Chapter 104

All people, events, and things outside of Me shall pass away into nothingness, while all people, events, and things within Me shall gain everything from Me and enter glory with Me, enter My Mount Zion, enter My residence, and coexist with Me forever. I created all things at the beginning, and I shall complete My work at the end. I shall also exist and rule as King forever. During the intervening period, I also lead and command the entire universe. No one can take away My authority, for I am the one God Himself. Furthermore, I have the power to pass on My authority to My firstborn sons so that they can reign alongside Me. These things will exist forever, and can never be changed. This is My administrative decree. (Wherever I discuss My administrative decree, I am referring to what happens in My kingdom and what will exist forever and can never be changed.) Everyone must be convinced wholeheartedly, and must see My great power in those I love. None can shame My name; anyone who does must get out of here! It is not that I am merciless, but that you are unrighteous. If you violate My chastisement, then I shall deal with you and cause you to perish for all eternity. (Of course, this is all directed at people who are not My firstborn sons.) Such trash is not welcome in My house, so hurry up and get out of here! Do not tarry for a minute, or even for a second! You must do what I say, or else I will destroy you with a single word. You had better not still be hesitating, and you had better not still be trying to be deceitful. When before Me, you make up nonsense, and lie to My face. Hurry up and leave! The time I have for such things is limited. (When it is time to do service, these people will do service, and when it is time to leave, they will leave. I do things with wisdom, never a minute or even a second out of time; never the least bit off. All My actions are righteous and completely accurate.) When it comes to My firstborn sons, however, I am infinitely tolerant, and My love for you is eternal, enabling you to forever enjoy good blessings and eternal life with Me. In the meantime, you will never endure any setbacks or have to undergo My judgment. (This refers to when you start to enjoy blessings.) This is the infinite blessing and the promise I made to My firstborn sons when I created the world. You should see My righteousness therein: I love those I have predestined, and I hate those I have abandoned and cast out, forever and ever.

As My firstborn sons, you should all hold on to your own duties and stand firm in your own positions. Be the first ripe fruits caught up before Me and accept My personal inspection so that you can live out My glorious image and so that the light of My glory can shine through your faces, so that My utterances can be spread from your mouths, so that My kingdom can be governed by you, and so that My people can be ruled by you. Here I mention “first ripe fruits,” as well as terms such as “caught up.” What are “first ripe fruits”? According to people’s notions, they think of them as the first batch of people caught up, or the overcomers, or people who are firstborn sons. These are all fallacies and erroneous interpretations of My words. First ripe fruits are the people who have received revelation from Me and who have been granted authority by Me. The words, “first ripe,” refer to being in My possession, and to being predestined and selected by Me. “First ripe” does not mean “the first in a sequence.” “First ripe fruits” are not material things seen by human eyes. These so-called “fruits” refer to things that exude fragrance (this is a symbolic meaning); that is, it refers to people who can live Me out, manifest Me, and live with Me forever. When I speak of “fruits,” I am referring to all My sons and people, whereas the “first ripe fruits” refer to the firstborn sons who shall reign alongside Me as kings. Therefore, “first ripe” should be explained as carrying authority; that is its true meaning. “Being caught up” does not mean being taken from a low place to a high place, as people might imagine; that is a huge misconception. “Being caught up” refers to My predestining and then selecting. It is directed at all those I have predestined and chosen. All those who are caught up are people who have gained the status of firstborn sons or sons, or who are God’s people. This is most incompatible with people’s notions. Those who will have a share in My house in the future are all ones who have been caught up before Me. This is absolutely true, never-changing, and irrefutable. It is a counterattack against Satan. Anyone I predestined shall be caught up before Me.

How does one explain the “holy trumpet”? What is your understanding of this? Why is it said to be holy and that it has already been sounded? This should be explained from the steps of My work and understood from the method in which I work. The time when My judgment is announced publicly is when My disposition is revealed to all nations and peoples. That is the time when the holy trumpet is sounded. That is, I often say that My disposition is holy and unoffendable, which is why “holy” is used to describe the “trumpet.” From this it is evident that the “trumpet” refers to My disposition and represents what I am and have. It can also be said that My judgment is in progress every day, My wrath is being released every day, and My curse befalls every single thing that does not accord with My disposition on a daily basis. Then it can be said that the time My judgment begins is the time the holy trumpet is sounded, and it continues to sound every day, without halting for a moment and without stopping for even a minute or a second. From now on, the holy trumpet shall sound louder and louder, alongside the gradual befalling of great disasters. In other words, along with the revelation of My righteous judgment, My disposition will be increasingly made public, and what I am and have will be increasingly added into My firstborn sons. This is how I will work in the future: On the one hand, sustaining and saving those I love, while on the other, using My words to reveal all those whom I despise. Remember! This is the method of My work, the steps of My work, which is absolutely true. I have been planning this since creation, and it cannot be changed by anyone.

There are still many sections of My words that are difficult for people to understand, so I have further improved My speaking style and the methods with which I reveal mysteries. That is, My speaking style is changing and improving every day, with new forms and methods daily. These are the steps of My work, and they cannot be changed by anyone. People can only speak and act in accordance with what I say. This is absolutely the truth. I have made suitable arrangements in both My person and My flesh. Within every action and deed of My humanity comes an aspect of the wisdom of My divinity. (As mankind does not possess any wisdom at all, saying that firstborn sons have My wisdom refers to the fact that they have My divine disposition in them.) When firstborn sons do foolish things, it is because you still have human elements within you. You must therefore get rid of such human foolishness, and do what I love and reject what I hate. Anyone who comes from Me must return to be within Me, and anyone who is born of Me must return to be within My glory. Those I hate must be abandoned and cut off from Me, one by one. These are the steps of My work; it is My management and it is the plan of My six-thousand-year creation. Those I abandon should all submit and leave Me obediently. Those I love should all, due to the blessings I have bestowed upon them, praise Me so that My name can grow even more glorious, and so that glorious light can be added to My glorious visage, so that they can be full of My wisdom in My glory, and glorify My name even more in My glorious light!

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