Chapter 113

My wisdom is within every action I take, but man is fundamentally incapable of fathoming this wisdom; man can only see My actions and My words, not My glory or the appearance of My person, as man fundamentally lacks this ability. So, without My making changes to man, My firstborn sons and I will return to Zion and change form, that man may see My wisdom and My omnipotence. The wisdom and omnipotence of Mine, which man now sees, are merely one small part of My glory—not even worth mentioning. From this, it can be seen that My wisdom and My glory are infinite—immeasurably deep—and man’s mind is fundamentally unable to consider or comprehend it. Constructing the kingdom is the duty of the firstborn sons, and this is My job as well. That is to say, it is an item of My management plan. Construction of the kingdom is not the same as construction of the church; since My firstborn sons and I are My person and the kingdom, then when My firstborn sons and I enter Mount Zion, the construction of the kingdom will have been achieved. Put another way, construction of the kingdom is a step in the work—the step of entering the spiritual realm. (However, all that I have done since creating the world has been for the sake of this step. Although I say it is a step, in reality, it is not a step at all.) Thus, I use all service-doers in service of this step, and consequently, during the last days, large numbers of people will retreat; they all render service to the firstborn sons. Whoever extends kindness to these service-doers will die by My curses. (The service-doers all represent the plots of the great red dragon and are all lackeys of Satan, so those who extend them kindness are accomplices of the great red dragon and belong to Satan.) I love all that I love, and despise all the targets of My curses and burning. Are you also able to do this? I will certainly not forgive whoever stands against Me, nor will I spare them! In doing each deed, I arrange for large numbers of service-doers to serve Me. Thus, it can be seen that throughout history, it has been for the sake of today’s step that all prophets and apostles have rendered service, and that they do not conform to My will, not from Me. (Although most of them are loyal to Me, none belongs to Me. Thus, their running about is meant to make the foundation of this final step for Me, but all their efforts are futile as far as they themselves are concerned.) Therefore, during the last days even more so there will be large numbers of people who retreat. (The reason I say “large numbers” is that My management plan has reached its end, the construction of My kingdom has succeeded, and the firstborn sons have sat upon the throne.) That is all due to the appearance of the firstborn sons. Because the firstborn sons have appeared, the great red dragon tries every means possible to do damage and exhausts all avenues. It sends all kinds of evil spirits who come to do service for Me, who have shown their true colors in the current period, and who have tried to disrupt My management. These cannot be seen with the naked eye; they are all things of the spiritual realm. Thus, people do not believe that there will be large numbers of people who retreat, yet I know what I do, I understand My management; this is the reason not to let man interfere. (There will come a day when every kind of vile evil spirit will reveal their true selves, and all men will be sincerely convinced.)

I love My firstborn sons, but those who are descendants of the great red dragon and love Me with great sincerity, I do not love at all; in fact, I despise them all the more. (These people are not of Me, and though they demonstrate good intentions and speak pleasant words, this is all a scheme of the great red dragon, and so I hate them to the marrow of My bones.) This is My disposition, and this is My righteousness in its entirety. Man cannot fathom it at all. Why is the entirety of My righteousness revealed here? From this, one can perceive My holy disposition, which brooks no offense. I can love My firstborn sons and despise all those who are not My firstborn sons (even if they are loyal people). This is My disposition. Can you not see? In people’s notions, I am always a merciful God, and I love all that love Me; is this interpretation not blasphemy against Me? Can I love animals and beasts? Can I take Satan as My firstborn son and enjoy it? Nonsense! My work is carried out upon My firstborn sons, and apart from My firstborn sons, I have nothing else to love. (The sons and the people are an addition, but not important.) People say that I used to do so much useless work, but in My view, that work was, in fact, the most valuable, and the most meaningful. (This refers entirely to the work that was done during the two incarnations; because I want to reveal My might, I must become flesh to complete My work.) The reason I say My Spirit comes to work in person is that My work is completed in the flesh. That is to say, My firstborn sons and I begin to enter into rest. War with Satan in the flesh is fiercer than war with Satan in the spiritual realm; it can be seen by all men, so even the descendants of Satan can bear beautiful witness for Me, and are unwilling to leave; this is the meaning in itself of My working in the flesh. It is mainly in order to make the descendants of the devil dishonor the devil itself; this is the most powerful shame to visit on the devil Satan, so powerful that it has nowhere to hide its shame, and begs before Me repeatedly for mercy. I have won, I have prevailed over everything, I have broken through the third heaven and reached Mount Zion to enjoy familial bliss together with My firstborn sons, to be forever immersed in the great banquet of the kingdom of heaven!

For the firstborn sons, I have paid every price and taken all pains in My effort. (Man simply does not know that all I have done, all I have said, the fact that I see through every kind of evil spirit, and the fact that I have banished every kind of service-doer—it has all been for the sake of the firstborn sons.) But within much of My work, My arrangement is orderly; the work is certainly not done blindly. In My words each day, you should be able to see the method of My work and its steps; in My actions each day, you should see My wisdom and My principles in dealing with matters. As I have said, Satan has sent those who do service for Me for the purpose of disrupting My management. These service-doers are tares, yet the word “wheat” does not refer to the firstborn sons, but to all the sons and people who are not the firstborn sons. “Wheat will always be wheat, tares will always be tares”; this means the nature of those who are of Satan can never change. So, in short, they remain Satan. “Wheat” refers to the sons and the people, because I instilled My caliber into these people before the creation of the world. I have already said that man’s nature does not change, and that is why wheat will always be wheat. So, what, then, are the firstborn sons? The firstborn sons come from Me; they are not created by Me, so they cannot be called wheat (because any mention of wheat is always connected to the words “to sow,” and “to sow” means “to create”; all tares are sown secretly by Satan, to act as service-doers). One can only say that the firstborn sons are the complete and bountiful manifestation of My person; they should be represented by gold and silver and precious stones. This touches on the fact that My coming is like that of a thief, and I have come to steal gold and silver and precious stones (because this gold and silver and these precious stones belonged originally to Me, and I want to take them back to My house). When the firstborn sons and I together return to Zion, this gold, this silver, and these precious stones will have been stolen by Me. During this time, there will be Satan’s obstructions and disturbances, and so I will take the gold, silver, and precious stones and launch a decisive battle with Satan. (Here, I am certainly not telling a story; this is an event in the spiritual realm, so people are quite unclear about it, and can only hear it as a story. But it is yours to see from My words what My six-thousand-year management plan is, and you absolutely must not take it as a joke. Otherwise, My Spirit will depart from all of man.) Today, this battle is completely over, and I will bring My firstborn sons (bringing the gold, silver, and precious stones that belong to Me) together with Me back to My Mount Zion. Because of the scarcity of gold, silver, and precious stones, and because of their preciousness, Satan tries every means possible to wrest them away, but I say time and again that what is from Me must return to Me, the meaning of which is mentioned above. My saying that the firstborn sons are from Me and belong to Me is a proclamation to Satan. No one understands this, and it is entirely an event of the spiritual realm. Thus, man does not understand why I emphasize repeatedly that the firstborn sons belong to Me; today, you should understand! I have said that My words have purpose and wisdom, but you only understand this externally—not one person can clearly see this in the spirit.

I speak more and more, and the more I speak, the sterner My words become. When it reaches a certain degree, I will use My words to work people to a degree, to make people not only convinced in heart and by word, but more than that, to make them hover between life and death; this is the method of My work and how My work proceeds in its steps. It must be so; only so can it shame Satan and make complete the firstborn sons (making use of My words to finally make perfect the firstborn sons, to allow them to break free of the flesh and enter the spiritual realm). Man does not understand the method and tone of My words. Some insight should come to all of you from My explanation, and you should all follow My words to complete the work you must do. This is what I have entrusted to you. You must be aware of this, and not only from the outside world, but more importantly, from the spiritual realm.

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