Chapter 22

Believing in God is not an easy thing to do. You muddle along, eating everything and thinking it all so interesting, so tasty! There are some still applauding—they have no discernment in their spirit. This is an experience worth your thorough explication. In the last days, all kinds of spirits emerge to play their roles, openly opposing the progress of God’s children and taking part in sabotaging the construction of the church. If you take this lightly and give Satan opportunities to work, it will make a mess of the church, people will panic and feel desperate, and in serious cases people’s visions will vanish. Thus, the painstaking price I have paid over many years will have been for naught.

The time when the church is to be constructed is also the time when Satan reaches the highest pitch of its frenzy. Satan frequently causes disturbances and disruptions through a few people, and it is those who do not know the spirit and those who are new believers who can play the role of Satan most easily. Often, because people do not understand the work of the Holy Spirit, they act arbitrarily, completely according to their own preferences, their own ways of doing things, and their own notions. Hold your tongue—this is for your own protection. Listen and obey well. The church is different from society. You cannot simply say what you please; you cannot say whatever you think. That will not do here, as this is the house of God. God does not accept the way people do things. You must do things by following the Spirit; you must live out God’s words, and then others will admire you. You must first resolve all the difficulties within yourself by relying on God. Put an end to your degenerate disposition and become able to truly understand your own condition and know how you should act; continue to fellowship about anything you do not understand. It is unacceptable for a person not to know themselves. Heal your own sickness first, and, by eating and drinking My words more often and contemplating them, live your life and do your deeds on the basis of My words; whether you are at home or elsewhere, you should allow God to wield power within you. Cast off the flesh and naturalness. Always let God’s words have dominion within you. There is no need to worry that your life is not changing; with time, you will come to feel your disposition has changed a great deal. Before, you were eager to be in the limelight, you either obeyed no one or were ambitious, self-righteous, or prideful—these are things you will gradually be rid of. If you wish to cast them off right now, that is not possible! This is because your old self will not allow others to touch it, so deep are its roots. So, you must make a subjective effort, positively and actively submit to the work of the Holy Spirit, use your will to cooperate with God, and be willing to put My words into practice. If you commit a sin, God will discipline you. When you turn back and come to understanding, then all will at once be well within you. If you speak indulgently, then you will be disciplined immediately within yourself. You see that God takes no delight in such things, so if you stop right away, you will experience inner peace. There are some new believers who do not understand what the feelings of life are or how to live within those feelings. Sometimes you wonder, though you have said nothing, why do you feel so restless within? At such times, it is your thoughts and your mind that are amiss. Sometimes you have your own choices, your own notions and opinions; sometimes you regard others as being less than you; sometimes you make your own selfish calculations and do not pray or examine yourself. This is why you feel restless inside. Perhaps you know what the problem is, so, straight away call God’s name in your heart, come close to God, and you will recover. When your heart becomes increasingly flustered and restless, you absolutely must not think that God is allowing you to speak. New believers should pay especially close attention to submitting to God in this. The feelings God puts inside man are peace, joy, clarity, and surety. Often, there are people who do not understand, who will make a mess and act arbitrarily—these are all disruptions; pay careful heed to this. If you are prone to this condition, you should take “preventive medicine” to head it off; otherwise, you will create disruptions and God will strike you. Do not be self-righteous; take the strengths of others to offset your own deficiencies, watch how others live by God’s words; and see whether their lives, actions, and speech are worth emulating. If you regard others as less than you, you are self-righteous, conceited, and of benefit to no one. What is vital now is to focus on life, to eat and drink more of My words, to experience My words, to know My words, to make My words truly become your life—these are the main things. If someone cannot live by God’s words, can their life mature? No, it cannot. You must live by My words at all times and have My words as the code of conduct for life, so that you will feel that acting by that code is what God takes joy in, and acting otherwise is what God hates; and slowly, you will come to walk on the right track. You must understand what comes from God and what comes from Satan. What comes from God gives you visions with ever greater clarity and brings you ever closer to God; you share earnest love with your brothers and sisters, you are capable of showing consideration for God’s burden, and have a God-loving heart that never diminishes. There is a road ahead for you to walk. What comes from Satan causes visions to disappear with you, and causes you to lose all that you had before; you become estranged from God, you have no love for your brothers and sisters, and you have a hateful heart. You become desperate, you no longer wish to live the church life, and your God-loving heart is no more. This is Satan’s work, and is also the consequence to which the work of evil spirits leads.

Now is a crucial moment. You must stay at your post until your final shift, clear the eyes of your spirit to distinguish between good and evil, and exert all your effort in building the church. Clear away Satan’s lackeys, religious disruptions, and the work of evil spirits. Purify the church, make My will be carried out unimpeded, and truly, in this very short time that precedes the disasters, I will make you complete as quickly as possible, and bring you into glory.

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