Chapter 112

That “words and reality proceed side by side” is part of My righteous disposition. From these words, I shall certainly let everyone see My disposition in its entirety. People think this cannot be achieved, but to Me it is easy and pleasant, and takes no effort. As soon as My words come out from My mouth, there is immediately a fact that everyone can see. This is My disposition. Since I have spoken of certain things, those things will surely be accomplished. Otherwise, I would not speak. In human notions, the word “salvation” is spoken for all people, but this does not match My intention. In the past I said, “I always save those who are ignorant and who are zealous seekers.” Here, the word “save” was spoken about those who render service to Me, and it meant that I would give special treatment to such service-doers. In other words, I would reduce the penalty for those people. However, those service-doers who are crooked and deceitful would be among the objects of destruction, which is to say, I would subject them to severe punishment. (Although they are among the objects of destruction, they are much different than those who are to be destroyed: They shall receive eternal severe punishment, and the punishment those people shall receive is the punishment of devils and Satan. This is also the true meaning of what I meant when I said that those people are the descendants of the great red dragon.) But I do not use these kinds of words about My firstborn sons; about them, I say that I will recover My firstborn sons and that they will return once more to Zion. Therefore, I have always said that My firstborn sons are My predestined and chosen ones. My firstborn sons originally belonged to Me and they came from Me, so they must come back here to Me. Comparing the sons and the people to the firstborn sons—this is truly the difference between heaven and earth: Although the sons and the people are much better than the service-doers, they in no way are the ones who belong to Me. It can also be said that the sons and the people are additionally chosen from among humankind. Therefore, I have always focused My energy on the firstborn sons, and then I shall let the firstborn sons make these sons and people complete. These are My future work steps. Now it is no use telling you, so I have rarely mentioned it to the sons and the people, but only to the firstborn sons have I repeatedly spoken and repeatedly mentioned these matters. This is the way I speak and work. No one can change this—I alone have the final say about everything.

Every day, I am fighting back against your notions, and day after day, I am dissecting each one of you. When I have spoken to a certain point, you relapse and you again separate My humanity from My divinity. At this point, the time has come for people to be revealed: People think that I still live in the flesh and am not God Himself at all, that I am still human and God is still God, and that God has nothing to do with the person that I am. How corrupt this humankind is! I have previously spoken so many words, but you have long since treated them as if they did not exist, and this fills Me with hatred for you that is etched into My bones! Truly, this makes Me loathe you! Who dares to offend Me casually, I who am the complete God Himself, I who possess both humanity and complete divinity? Who dares to resist Me in their thoughts? After My catastrophic disaster begins to descend, I shall punish them one by one, not letting anyone off, but rather punishing them all severely. My Spirit works in person. This does not mean that I am not God Himself; on the contrary, it means all the more that I am the almighty God Himself. People do not know Me—they all resist Me and do not behold My omnipotence from My words, but instead they try to find something in My words they can use against Me and to find fault with Me. When one day I appear with My firstborn sons in Zion, I will begin to deal with these wretched beings. In this period, I primarily am doing this work. When I have spoken to a certain point, a large number of service-doers will have retreated, and the firstborn sons will have also suffered all manner of hardships. With the progress of these two steps of the work, a phase of My work will come to an end. At the same time, I will take My firstborn sons back to Zion. These are the steps of My work.

My firstborn sons are an indispensable part of My kingdom, from which it can be seen that My person is in fact the kingdom—the birth of My kingdom follows on from the birth of My firstborn sons. In other words, My kingdom has been in existence since the time of the creation of the world, and to gain My firstborn sons (meaning to recover My firstborn sons) is to restore My kingdom. From this, you can see that the firstborn sons are of particular importance. It is only once My firstborn sons exist that the kingdom will come into being, the reality of reigning in power will come to be, new life will come forth, and the old era can be ended in its entirety. This is the inevitable trend. Because the firstborn sons are in this position, they symbolize the destruction of the world, the ruination of Satan, the revealing of the true colors of the service-doers, and the fact that the great red dragon will have no descendants and will descend into the lake of fire and brimstone—therefore, those who wield power and all those who are descendants of the great red dragon engage time and time again in obstruction, resistance, and destruction. Meanwhile, I elevate, bear witness for, and reveal My firstborn sons, time and time again. For only those who are from Me are eligible to bear witness for Me; they alone are qualified to live out Me, and they alone have the foundation to fight in battle and win the beautiful victory for Me. Those who are apart from Me are nothing more than a bit of clay in My hand—created beings, every one of them. Those who are the sons and the people are nothing more than the better ones chosen from among the created beings, but they do not belong to Me. So, there is a vast difference between the firstborn sons and the sons. The sons are unqualified to compare with the firstborn sons at all—they are governed and dominated by the firstborn sons. Now you should be crystal clear about this! Every word I have spoken is true, and in no way false. All of this is part of the expression of My person, and it is My utterance.

I have said I do not speak empty words, and I do not make mistakes; this is sufficient to show My majesty. But people are unable to tell the good from the bad, and it is only when My chastisement befalls them that they become thoroughly convinced; otherwise, they remain rebellious and headstrong. This is why I use chastisement to strike back against all humankind. In human notions, since there is only God Himself, why are there so many firstborn sons that come from Me? I could put it like this: Of My own affairs, I speak of them in whatever way I wish. What is man capable of doing to Me? I could also put it like this: Although the firstborn sons and I are not of one image, we are of the same Spirit, so they can all be of one mind with Me as they cooperate with Me. The reason why we are not of one image is so that all people may be able to see every part of My person with extraordinary clarity. This is why I let My firstborn sons hold authority together with Me over all nations and all peoples. This is the final note of My administrative decrees (this “final note” of which I speak means that My tone is mild and I have begun to speak to the sons and the people). Most people have doubts concerning this aspect, but there is no need for them to fill themselves with so much doubt. I will expose all people’s notions one by one, in order to make people feel ashamed with nowhere to hide. I travel across the universe and to the ends of the earth, and observe the whole countenance of the universe. I examine every kind of person—there is no one who can escape from My hand. I participate in every kind of thing, and there is nothing that I do not handle personally. Who dares to deny My omnipotence? Who dares not to be thoroughly convinced about Me? Who dares not to prostrate themselves completely in front of Me? All the heavens shall change because of My firstborn sons, and even more than that, all the earth shall violently quake because of Me and My firstborn sons. All people shall kneel before My person, and all things shall surely come within the control of My hands—with not the slightest error. Everyone must be thoroughly convinced and every single object shall come to My home and render service to Me. This is the last part of My administrative decrees. From now on, all of the various articles of My administrative decrees, which target different people, shall begin to produce results (because My administrative decrees are made fully public, and for every kind of person and every single thing the appropriate arrangements have been made. All people shall be in their proper place, and the true colors of every kind of person shall be exposed because of My administrative decrees). Thus shall be the arrival of the true, actual administrative decrees.

Now, in accordance with the steps of My work, I say what I want to say, and everyone must take My words seriously. Throughout the ages, every saint has spoken of the “New Jerusalem,” and everyone knows it, but no one understands the true meaning of this term. As today’s work has proceeded to this stage, I will reveal the true meaning of this term to you, so that you may understand it. But there is a limitation to My revealing—no matter how I explain it, and no matter how clearly I say it, you can never completely understand, because no human can touch upon the reality of this term. In the past, Jerusalem referred to My place of residence on earth, that is, the place where I walk and move. But the word “new” changes this term, and it is now nothing like it used to be. People cannot grasp it in the slightest. Some people think it refers to My kingdom; some people think it is the person I am; some people think it is a new heaven and earth; and some people think it is the new world that will come after I destroy this world. Even if a person’s mind is exceedingly complex and capable of rich imagination, they still cannot comprehend anything about it. Throughout the ages, people have been hoping to know or to see the true meaning of this term, but they have not been able to have their wishes fulfilled—they have all been disappointed and have died, leaving their aspirations behind; because My time had not yet come, I could not easily tell anybody. Since My work has been done up to this stage, I will tell you everything. The New Jerusalem encompasses these four things: My wrath, My administrative decrees, My kingdom, and the endless blessings I bestow upon My firstborn sons. The reason why I use the term “new” is because these four parts are hidden. Because no one knows My wrath, no one knows My administrative decrees, no one has seen My kingdom, and no one has enjoyed My blessings, “new” refers to what is hidden. No one can fully understand what I have said, because the New Jerusalem has descended to earth but no one has personally experienced the reality of the New Jerusalem. No matter how fully I speak of it, people will not fully understand. Even if someone understands, this understanding is only their words, their mind, and their notions. This is the inevitable trend; it is the only way forward, and no one can extricate themselves from it.

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