Chapter 21

The work of the Holy Spirit has now brought you into a new heaven and a new earth. Everything is being renewed, everything is in My hands, everything is beginning anew! With their notions, people are unable to understand it, and it makes no sense to them, but it is I who am at work, and My wisdom is within. You should therefore concern yourselves only with laying down all of your notions and opinions, and with eating and drinking the word of God in submission; have no misgivings whatsoever. Since I am working in this way, I shall shoulder a sacred responsibility. In fact, people do not need to be a particular way. Rather, it is God doing miraculous things, making manifest His omnipotence. People may not brag unless they brag about God. Otherwise you will suffer loss. God lifts the needy from the dust; the humble must be made high. I will use My wisdom in all its forms to govern the universal church, to govern all nations and all peoples, so that they are all within Me, and so that all of you in the church might submit to Me. Those who did not obey before must now be obedient before Me, must obey each other, forbear each other; your lives must be interconnected, and you must love one another, all drawing on each other’s strong points to offset your own weaknesses, and serving in coordination. In this way will the church be built, and Satan will have no opportunity to exploit. Only then will My management plan not have failed. Let Me give you another reminder here. Do not allow misunderstandings to arise in you because such-and-such person is a certain way, or acted in such-and-such a way, with the result that you become degenerate within your spiritual condition. As I see it, this is not appropriate, and it is a worthless thing. Is the One you believe in not God? It is not some person. The functions are not the same. There is one body. Each does his duty, each in his place and doing his very best—for each spark there is one flash of light—and seeking maturity in life. Thus will I be satisfied.

You must concern yourselves only with being peaceful before Me. Keep in close communion with Me, seek more where you do not understand, offer up prayers, and wait for My time. See everything clearly from the spirit. Do not act recklessly, so as to prevent yourself from walking astray. Only in this way will your eating and drinking of My words truly bear fruit. Eat and drink My words often, ponder what I have said, pay attention to practicing My words, and live out the reality of My words; this is the key issue. The process of building the church is also the process of the growth of life. If your life stops growing, you cannot be built. Relying on naturalness, on the flesh, on zealousness, on contributions, on qualifications; however good you may be, if you rely on these things you will not be built. You must live within the words of life, live within the enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit, know your actual situation, and be a changed person. You must have the same insight in the spirit, have new enlightenment, and be able to keep up with new light. You must be able to ceaselessly draw close to Me and communicate with Me, be able to base your actions in daily life on My words, be able to handle properly all sorts of people, events, and things based on My words, and have My words as your standard and live out My disposition in all activities in your life.

If you desire to fathom and be considerate of My intentions, you must pay attention to My words. Do not do things rashly. All that I do not approve of will meet a bad end. Blessing comes only in that which I have commended. If I speak, it will be. If I command, it will stand firm. To avoid enraging Me, you absolutely must not do what I have not permitted. If you do this, there will be no time for you to feel regret!

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