Chapter 114

I created the universe world; I made mountains, rivers, and all things; I shaped the universe and the ends of the earth; I led My sons and My people; I commanded all things and matters. Now, I will lead My firstborn sons back to My Mount Zion, to return to where I reside, and this shall be the final step in My work. All that I have done (everything done from the time of creation until now) was for today’s stage of My work, and even more so, it is for tomorrow’s rule, tomorrow’s kingdom, and for Me and My firstborn sons to have eternal enjoyment. This is My goal in creating all things, and it is what I will ultimately achieve through My creation. There is a purpose and a plan to what I say and do; nothing is done haphazardly. Although I say that with Me all is freedom and liberty, nonetheless everything I do is principled, all I do is based on My wisdom and disposition. Have you any insight on this? From the time of creation up to today, besides My firstborn sons, none have come to know Me, and none have seen My true face. The exception I made for My firstborn sons is because they are essentially a part of My person.

When I created the world, I divided man into four ranked categories according to My requirements, which are: My sons, My people, those who render service, and those who shall be destroyed. Why are My firstborn sons not included in this list? It is because My firstborn sons are not created beings; they are from Me, and not of humankind. I made arrangements for My firstborn sons before I became flesh; which household they would be born into and who would be there to do service for them—all these things were planned out by Me. I also planned which of them would be regained by Me at which time. In the end, we will return to Zion together. This was all planned out before creation, so no man knows of it and it is not recorded in any book, because these are the affairs of Zion. Furthermore, when I became flesh, I did not give man this faculty, and therefore no one knew those things. When you return to Zion, you will know what you were like in the past, what you are like now, and what you have done in this life. Right now I am simply telling you these things plainly and bit by bit, otherwise you would not understand, no matter how much effort you put forth, and you would disrupt My management. Today, even though I am separated from most of My firstborn sons in terms of flesh, we are of one Spirit, and while our physical appearance may be different, we are, from beginning to end, one Spirit. However, the descendants of Satan must not use this as an opportunity to exploit. No matter how you disguise yourself, it remains superficial, and I shall not approve. Therefore, one can see from this that those who focus on the superficial and seek to imitate Me outwardly are one hundred percent certain to be Satan. Because their spirit is different and they are not of My beloved, no matter how they imitate Me, they are nothing like Me. Furthermore, because My firstborn sons are essentially of one Spirit with Me, even if they do not imitate Me, they speak and act in the same way as Me, and they are all honest, pure, and open (those people are lacking in wisdom because of their limited experience in the world, and therefore lacking wisdom is not a flaw in My firstborn sons; when they return to the body, all will be right). So it is for the reason described above that most people still do not change their old nature no matter how I prune them. Yet My firstborn sons conform to My will without My having to prune them. This is because we are of one Spirit. They feel in their spirit a willingness to expend wholly for Me. So apart from My firstborn sons, there is no one who is genuinely and sincerely considerate of My will; it is only after I conquer Satan that they are willing to do service for Me.

My wisdom and My firstborn sons stand above all and prevail over all, and no thing or person or matter dares to stand in the way. Furthermore, there is no person, matter, or thing that can prevail over them, and instead all yield obediently before My person. This is a fact that occurs before one’s very eyes, and a fact that I have already achieved. Any who persists in disobedience (those who are disobedient still refer to Satan, and those occupied by Satan are undoubtedly none other than Satan), I shall surely destroy them root and branch, so that there will be no future trouble; they shall die immediately from My chastisement. This type of Satan are those that are not willing to render service to Me. These things have always stood in stubborn opposition to Me since creation, and today they persist in disobeying Me. (People are unable to see this because it is simply a matter regarding the spirit. This type of person represents this type of Satan.) I will destroy them first before everything else is ready, letting them forever receive the discipline of severe punishment. (“Destroy” here does not mean “to cause them to no longer exist,” but instead refers to the extent of the ruthlessness they shall be subject to. The word “destroy” here is distinct from the term “destroy” used for those who will be destroyed.) They shall weep and gnash their teeth forever and ever, without any end. Man’s imagination is utterly incapable of envisaging that scene. With mankind’s mortal thinking, they are unable to conceive of spiritual things, and therefore there are more things that you will only understand after returning to Zion.

In My future home, there will be none except My firstborn sons and Me, and only at that time will My goal be reached and My plan come to full fruition, for all will be returned to its original state and all will be sorted in accordance with its kind. My firstborn sons shall belong to Me, My sons and people shall belong among the created beings, and the service-doers and the destroyed ones shall belong to Satan. After judging the world, I and My firstborn sons shall begin once again the divine life, and they shall never leave Me and will always be together with Me. All of the mysteries that can be understood by human minds shall, bit by bit, be revealed to you. Throughout history, there have been countless people who have been martyred because of Me, offering up themselves fully to Me, but people are created beings after all and no matter how good they are, they cannot be classified as God; this is an inevitable course of events, and it cannot be changed by anyone. After all, it is God who creates all things, while people are created beings, and Satan is, after all, the target of My destruction and My hated foe—this is the truest meaning of the words “though mountains and rivers may shift and transform, one’s nature shall not change.” To be in this condition and this stage now is an omen that I and My firstborn sons will enter into rest. This is because My work in the world is thoroughly complete, and the next step of My work will require Me to return to the body in order to complete it. These are the steps of My work, which I planned long ago. This point must be seen clearly, otherwise most people will violate My administrative decrees.

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