements, and pursue with all your might. As long as a single breath remains in you, you must persevere to the very end; this is the only way you will become worthy of praise.

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