Chapter 111

All nations shall surely be blessed because of You; all peoples shall acclaim and praise Me because of You. My kingdom shall flourish and develop, and shall persist forever. No one shall be allowed to trample it and nothing shall be allowed to exist that does not conform to Me, because I am the majestic God Himself, who brooks no offense. I do not allow anyone to judge Me, and I do not allow anyone to be incompatible with Me. This is sufficient to show My disposition and My majesty. When anyone resists Me, I shall punish him in My own time. Why has nobody seen Me punish anyone? It is only because My time has not yet come and My hand has not yet truly acted. Although great disasters have rained down, this has consisted only of speaking about what great disasters entail, while the reality of great disasters has not befallen any human. Have you grasped anything at all from My words? Today, I shall begin to release the reality of great disasters. After this, whosoever resists Me shall be struck down by My hand. In the past, all I have done is to expose a few people; no great disaster has yet arrived. Today is different from the past. Since I have told you all about what great disasters entail, I shall announce to the public, at a designated time, the reality of great disasters. Before this, no one has been touched by a great disaster, so most people (that is, the sons of the great red dragon) have continued to act recklessly and arbitrarily. When the reality arrives, these wretched creatures will be completely convinced. Otherwise, everyone would be uncertain of Me, and no one would be clear about Me. This is My administrative decree. From this, it can be seen that My way of working (referring to My way of working in all the people) has begun to change: I am showing My wrath, My judgment, and My curse through the descendants of the great red dragon, and My hand has begun to chastise all who resist Me. I am showing My mercy and My lovingkindness through the firstborn sons. Even more so, through the firstborn sons, I am showing My holy disposition, which brooks no offense; I am showing My authority, and I am showing My person. Service-doers have settled down to render service to Me, and, more and more, My firstborn sons are being made known. By striking down those who resist Me, I let the service-doers see My pitiless hand, so that they render service to Me with fear and trembling. Also, I let My firstborn sons see My authority and understand Me better so that they grow in life. The words I spoke in the last period (including administrative decrees, prophecy, and judgment of all kinds of people) are beginning to be fulfilled in order; that is, people will see My words realized before their eyes, see that none of My words are fruitless, but that every one of them is practical. Before My words are fulfilled, many people will leave because they have not been fulfilled. This is the way I work—it is not only the function of My iron rod, but even more so, it is the wisdom of My words. From these, one can see My omnipotence and My hatred for the great red dragon. (This can only be seen after I begin My work. Now some people are revealed—it is only a small portion of My chastisement, but it cannot be included in the great disasters. This is not hard to understand. Thus it can be seen that from now on My way of working will be even harder for people to understand. Today I am telling you so that you will not be weak because of this when the time comes. This is what I am entrusting to you, because things will take place that people have not seen since ancient times, and things which will make it difficult for people to put aside their feelings and their self-righteousness.) The reason why I use different means to punish the great red dragon is because it is My enemy and My adversary. I must destroy all of its descendants—only then can I remove the hate from My heart, and only then can I properly humiliate the great red dragon. Only this is completely destroying the great red dragon and casting it into the lake of fire and brimstone, into the bottomless pit.

It was not only yesterday that I let My firstborn sons reign with Me and join Me in governing all the nations and in enjoying blessings; I also do so today, and more importantly, I will also do so tomorrow. I have successfully accomplished My work—I have been saying so all along, and it can also be said that I began to say so from the time of the beginning of creation, but humans do not understand what I am saying. From the time of creation until now, I have not personally done work; in other words, My Spirit has never completely descended upon man to speak and work. But today is different from the past: My Spirit is working personally everywhere in the universe world. Because in the last days I want to gain a group of people who will reign in power with Me, I first obtain a person who is of one mind with Me, one who may be considerate of My burden. Afterward, My Spirit will descend completely upon Him to express My voice and to release My administrative decrees and reveal My mysteries to the universe world. My Spirit shall personally perfect Him; My Spirit shall personally discipline Him. Because He lives in normal humanity, no one can see clearly. When My firstborn sons enter into the body, it will be entirely clear whether what I do now is reality. Of course, in human eyes, in human notions, no one believes and no one can be obedient. But such is My tolerance of people. Because reality has not yet come, therefore people cannot believe or understand. There has never been anyone who, amidst their human notions, would believe My words. People are all like this: Either they only believe what My fleshly self says, or they only believe the voice of My Spirit. This is the most difficult thing to deal with in people. If they have not seen something happen with their own eyes, nobody can let go of their own notions, and nobody can believe what I say. That is why I use My administrative decrees to punish those sons of rebellion.

I have said such things before: I am the First and the Last, and I am He who is in charge of everything, from the beginning until the end. In the last days, I shall obtain 144,000 victorious male children. You have some, literal understanding of these words—“victorious male children”—but you are not clear about the number—144,000. In human notions, a number must refer to a number of people or to a number of things. Regarding the “144,000” modifying “victorious male children”—“144,000 victorious male children”—people think that there are 144,000 of the victorious male children. Furthermore, some people think that there is some symbolic meaning within the fact of this number, and they take the 140,000 and the 4,000 as separate parts. But these two interpretations are wrong. This does not refer to an actual number, and even less to some symbolic meaning. Among humanity, there is no one who can penetrate this—people of past generations all thought it might refer to a symbolic meaning. The number “144,000” is associated with the victorious male children. As such, the 144,000 refers to the group of people in the last days who will reign, and whom I love. That is, the 144,000 should be interpreted to be the group of people who came from Zion and who will return to Zion. The complete explanation of the 144,000 victorious male children is as follows: They are the people who came from Zion to the world and were corrupted by Satan, and it is they who will be finally regained by Me and will return to Zion with Me. From My words, one can see the steps of My work, meaning that the time when you shall enter the body is not so far away. That is why I have repeatedly explained this aspect to you, and given you reminders about it. You shall see clearly, and from My words you shall find out the way to practice; from My words you shall find out the pace of My work. To find out the pace of the work of the Holy Spirit, you must discern it from the mysteries I reveal (because no one can see and no one can penetrate the work of the Holy Spirit). That is why I reveal the mysteries in the last days.

In My home, there shall be nothing that does not conform to Me, and from now on I will begin to purge and to cleanse, little by little. Among people, no one can intervene, and no one can do this work. This reveals why I am working in person in the last days. And this is why I have told you many times that you just need to enjoy yourselves and do not need to move a finger. It is through this that My power is revealed, My righteousness and majesty are revealed, and all My mysteries that people cannot unlock are revealed. (Because people have never had any knowledge of My management plan or any understanding of the steps of My work, they are called “mysteries.”) What I will gain and what I will do in the last days are mysteries. Before the time when I created the world, I never did what I do today and I never showed people My glorious face or any part of My person; only My Spirit worked on some people. (Because, since the time of creation, no one has been able to manifest Me and no one has been able to express Me, I have never allowed people to see My person, and My Spirit has worked on some people.) Only today have I revealed My glorious image and My person to human beings, and only now have they seen these things. But what you see today is still incomplete, and it is still not what I want you to see. What I want you to see is only in the body, and right now no one yet meets this condition. In other words, no one can see My person before they enter into the body. Therefore, I say that I will reveal My person to the universe world on Mount Zion. From this it can be seen that entering into Mount Zion is the final part of My project. At the time of entrance into Mount Zion, My kingdom will be successfully built. In other words, My person is the kingdom. The time when the firstborn sons enter into the body is precisely the time when the kingdom will be realized, which is why I have repeatedly spoken of the matter of the firstborn sons entering into Mount Zion. This is the central point of My entire management plan, which no one has ever before grasped.

Once I change My way of working, there will be even more things that are beyond the reach of human thought, so be careful in this regard. There are things that are beyond the reach of human thought, but this does not mean that what I say is wrong. It is just that it is even more necessary for people to suffer, and it is even more necessary for people to cooperate with Me. Do not be wantonly dissolute, and do not just follow your own notions. For most of those who render service to Me fall down in this respect. I am using My words to expose human nature and to reveal human notions. (But those who render service to Me, because I do not change their notions, just fall down, whereas I change the notions of those who are My firstborn sons and remove their thinking through this.) So in the end, My firstborn sons will all be perfected because of the mysteries I have revealed.

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